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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 6 years Height: 15.1 hh
follow your bliss

✗ Quarter horse x TB x Paso fino mutt, gaited
✗ Weak, underweight, small for her breed
✗ Chestnut with birdcatcher spots
✗ Chestnut mane, braided & long, short tail

Amara is weak, having been born prematurely. She is smaller than she should be and significantly weaker. Her body is frail, she has a small muscle mass, a weak body. Due to neglecting her basic needs, she is showing her ribs and hips, and her coat is dull, scratches and bruises running all along her body. She cannot run for extended periods of time, nor can she fly for extended periods for she tires rather easily. She holds large gull wings beginning at her shoulders, seeming out of place against her small stature. Her thin chestnut figure is speckled with white spots that gather about her face, shoulders, neck and scatter down her legs and back, a few straying upon her right wing, her ears tipped in the same alabaster that speckles her hide. Her mane and tail are a gently deeper colour then her body, her mane hanging just below her chest, braided loosely with her tail just reaching her hock. Her eyes are an almost metallic amber, shimmering in the light but the life has long since faded from those eyes.


✗ A prominent scar on the left side of her face, reaching from the corner of her mouth to her cheek in a grim smile. From her time as a wraith
✗ Various claw-like gashes along her back. From when the Shadows attacked
✗ Teeth marks covering the entirety of her legs below the knee. From her habit of biting at the skin
✗ Large, shallow scars on her barrel. From laying on her sides for prolonged periods
✗ Scarring on her hip bones. From laying on her side
✗ Various scratches and bites. From Sameira
✗ Self inflicted gnaw marks along random parts of her body, very faint
✗ Deep twin scars on her right shoulder and elbow. From Torleik

it reads on my chest

i know i got it tattooed for a reason

Quiet and withdrawn, harsh emotional trauma leaving severe mental scarring. She is a mix of good and evil, a constant, wavering battle of dark and light that leaves her tired and distant. She is kind, but very easily broken. She is sensitive, unable to hold her emotions steady as the unpredictability of her mind changes her emotions in the blink of an eye. She's slowed down by her weaknesses, often unable to do things because she's convinced that she can't. At a young age her confidence dipped and never rose again, she realized that she was feeble and weak and this illusion remains with her even today. Amara reacts negatively to everything, unsure of whether she can call herself a pessimist or simply a realist, considering her state of mind. Amara knows that she's small and weak, she knows she's a murderer, and she's constantly reminding herself of it. Knowing this has influenced her actions throughout her life and left her rather reclusive.
Amara has MPD (multiple personality disorder), caused by her trauma as a child, but was never fully realized until her time as a Wraith. She subconsciously started using it to cope with various situations, at a young age she would often experience what could be called out of body experiences that later morphed into full blown MPD. Although she has many alters, only the most common are listed. They all share the same knowledge, but not the same memories.

Nazli is a young unicorn who takes shit from no one. Despite her name meaning delicate, she's bratty and manipulative, playing herself out as being weak and fragile until her moment of opportunity, and that's when she strikes. She's prude, self-centered and wicked.
✗ Narcissistic
✗ Cruel
✗ Callous
✗ Manipulative
✗ Stuck up
✗ Deceiving
✗ Realist

A wicked pegasus stallion who's barbaric and uncontrollable. He comes often, usually triggered when Amara is overcome by her fears, when she feels weakest. He takes control, recklessly killing and bringing destruction wherever he goes, set on a war path. He often fights for her, though his tactics are uncoordinated and always offensive. He's arrogant and naive, stubborn and easily fooled because of how absent minded he can be.
✗ Absent minded
✗ Arrogant
✗ Hard headed
✗ Sore loser
✗ Reckless, wild, rowdy
✗ Loud mouthed

The small, one eyed pegasus colt Seele had helped Amara talk to. Amara unknowingly created him to be one of her alters, he often comes around when she gains too much confidence or feels neglectted, but he will also sometimes come around after Kronos, to deal with the guilt of the aftermath of Kronos' slaughters.
✗ Feeble minded
✗ Pessimist
✗ Blind in his right eye, so when this alter is active Amara's right eye is clamped shut
✗ Timid
✗ Skittish

Maylis is a motherly, infertile equine mare. Because of her inability to have children she adores them even more, any child she comes across she coddles and offers endless affections. Even towards those of her own age she offers motherly support, treating all with love and kindness only a mother could manage.
✗ Motherly
✗ Optimistic
✗ Sweet
✗ Open
✗ Cares to the point where it's dangerous
✗ Suffers quietly & internally

Zekì & Kye
Equine twins whose banter is irrational to all outside of their heads. Their conversations flow seamlessly between the two, and they often finish one another's sentences flawlessly. They are the same, but contrasting all at once to a point of eternal confusion, where they have agreed to disagree but still lack the will power to stop their fights. They both have a need to know, often getting themselves into sticky situations in an attempt to learn something new, and actually brought Amara outside of Helovia rather recently so that they could learn a new language. One wanted German, the other wanted Italian... They learned both. They oppose each other well, and Amara slips into this alter when she is succumbed by overwhelming loneliness.
✗ Both seem to enjoy the more scientific side of life
✗ Both have a deep desire to learn as much as they can and enjoy hearing about the rich histories of lands
✗ Zekì is more so subtle as Kye is straightforward
✗ Zekì thinks gods are made up to explain the unexplainable, Kye says they were made because they needed something to believe in during darker times, neither truly believe in them
✗ Zekì learned Italian, Kye learned German, but share both languages together

Amara is being driven mad by the voices in her head, struggling to function with what could be diagnosed as Schizophrenia. There are several voices, but only one takes on a physical form, the SkinWalker as she calls it, a voice that is deep and dark, the only voice that has a name to follow. This voice matches a being that walks in her dreams and waking moments, she cannot escape Them. Amara is unpredictable, prone to sudden shifts in mood based on what she's hearing or seeing, whether it's just the voices or the Skinwalker or perhaps just her own doubts, Amara's mood can change rather quickly.

the Skinwalker
The Skinwalker is a shape-shifting, genderless being that constantly terrorizes Amara. They constantly taunt and tease her, usually wearing the guise of one of her loved ones to get a rise out of her. They can mimic their voices if need be, but normally They speak with a resonating tone, as if multiple voices are talking all at once in varying pitches. They're wicked and cruel, finding enjoyment in watching Amara break down, entertained by her suffering as They conjure horrible images of everyone Amara loves dying slowly. The Skinwalker originally appeared around the time Amara was a youth, but remained out of sight or would manifest Themselves as a member within the Asylum that merely whispered thoughts into her ears late in the night when no one else was nearby, leaving her paranoid. Now They makes Themselves known, Amara's time as a wraith giving Them power and strength to tear her apart.
The Skinwalker is brutally honest, severely manipulative, sarcastic, and narcissistic. It thinks highly of itself and considers Amara inferior, claiming her to be pathetic and stupid, too feeble and childish for this world.
☺ Has so far only taken the forms of Alvilda and Seele (when Amara is active)
☺ They've expressed that their favourite form is Seele
☺ Haunts Amara's dreams often, repeatedly slaughtering Seele and Sikeax before Amara in grotesque ways
☺ Likes to trigger Ákos by taking the form of his dam

why can't i just hold it true

of these people that i never knew

Dam [d]
Alvilda : Bay bird catcher pegasus mare.

Vicer : Chestnut equine stallion.

Adopted Dam
Seele the Necromancer [d]

Sikeax -- it's a complicated relationship

Valdís (x Volterra) NOT BORN

[d] = deceased.

please don't go i love you so

Sameira is Amara's royal hellhound, whom she found near Helovia's Heart when she was young. Sameira has become Amara's best friend, her right hand who tries her hardest to bring light and joy into her life. They have one another's backs through thick and thin, the two go hand in hand. Sameira tries to keep an upbeat attitude despite her bonded's mental struggles, and is one of the only anchors Amara has to reality when she slips into an episode. She knows when to step back and provide space for the mare to cool down, and when to rush in for mental support.
Sameira is also bogged down by Amara's contagious depression, but her loyalty to Amara is too great for her to tell Amara about it.


✗ Three broken shards of Alvilda's rib in her mane
✗ Four brown feathers, 2 behind her ear and 2 at the base of her tail
✗ Raven skull in her forelock
✗ Red lock of Seele's hair in her tail
✗ Tip of Seele's horn in the lock of her hair

Head cannons

✗ Born Tallsun year 2
✗ Has a habit of gnawing on the lower portion of her legs, below the knees until she bleeds
✗ Sleeps only if Sameira is nearby and within a secluded space. Only sleeps during the day
✗ Does not know how to manage her hygiene, smells pretty foul (ew)
✗ Chews her lip when nervous

Played by
dark the salt king

:: [ Magic: DarkxTime | The ability to temporarily move a soul forward in time, leaving the victim feeling confused and physically aged ]
:: [ Restrictions | Effects will only last for one attack or defense in battle ]
:: [ Companion: Hellhound | Mythical, royal | Hellfire | 5 yrs 11 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   3 SPD:   5 AGL:   3 END:   7
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   2
6 8.5 3 60.5
Notable Accomplishments

- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant

- February 2014 || Wraith Sickness Plot Participant

- August 2013 || Broken Magic Plot Participant
- June 2013 || Dead Magic Plot Participant

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