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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 13 Height: 16hh
A coat of fine dark chocolate tinged with sandy borders along the folds of her legs and delicate, Arabian-like features, lining the soft curves of her belly. The deepest points of her dark wood pelt are dappled faintly, each point to her body dipped in black ink and her four limbs highlighted with golden stockings on the fore and socks upon her hinds. Matching the gilded tint of her limbs, her eyes flash metallic and fierce in her pretty face alongside a spiraled horn, rising two and a half feet from the falls of her straight, ebony mane. A golden lock falls among the dark, mid-neck, and her pitch colored tail drags along the earth behind her. The most memorable feature of the Lady, however, is the golden smoke that trails across her spine and nape, draping across her sides in soft, glimmering folds.

She is built for grace and speed, not a heavy hit; the mare is slender and well toned, sure on her feet and boundlessly quick if the need arises. Her limbs are long and support her feminine body as if they do not feel her weight at all, dancing and full of an enchanting poise that spreads across every inch of her sinew.

Marked by her former career as a soldier and withstanding duty to protect her herd, the mare wears scars and brands on her once flawless bodice. Each leg and much of her belly are covered in white, streaking scars from the fallen blood and spit of the lightning dragon she helped fell seasons ago on the Steppe, worn more proudly than her haggard, left ear. The black tips are shriveled as if melted away, the edges smooth and hairless from the acidic bite of Confutatis.

She is always clean (taking baths in the springs on a regular basis), and most always smiling, be it with happiness or a savage twist, eyes bright and broad as they absorb the world moving around her. A keeper of shining things, Illynx wears a pendant upon a chain and a set of chest and back armor crafted of platinum, her right hind leg embraced by a serpentine band of a similar metal. Holding the pieces of her metallic cover together and supporting four of her five magical trinkets, a supple wine colored wrap of a satin-like material presses its luxurious folds against her skin, serving to protect her flesh from sores as well as to hold all the pieces together.

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Breed/Species :: Angloarab (Thoroughbred x Arabian) Unicorn
Color :: Seal Bay
Markings :: Two golden stockings on front legs, two golden socks on hind legs, golden smoke-like brindle on back, shoulders, neck, and haunches.
Horn :: Golden, spiraled
Eyes :: Golden
Mane/Tail :: Black, long, and straight. Tail drags along the ground by several inches behind her. One golden lock mid-neck.
Hooves :: Solid, ordinary tone.
Scars :: Mangled left ear, electrical burns along lower legs and belly, beginning to show some grey among her bay and gold.
Items Worn :: One shock amulet on a chain around her neck, armor set (platinum chest and back piece with Aurora Basin scenery on wine colored silk), four amulets dangling off of right side of armor set, and a leg band of platinum with pearl and sapphire on right hind leg.

Framed Image Credit

-----Coloring:Bay Dun Blanket w/ Brindle
-----Genetic Markers:AA (homozygous Agouti), Ee (heterozygous red), Dd (heterozygous dun)
Dam: Drista
-----Coloring: Standard Bay Blanket Appaloosa (golden hued spots)
-----Coloring:Aa (heterozygous Agouti, Ee (heterozygous red)
Siblings: None.
Aunts/Uncles: None known.
Other Relatives: Rikyn ( x Ulrik)

Framed Image Credit

Kyst :: Common griffon, comprised of an Arabian Sandcat and the American Kestral. Mostly feline in structure with bird's limbs for front legs and a curved beak of the same golden orange tone and has pale blue, intelligent eyes, wearing a golden, sand-like coat speckled with deep chocolates and near blacks that fade into banding and smudging on her extremities. Like her unicorn friend, Kyst is always clean and gleaming.

:: Amulet of the Spark : Allows user to deflect a magic back at the caster, breaking the amulet in the process. : Earned 8/19/2013 for post count.
:: Blue Feather : Tied in the upper part of her tail and of a pretty, sky blue color. It was taken from Parelia, Here, on 12-19-2013.
:: Platinum & Sapphire Leg Band : White pearls in the center of the embellishments. Currently un-enchanted; will seek to enchant it with protection magic of some sort. : Earned for Aug 2013's QOTM.
:: Platinum Armor Set : Armor back plating and chest plating engraved with Aurora Basin scenery; lined with a satin like cloth that connects all pieces and holds four of her five amulets.
:: Four Amulets : Received from the Giving Tree, Christmas of 2013; one of each God.

Four Amulets:

Framed Image Credit

Agrona: I rather liked her; perhaps we shall meet again someday.
Arwen: Pretty like her mother.
Arah: Isn't she just delightfully cheerful?
Ares: Well, perhaps we're all just terribly alone after all...or simply think that we are.
Arya: Pretty as her dam.
Asch: Sharp as a blade's edge.
Arielle: I do not know her well enough to state opinions.
Beowulf: A gentle giant, to be sure.
Caelia: So. Many. Horns. It was beautiful.
Carnesir: Inquisitive and with a good sense of company - he chose the wrong power to latch onto, however.
Castiel: Kind and inquisitive. I'm not sure if I like the first option.
Circuta: A dark savior.
Ciceron: So gorgeous he almost made me cry - I WAS FRAZZLED OKAY. And he's rather kind.
Chernobyl: It is always fair when one of our own returns to us.
D'artagnan: What an arrogant SOB... but I like him regardless.
Deimos: The itemized list of everything wrong with our herd.
Déodat: Oh, delectably delectable indeed.
Descaro: Ever helpful, handsome man.
Esther: An inquisitve and intelligent woman.
Farenjer: A good man who helps where he might.
Faelene: She's loyal and always there when we need her.
Flordeperia: She's no warrior, but she's got knives none the less.
Fraub: What a weird, bird raised douche.
Frost Fyre: She is brave to be so young.
Gemini: I sense promise here.
Hotaru: Deodat may bring any of his women here if this is the quality I can expect.
Huyana: Mysterious and beautiful, I'd say it's a good combination.
Iosui: A bit of a ninny, but I allege she can overcome that.
Jakar: Another spy! It seems the job opening memo made its way further than I thought.
Jasiri: Sweet.
Jorogumo: She is clever and beautiful; if she blooms right, we may have quite a woman on our hooves.
Kelec: I will forgive him for being so strange looking, as he has many brilliant ideas and those odd... claws seem to be of much use.
Korra: Here's looking to you, gorgeous.
Lena: Anyone who brings home good soldiers is a friend of mine.
Leovan: I want to look at him for forever.
Lothiriel: Pretty and takes after her father, I see, in the only way that matters.
Mauja: Mr. Remembers-Everyone's-Names
Myrah: She's rather polite, isn't she?
Ophelia: Such deep sorrow runs through her, but perhaps the snows can mend it.
Psyche: Well, how could we have not got along?
Rhiannon: I think I quite like her.
Roland: He's quite... polite, isn't he?
Rotislav: Why, for the Moon's sake, did they send a drunkard to discuss politics?
Ruka: A gentleman, truly, though perhaps he is a bit reserved for this mountain.
Seele: One of the few rulers in this damnable Helovia that I feel deserves her position.
Sheba: Pretty little thing, wasn't she?
Sialia: Ever useful and present; I believe we shall get along famously.
Sielu: I wish her luck in her ventures with the Lord Mauja.
Sno: My darling, how they have broken your heart.
Tangere: I rather enjoyed her company during our travels home. Perhaps she will continue to prove useful to me.
Thranduil: He may be trying to kill me, but the game is fun none the less.
Tolio: Charming, witty, laced with snow; not to mention I was soaking wet so we know he got a good look at my figure.
Tonka: He stole my look and lives in an ice cave? Dear lordie.
Torleik: That beard! I need to move to this northern place from which you men are being bred from.
Ulrik: He's moody and talented, oh my.
Voodoo: Good soldier, if a bit gruff. Not all can be linguists such as I, however.
Whisper: She had such lovely horns. It's a shame we didn't get to know one another.
Zar'roc: Handsome and fierce - always a good combination.
Zima: Oh Goddess, another hippie in the Basin, though this one seems to have some visceral nature to her.
Zuriel: To the point and efficient in her field - at least I'd hope, with all that ambition.

Hornless Expletives
Aaron: Nameless painted stallion who brings scorpion and stands next to stupid glass blower; later learn his name is Aaron and, he too, is a stupid glass blower.
Abishia: I hope she falls into a pit and dies of starvation and exposure to the elements.
Aithniel: A sweet girl; it is a shame she was born so broken.
Antheia: They send children to gather new members? Oh dear, World's Edge.
Apodis: Sometimes, I surprise even myself; like when I didn't kill you for intruding on my dinner. The meeting after that, however, has left me in the mind that I should have mauled you.
Arrane: Alas, how we both have failed.
Brisa: Watch wherever you go, silver woman. I am not always kind or helpful - unless one seeks death and the accompanying release.
Cin: He could serve as quite useful, if I do say so myself.
Confutatis: Hunt me if you wish, darling, but most rabbits tend to stay away from wolves.
Destrier: Nameless soldier man with green dragon...fucking dragon.
Destry: Poor girl. I should just kill her - but somehow, her misery is appeasing.
Duchanar: Your mom was a bat and your daddy was a llama. And you wonder why you left with empty hooves?
Elsa: Ugly girl taking my things.
Eris: Well... she was creepy.
Evangeline: The Edge does not play when it sends consolates.
Irrydae: Pretty, for a freak.
Kahlua: Either she's daft or fearless, not sure which. At least she's more intelligent than a squirrel - her glass crafting is masterful.
Kaj: A noble and smart man, which is good - Kahlua needs all the help she can get.
Kiara: Healer woman of the Hidden Falls.
Lakota: Any hornless who brings me gifts is a friend of mine.
Luneia: You'll die screaming, useless wench.
Midas: I owe you only a kindness; once it is repaid, our kinship is lost.
Osiris: What mare decided to bone a wolf, just wondering? Whoever she was, I'll kill her.
Parelia: Weakness runs rampant in this land, does it not?
Quilyan: Nameless painted flying man who brings scorpion.
Resplendence: What a nincompoop.
Saffron: Well, Cin may not have worked out - but I've found another cat!
Saphirron: Borders exist for a reason, stupid, stupid girl.
Smoke: Dragons. Damn... dragons...

:: [ Magic: Spark | Ability to project lightning bolt like currents from her horn towards a desired focal area ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can only focus on a single opponent or location and effects last only 20 seconds in battle; overuse can cause potential self electrocution and exhaustion ]
:: [ Item: Platinum Armor | Defensive. Platinum back and chest plate etched with Aurora Basin scenery with cloth underlay ]
:: [ Restrictions | Upgraded, +2 defense ]
:: [ Item: Platinum Leg Band | metal, decorative leg band with sapphire, metal and pearl ]
:: [ Item: Bottle of Shock Blood | On a string for transport, harvested from the northern monster ]
:: [ Restrictions | one use ]
:: [ Item: Blue Feather | Normal. ]
:: [ Companion: Griffon | Mythical, common | Zapping Jab | 7 yrs 2 mos ]
:: [ Spark Amulet ]  :: [ Spark Amulet ]  :: [ Earth Amulet ]  :: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   2 SPD:   7 AGL:   4 END:   8
OI:   0 DI:   2 MG:   0.5 CP:   2
7.5 11.5 3 67.5
Notable Accomplishments

- July 2014 || Sky Island Peace Plot Participant
- July 2014 || Character of the Month
- July 2014 || Quote of the Month
- July 2014 || Buff Earned: Endure
- June 2014 || Thread of the Month
- June 2014 || Quote of the Month
- April 2014 || Thread of the Month
- February 2014 || Wraith Sickness Plot Participant

- October 2013 || Graveyard Champion Participant
- September 2013 || Restoration Dawn Participant
- September 2013 || Leader of the Aurora Basin
- September 2013 || Legend Title, the GildedBlade
- August 2013 || Quote of the Month
- August 2013 || Broken Magic Plot Participant
- July 2013 || Four Monsters of Helovia Plot Participant
- June 2013 || Doppleganger Plot Participant
- June 2013 || Dead Magic Plot Participant
- May 2013 || Aurora Basin Corporal

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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Arah, Deimos, Frost Fyre, Huyana, Illynx, Kelec, Lena, Leovan, Roland, Torleik, Ulrik, Zar'roc
11-30-2013 by Deimos
Halloween Maze Challenge :: Round Three Archives
Africa, Amara, Ampere, Brisa, Ciceron, Circe, Confutatis, Dragomir, Ghost, Illynx, Kahlua, Kelec, Luneia, Midas, Ophelia, Random Event, Ranjiri
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a lioness's fury. Archives
Destry, Illynx, Lothíriel
11-23-2013 by Illynx
we will carry you there. Archives
Caelia, Illynx
10-07-2013 by Illynx
Finding Home Archives
Arrane, Illynx, Whisper
10-03-2013 by Illynx
like a one winged dove [ graveyard champ ] Battleground
Crowley, Illynx
10-18-2013 by Official
A Merciless Place Archives
Carnesîr, d'Artagnan, Deimos, Huyana, Illynx, Kelec
10-08-2013 by Illynx
who needs friends? [ thieves, scholars, interested parties] Archives
d'Artagnan, Huyana, Illynx, Roland
10-08-2013 by Illynx
Breaking Laws and Challenging Unbreakables [Challenge - Illynx] Battleground
Confutatis, Illynx
09-26-2013 by Confutatis
stretched thin as a widow's mouth; Archives
Castiel, Illynx
09-14-2013 by Illynx
stayed in the darkness with you [healing thread] Archives
Illynx, Lena
10-15-2013 by Illynx
to see that their nightmares are her dreams; Archives
Illynx, Ruka
09-04-2013 by Illynx
flowers bloom beneath the moon; [ Welcoming ] Archives
Flordeperia, Illynx, Ruka
08-26-2013 by Illynx
cold breath on your neck; [invasion] Archives
Illynx, Smoke
09-01-2013 by Official
lost her name, but found a new one. Archives
08-12-2013 by Illynx
// destitute Archives
Antheia, Descaro, Dúchanar, Flordeperia, Illynx, Kahlua
08-20-2013 by Illynx
new blood, old stone; [ Iosui, Thieves ] Archives
Illynx, Psyche
08-15-2013 by Psyche
One moon closer to restoration Archives
Illynx, Ulrik
11-27-2013 by Ulrik
The Land of the Broken-Hearted [Continuation] Archives
Déodat, Illynx
07-31-2013 by Illynx
Drunk and Driving Archives
Apodis, Illynx, Kahlua
10-15-2013 by Kahlua
[Endless Night] From the mountains cold Archives
Arah, Ayaka, Crowley, Illynx, Lena, Leovan, Random Event, Ruka
08-04-2013 by Random Event
She Had Such A Pretty Face, I Always Wondered How She Hung Around Archives
Illynx, Iosui, Psyche
07-31-2013 by Illynx
treasures of the earth; [Eagle] Archives
Apodis, Illynx
07-17-2013 by Illynx
part of the same play Archives
gemini, Illynx, Lena, Leovan
07-25-2013 by Lena
Call me your favorite, call me the worst Archives
Delium, Illynx
07-09-2013 by Illynx
go away, bitter memory Archives
Illynx, Psyche
09-11-2013 by Illynx
a touch of darkness; [Ares] Archives
Ares, Illynx
07-08-2013 by Illynx
once upon a midnight dreary Archives
gemini, Illynx, Tonka
07-08-2013 by Illynx
commencement [ Myrah, Open ] Archives
Illynx, Myrah
07-15-2013 by Illynx
gilded blade; Battleground
Illynx, Zima
07-06-2013 by Official
the land of ice and stone; [Deodat] Archives
Déodat, Illynx
07-30-2013 by Déodat
she found herself chasing ghosts; [Arah] Archives
Arah, Illynx, Osiris, Roland
07-18-2013 by Roland
Alan, Arah, Calcifer, Crash Course, Crowley, d'Artagnan, Deimos, Descaro, Faelene, Farenjer, Frost Fyre, Huyana, Illynx, Kou, Lena, Leyra, Myrah, Myrddin, Prometheus, Psyche, Rhiannon, Roland, Ruka, Sacre, Sielu, Tiamat, Totem, Valka, Varath, Voodoo, Zikar-Sin, Zima
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The End Where I Begin Archives
Ares, Illynx
06-21-2013 by Illynx
[O] Endings and Beginnings Archives
Illynx, Ruka
06-07-2013 by Illynx
Echoes in the Wind Archives
Illynx, Sielu, Zima
06-12-2013 by Illynx
from the embers, smoke does rise Archives
Illynx, Psyche
06-12-2013 by Psyche
Living through each empty night Aurora Basin
Arah, Arielle, Illynx, Mauja, Roland
04-22-2013 by Arah
A lovers predator [Pheonix] Archives
03-27-2013 by Illynx
If only there were less devils [Open] Archives
03-21-2013 by Illynx
Day Dreaming [OPEN] Archives
Faelon, Illynx, Snowblind
03-28-2013 by Illynx
back to the start [Plague meeting] Frozen Arch
Chernobyl, Crowley, d'Artagnan, Deimos, Elizabeth, Illynx, Lupus, Mauja, Psyche, Snö, Totem, Ulrik, Zar'roc
03-24-2013 by Mauja

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