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Aurora Basin

            AURORA BASIN            
To the west of the narrow entrance of the Frostbreath Steppe is a range of mountains preserved with white snow. Year round, the land is covered in permafrost, but a narrow mountain pass leads to a small, hidden valley which is guarded by a massive, horse-like machine. A lake that never freezes reflects the sky, which at night is often filled with colorful aurora borealis. The tundra grasses grow thick and lush here, and the snow melts to reveal the warm earth beneath. Tall mountains offer protection from the harsh, winter winds, and shallow caves dot the sides, offering shelter for the residents. A large, natural hot spring steams from under a rocky shelf, a welcome reprieve for weary warriors. Though perhaps the most interesting feature is a strange, glass mirror resting against the wall of a cave, though no reflection can be seen when gazed upon.

» Lord and Lady of the Aurora Basin «
Rikyn the Puppeteer & Tiamat the Ocean's Light
(Gilded Tongue) |(Clear Mind)

» Currently Ranked Characters «

» General Information «
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» Mirror of the Haruspex:
Deep within a rocky cave in the side of the mountain sits a strange, glassy mirror. The mirror does not reflect the image of the user, but rather, can be used to communicate with the Time God in any dimension.

»The Hot Spring:
In the corner of the Aurora Basin, a natural, mineral-rich hot spring steams. The water is a natural remedy for weary bones and provides a healthy way to bathe in the often bitter cold of the Aurora Basin.

»The Machine Sentinel:
At the entrance to the Aurora Basin is a massive, horse-like machine which recognizes foreigners and will block the path and attack as necessary.

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Aurora Basin
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