the Rift


Aurora Basin Mare

Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 3 Height: 17.1
black rabicano
Hanoverian type build: leggy, sleek, athletic
left eye: brown; right eye: pale grey
single black horn, curving up from near the right ear; room near the left where its twin never grew in


father: black unicorn (EE)
mother: chestnut rabicano (aa/nRb)

Valka has never been content. She left her birth herd at a young age to travel the world.

Tallsun, Helovia Year Two:
  • After happening upon Helovia by accident, she met the equine mare Sulwyn in the Threshold. Sulwyn offended her though and Valka fled further south.
  • While resting in the forest, Valka met the lovely young unicorn Snö. Excited to meet one of her own kind, she gladly agreed to follow Snö north and join her herd.
  • Valka was accepted into the Aurora Basin herd by Mauja, Snö's father.
  • She wandered around the Basin for a while, meeting other unicorns and attempting to make friends.

  • Orangemoon, Helovia Year Two:
  • Valka wandered out onto the Frostbreath Steppe for a run where she met the doppleganger of a pegasus called Murdock. Irritated by his uncouth manner, Valka decided to take him back to the Basin.

  • Birdsong, Helovia Year Three:
  • Valka emerged from the Frostbreath Steppe where she spent the vacant winter in solitude...

  • Other
    Allies & Enemies:

    Sulwyn | petty, untrustworthy
    Snö | kind, beautiful, deserving of reverence
    Mauja the Frostheart | ice king, beautiful and surprisingly warm
    Chernobyl | strange; difficult to understand
    Sielu |
    Zdravilo |
    Murdock (doppleganger) |
    Seele (doppleganger) |
    Voodoo |
    Hana |
    Jordyn |
    Tonka |
    Tajheri |

    Played by
    Tay who also has Malachi

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    OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
    BUFF: VP:
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