the Rift



Mourning the death of Manhattan


Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 7 Years [Tallsun] Height: 17hh
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
-Fresian x Irish Draft
-Pure Black with silver dappling along the left side of his neck
-Light blue-gray eyes
-Heavy feathering, long, wavy mane.
-Sturdy in build but lankier than most drafts
-Clean white bridle with a green glow
-Silvery scars on his face where his bridle, now removed, grew into his face.
-Burn marks on the right side of his face, obscuring his vision (fixed using his blinding magic, making his eye pure silver)

(1, 2, 3, 4)
-2.5 years old
-Gold, pupil-less eyes
-Partial Blindness
-Long, tangled mane with leaves in it.
-Two red gashes on left cheek that fail to properly heal.
-Thickly built; strong.
-Black, old bridle torn in correspondence with his scars.

-1 year old
-Fell Pony x Draft mutt
-Dapple White-Grey
-15.3 hh
-Clear blue eyes
-Ragged, short gray mane
-Chipped hooves
-Short and stocky build; average strength
-Blood-stained, dirty whitish old bridle.

-4 years old
-Fell Pony x Draft mutt
-Chestnut (Greyed to Rose)
-16.3 hh
-Dark Pink Eyes
-Reddish base mane fading to white at tips. Silken, untangled, long.
-Bloody left shoulder.
-Claw scars under right cheek, nearing the jugular.
-Clean red-silver hooves.
-Svelte but sturdy build; strong.
-Dirty, reddish white old bridle.

-4 years old
-Belgian Draft x Nonius
-Blue Roan (Greying)
-16.2 hh
-Dark blue eyes, silver flecks.
-Black mane fading to white at base. Long, silken, untangled.
-Smooth black hooves.
-Bump on nose from former break. Burns on forelegs, underbelly, and chest, leaving them solid black.
-Sturdy, well muscled build; strong
-Fading reddish-brown bridle with darker spots

-10 Years Old
-Black (Greyed to Steel)
-17.1 hh
-Dark blue, almost black, eyes.
-Long, coarse mane.
-Rabicano markings
-Long scars around base of throat, chunk of skin missing on right hindquarter.
-Fraying black hooves
-Muscled; strength lessend with age
-Old brown bridle with darker spots

-7 Years old
-Smoky Black
-17.3 hh
-Clear blue eye
-Square-cropped, thin, mane & tail
-Neatly rounded black hooves
-Scar across right eye, rendering it useless and permanently shutting the lid. Shredding scars on forelegs.
-Slim muscled build; strong
-Fitted, worn tan bridle stained with ink.

-6 Months old
-10.2 hh
-Solid black eyes
-Short, thick, wild mane
-Sharp, clean black hooves
-Firm colt's build; weak front leg
-Oversized, slightly worn tan bridle

-18 Years old
-18 hh
-Light blue eyes fading to white
-incredibly long, silky white mane
-Cracked, clear white hooves
-Massive, clean build; Strong
-New, tan leather bridle

-Son of Roanne
-Firm in his beliefs
-No longer know what he believes, often falls prey to the beliefs of his ancestors.
-Gentle killer
-Has lost much of his emotional stability. Often retreats into an ancestor in times of emotional stress.
-Reveres the Goddess of the Moon
-Has Forsaken all Gods
-Calmly violent
-Was born with Schizophrenia that made him hear voices (the imps) as a colt. Though he has primarily outgrown this it returns on rare occasions.

-Janos Cursed
-Wary of God-like creatures
-Once had the magic to shapeshift between the following forms: Black Panther, Black Eagle, Black Otter, Black Stag

-Brother of Huric, son of Anaan
-Focused on family
-Easily swayed
-Potential for greatness

-Brother of Janos, son of Anaan


Son of Dovev
-Even tempered

-Son of Zekiah
-Prone to explosive rage


Twin of Zsoka, son of Cem
-Thrill seeker
-Fair weather
-Quick Thinking


Twin of Zekiah, Son of Cem


The First

Sire: Roanne The Sentinel (Fresian) (d)
Dam: Mandrake (Irish Draft) (d)

Brothers: Archibald, Vincent, Evers, Emerson, Kipp, Casimir, Tajheri, Darwin, Wilder (d)
Nephews: Abraham & Reginald (Sons of Archibald & Circe) MANHATTAN
Companion | Manhattan : 4 year old female flat coated retriever with advanced mind speech and the ability to terrorize and poison
Genetic Mutation: Two Companion Magics
Manhattan has died.

Active Magic | Dark : The ability to blind himself or others. Magic manifests as silver smoke travelling from his eyes that covers the eyes of the affected.
Only lasts for 20 seconds during battle and must get other player's permission first in normal threads Active Magic | DarkxLight : The ability to pass by without drawing attention to himself by cloaking himself in light or shadow.
Can share his cloak with up to one other. Can be used in battle for 30 seconds Active Magic | Dark : The ability to shapeshift into the forms of his ancestors. The center of this magic is their shared artifact, his bridle, which shifts its appearance to how it was during the time of each ancestor. (Forms: Roanne, Janos, Huric, Anaan, Dovev, Zekiah, Zsoka, Cem)
Genetic Mutation: Ability to have 3 Active Magics

NOTE: Knox keeps this magic a very guarded secret and lives his life with several identities as a result. Though his brothers knew he was once 'cursed' with his passive magic and Mesec knows of this as well, they have never seen or been told of his ability to shift. He has only ever told/shown one still living character this magic and identified himself as Knox while shapeshifted, all others are not to recognize him. This individual is Aylin.
Passive Magic | Dark : The ability to possess and communicate with the minds and memories of his ancestors.
Limited to those in his family that have worn his bridle

Item | Bridle : White leather bridle that glows green and is inherited from his father, Roanne. Alters appearance to match the form of whichever ancestor Knox appears as, and is the source of his shifting magic.

Item | Amulet : Awarded a Stealing Amulet by the Moon Goddess for his 75th post. Is fastened to a ring on his bridle.

Item| Muriel's Wings : Four wings formerly belonging to Muriel that are attached at the shoulder and can be draped over the back. All four wings are white with gold tips and magenta speckling across the top, and the inner wings are slightly smaller than the outer. Taken from Muriel's corpse after her murder.

The Sentinel: Born in Tallsun of Year One to Mandrake and Roanne the Sentinel, who is killed upon Knox's birth. He bathes in and drinks his father's blood as his baptism.
Alone in the Night: Goes to the Earth God looking for company
The one place he knows: At the Earth God's command, he protects and bonds with Manhattan, a flat-coated retriever pup.
Trust: Meets Enki and Mauja in the frozen arch.
Little White Moon Flower: Meets Cassandra in the deep woods by the corpse of his father, and the last of the curse on Roanne is lifted. The voices of the old ones that have haunted him since birth dissipate.
Home: Meets Evangeline and Tallis in the Deep Woods.
Cross Country Race: Participates in the first round of the equine cross country race before dropping out.
Blinding: Seeks magic to blind himself and others from the Moon Goddess.
Falling: After having been blinded by the moon Goddess, Knox meets Ophelia in the Dragon's Throat.
...but now I see: Returns to the Moon Goddess and receives the magic to blind.
A New Regime: Knox attends a Foothills herd meeting and votes for his brother Archibald to be lead.
The Blind leading the Blind: After a vision accidentally cast by Manhattan, who is still learning her magic to terrorize, Knox accidentally blinds Myrddin. Upon realizing his error, he runs in shame.
You Paper Tigers: Knox and his brother Archibald have a fight that is broken up by their mother, Mandrake.
Corpse: At Mandrake's command, Knox kills Tillas, blinding her filly so she won't see her mother's death and leaving the child alive.
Ancestral Body: Knox seeks magic from the Moon Goddess to be able to transform into his ancestors.
I Was Walking with a Ghost: Knox seeks out the etched bone from his father, Roanne, to complete his quest for the Moon Goddess. His mother Mandrake carves into the bone with her claws and gifts it to Knox as a reward for killing Tillas. Wilder returns.
A Matter of Fact: While in the middle of a meal, Knox meets and quickly scares off Lace.
Ancestral Body [Return]: Knox returns to the Moon Goddess with the etched bone and is tasked to come to terms with his ancestors. She grants him the passive magic to communicate with the minds of his ancestors. I Eat Same Food Every Day: Knox once again encounters Ophelia, this time with his sight, who has lost her memory and does not remember him, so the two are unable to recognize each other.
Change Your Ways While You're Young: Knox, possessed by Huric in order to carry out the Moon Goddess' quest, joins the Grey.
Blind Discovery: Knox is possessed by the mind of Cem when he encounters his two brothers, Kipp and Casimir.
Help me Find You: Knox encounters his brothers Evers, Kipp, Casimir, Archibald, and Tajheri, as well as the mare Aswane, while possessed by Dovev.
Miracle: Knox meets Delinne, Valentine, and Azzaron, but quickly makes his leave of the "testosterone bath."
Sleep, Don't Weep: Knox meets Onni, who is recognized by the mind of Roanne.
The One Growing Wild: Knox, partially possessed, meets, and immediately bonds with, Mesec. Knox discovers he has the power to cloak himself in darkness or shadow.
Leave the Bill on the Table: Knox, possessed by the childish mind of Zsoka, meets Aryel and makes a deal. He casts his blinding magic on her amulet in return for a favor that he may call upon at any time, "no take backs."
Satan is my Motor. Hear my Motor Purr.: Knox kills Bernadette and at last comes to terms with his ancestors.
Ancestral Body [Second Return]: Knox returns to the Moon Goddess for the last time and receives the magic to shapeshift into the figures of his ancestors.
Born of Ash: Knox's youngest brother Darwin is born, and Knox leads the mutinous charge with his brothers to kill their wicked mother, Mandrake. Wilder dies as well with a slash of Mandrake's claws across his jugular for being the father of Darwin and foolishly protecting Mandrake to the last.
Evil Souls Fall to Hell, ever Trapped in Burning Cells: Knox steals the pregnant mare Adrixaura and tries to recruit her to The Grey.
Wanting Blood: Knox runs into Donai, the leopard.
Is That You?: Faelon attempts to rescue Adrixaura with the support of Kumal the tiger, but Knox, backed up by Locket, Ophelia, and Ktulu, intercepts the escape and challenges Faelon.
Cede What Is Mine: Faelon loses the challenge against Knox and becomes a prisoner of the foothills. Knox suffers a slight, temporary limp.
Am I a Freak (For Getting Down): Knox meets Irrydae.
Meet me at the Border: The Assassins arrive for Adrixaura's birth of Sikeax. Ophelia and Knox allow Adrixaura to leave the Foothills and be released from imprisonment.
Home Again, Home Again, Never to Roam Again: Knox is overjoyed to find his friend Mesec has joined the Grey.
Fight to Save a Smile: Knox meets Aylin, the daughter of his father's closest confidant, Evangeline. The two become fast friends and Knox works out some long overdue emotional problems.
Early Snow: Manhattan mistakenly informs Knox that Archibald is dead. Devastated, he runs to find the dauntless and instead finds Circe and Archibald lying beside their stillborn filly, Callisto.

Speaking with Aylin, witnessing the tragic still-birth of Callisto, and coming to terms with the sudden realization that he only first felt love for Archibald when he thought he was dead is too much tragedy for Knox to bear. He retreats into the mind and form of Roanne the Sentinel, who leads him away from Helovia and back to the land of Roanne's glory: Isilme. Roanne seeks to discover whether or not the land is lost or salvagable, and if it is still overrun by The Shadows he attempts to do all he can to fight them off as he once should have.


href="">Three Comes Before Four: Knox returns to Helovia. Cloaked and hidden, he watches an interaction between Xira and Laedere
>Give Me a Second Go: Knox, cloaked and hidden, observes the return of Serenity to Helovia with sympathy, and also sees Torleik and Ampere for the first time.
<Shut Up and Look: Knox watches from the shadows, unseen, as Isopia transforms from a raven and creates a box using her crafting magic in the deep woods. Roanne is taken to see the site of his bones.
>The Day Your Made Your Vows: Knox, cloaked and in the form of Roanne, encounters a very pregnant Evangeline, Grimalkin, and Thor.
<Keep Yourself Warm: Knox, disguised in the form of Anaan, meets Essetia and her wolf Romul for the first time in the Heart Caves.
<In the Darkness Floods the Light: Knox, disguised as Zekiah, is threatened by Gaucho after attempting to steal from Maren.
>Border of the Hollow: Knox, disguised as Cem, discovers that the landbridge has been destroyed and believes the entire herdland to be lost.
<The Fast: Knox, tired from fasting since his return to Helovia and disguised as Janos, appears at the shrine of the Goddess of the Moon. Here, he meets Enna.

Blood Moon Dare: Maddened by his rejection by the Moon Goddess and starved to insanity, Knox travels North to the Frostbreath Steppe and kills and strips Muriel of her wings while disguised as Dovev.
<Fireflies: Knox, cloaked and possessed by Dovev, briefly observes Thranduil and his companion, Haldir.
>This Was You: Knox travels to the heavenly fields, cloaked and possessed by Dovev.
>But if You Close Your Eyes...: Knox's possession by Dovev breaks when he encounters Evangeline and Thor, standing proudly above their newborns, Uriel and Sariel. Feeling lost and ashamed, Knox retreats into the form of young Zsoka.
>We Are All Liars Here: Knox discovers the Ancient Rotunda and witnesses the bonding of Naerys to her companion.
>Master Hunter: Knox encounters mother and daughter pair Hotaru and Arya while cloaked and in the form of Anaan by the Endless Blue.
>The Birdman: Knox, for the first time since his return revealed in his true form, finds his old friend Mesec in the secret grove.
>A Means to an End: Knox, unsure of himself, returns to the thistle meadow and lets Dovev take the lead. There, he murders the dying Kiara and encounters her daughter, Vitani.
>If I Could: As promised, Knox returns to Helovia's Heart as Anaan and awaiting Essetia.
>Somewhere Under the Rainbow: Knox, dressed in Huric's form, eats a kill with Manhattan in the Ancient Rotunda.
<Who Told You That You Are Naked?: Knox sees the ghost of his mother, Mandrake, in a dream.
>Shutup--Redux: Zsoka meets Isopia again in a dream.
>Now We've Got Problems: Knox and Aylin reunite.

Knox is an English name derived from Scottish, meaning "From the Hills."
Manhattan derives from the word Mannahatta, meaning "Island of many hills" in the Lenape language.

THE ONES HE'S HARMED FOR GOOD MYRDDIN, blinded here: The Blind leading the Blind
TILLAS, killed here: Corpse
BERNADETTE, killed here: Satan is my Motor. Hear my Motor Purr.
MANDRAKE, killed here: Born of Ash
MURIEL, killed and stripped of her wings here: Blood Moon Dare
KIARA, killed here: A Means to an End

Played by

:: [ Magic: Dark (U) | Ability to blind or grant sight to himself and others ]
:: [ Restrictions | Only lasts for 20 seconds during battle and must get other player's permission first in normal threads ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxLight | The ability to pass by without drawing attention to himself at will by cloaking himself in shadow or light ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can share his cloak (up to 5m away) with up to one other ; can be used in battle for 30 seconds ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxLight | Ability to shapeshift into the bodies of his ancestors ]
:: [ Restrictions | Limited to those in his family that have worn his bridle (this magic is grandfathered) ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxLight (P) | Ability to possess the minds of his ancestors ]
:: [ Restrictions | Limited to those in his family that have worn his bridle (This magic is grandfathered) ]
:: [ Item: Goat Skull | Defensive. Large skull that can be worn on head. (stolen from Waprevah.) ]
:: [ Restrictions | Falls off easily. ]
:: [ Item: Muriel's Wings | Four wings formerly belonging to Muriel that are attached at the shoulder and can be draped over the back. All four wings are white with gold tips and magenta speckling across the top, and the inner wings are slightly smaller than the outer. Taken from Muriel's corpse after her murder. ]
:: [ Item: Wolf God Fang Dagger | Offensive. Small dagger with the Glowing Black Fang from the Rift Wolf God. ]
:: [ Item: Elk Skull | Defensive. The skull of an elk is held onto his head by his own horns and the elk horns curling around his ears (stolen from Morir). ]
:: [ Restrictions | Easily knocked loose. ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   8 SPD:   3 AGL:   4 END:   4
OI:   1 DI:   2 MG:   1.5 CP:   0
4 7.5 6.5 67.5
Notable Accomplishments

- September 2015 || Hidden Falls Sneak
- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant
- June 2015 || Thread of the Month

- June 2013 || Character Of The Month
- May 2013 || Thread of the Month
- February 2013 || Windtossed Foothills Sneak
- January 2013 || Silence of the Veins Plot Participant

- December 2012 || Silence of the Bond Plot Participant
- September 2012 || Helovian Olympics Plot Participant

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10-22-2015 by Milo
SWP :: What's mine is mine (Conclusion) Green Labyrinth
God of the Moon, Ampere, Random Event, Volterra, Badger, Maren, Ophelia, Ulrik, Gaucho, Eden, Megaera, Hotaru, Archibald, Aviya, Ashamin, Erthë, Rikyn, Mauja, Ranjiri, Torleik, Ahvelyn, Mesec, Knox, Jaeger, d'Artagnan, Zünden, Enna, Nuray, Tembovu, Resplendence, Soren, Mortuus Nox, Najya, Cera, Ktulu, Aithniel
09-27-2015 by Soren
SWP :: What's mine is mine (Part II) Green Labyrinth
God of the Moon, Lace, Kalona, Volterra, Nyx, Nuray, Rikyn, Maren, Cera, Mortuus Nox, Eden, Shadow, Erthë, Badger, Elsa, Ophelia, Ulrik, Dvorak, Hotaru, Mesec, Isopia, Soren, Najya, Tiamat, Ilios, Rohan, Enna, Aviya, Lothíriel, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Archibald, Knox, Random Event, Resplendence, Ranjiri, Cathun, Ampere, Crystarius, Öde, Tatiana, Tembovu, Mauja, Aithniel, Thranduil, Torleik, Megaera, Gaucho, Rexanna, Thantos, Panzram
09-13-2015 by Random Event
SWP :: What's mine is mine (Part I) Green Labyrinth
Ktulu, God of the Moon, Random Event, Aaron, Aviya, Lace, Ampere, Soren, Shadow, Elsa, Badger, Rikyn, Panzram, Vitani, Volterra, Erthë, Cathun, Ashamin, Mortuus Nox, Ahvelyn, Thantos, Nuray, Öde, Archibald, Rexanna, Rohan, Ilios, Nyx, Eden, Ophelia, Knox, Hotaru, Lakota, Tembovu, Cera, Enna, Timothy, Kratos, Ranjiri, Mirabella, Ulrik, Mesec, Resplendence, Aithniel, Najya, Dvorak, Tandavi, Esk, Tiamat, Tatiana, Crystarius, Thranduil, Atheris, Mauja, Maren, Lothíriel, Megaera, Silas, Torleik, Isopia, Gaucho, Jaeger
09-07-2015 by Random Event
SWP :: Not without consequences Green Labyrinth
Ophelia, Ulrik, Ktulu, God of the Moon, Mauja, Random Event, d'Artagnan, Archibald, Aaron, Knox, Mesec, Lace, Ampere, Gaucho, Hotaru, Sacre, Ranjiri, Shadow, Aurelia, Nyx, Megaera, Aithniel, Thranduil, Sialia, Rikyn, Volterra, Maren, Isopia, Najya, Erthë, Rexanna, Ashamin, Eden, Ahvelyn, Timothy, Thantos, Kratos, Tatiana, Crystarius, Dvorak, Nuray
09-01-2015 by God of the Moon
SWP :: Gods do die Part III Blood Falls
Random Event, Roskuld, Volterra, Knox, Ashamin, Erthë, Öde, Mauja, Thranduil, Maren, Tembovu, Ampere, Rikyn, Tandavi, Crescencia
08-31-2015 by Crescencia
SWP :: Gods do die Part II Blood Falls
Random Event, Roskuld, Ophelia, Öde, Ranjiri, Crystarius, Crescencia, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Ilios, Rikyn, Volterra, Nyx, Erebos, Myrrine, Tembovu, Sialia, Mauja, Thantos, Erthë, Seren, Ragnarok, Aithniel, Badger, Rohan, Tiamat, Kaj, Tandavi, Torleik, Enna, Aurelia, Kalona, Rhea, Parelia, Knox, Maren, Amara, Isopia, Amani, Thranduil
08-28-2015 by Random Event
Whatever Comes Now Hidden Falls
Knox, Aylin, Archibald
10-08-2015 by Archibald
Family Heart Caves
Knox, Aylin
08-22-2015 by Knox
SWP :: Gods do die Blood Falls
Ophelia, Mauja, Random Event, Knox, God of the Spark, Kaj, Hotaru, Amara, Tiamat, Roskuld, Ranjiri, Tandavi, Torleik, Parelia, Aurelia, Öde, Nyx, Amani, Aithniel, Ilios, Badger, Erebos, Thranduil, Rikyn, Mirabella, Rhea, Caenan, Myrrine, Volterra, Maren, Isopia, Caleb, Erthë, Cathun, Ashamin, Tembovu, Rohan, Enna, Ahvelyn, Seren, Kalona, Ragnarok, Adonné, Ming Yue, Thantos, Crystarius, Aldoran, Crescencia, Artorias
08-24-2015 by Random Event
SWP :: First Contact Blood Falls
God of the Spark, Seren, Artorias, Roskuld, Ophelia, Thantos, Crystarius, Ragnarok, Ming Yue, Cathun, Erebos, Aldoran, Rikyn, Volterra, Erthë, Aithniel, Nyx, Badger, Ophyreia, Naya'il, Adonné, Ranjiri, Kalona, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Mauja, Torleik, Crescencia, Maren, Knox, Madigan
09-16-2015 by Madigan
now we've got problems [knox] Helovia's Threshold
Aylin, Knox
08-19-2015 by Aylin
Shutup -- redux [DREAM] Deep Forest
Isopia, Knox
08-22-2015 by Isopia
Who Told You That You Are Naked? Archives
Knox, NPC
07-21-2015 by Knox
Somewhere Under the Rainbow Archives
Cheveyo, Knox
08-06-2015 by Cheveyo
If I Could Archives
Essetia, Knox
07-17-2015 by Knox
A means to an End Archives
Kiara, Knox, Vitani
06-30-2015 by Knox
we are all liars here Ancient Rotunda
Alysanne, Knox, Naerys
08-16-2015 by Naerys
This Was You Archives
06-05-2015 by Knox
Blood Moon Dare Archives
Brigand, Gull, Knox, Muriel
06-10-2015 by Gull
but if you close your eyes Archives
Evangeline, Knox, Sariel, Thor, Uriel
06-20-2015 by Knox
master hunter Archives
Arya, Hotaru, Knox
06-12-2015 by Knox
The Birdman Secret Grove
Knox, Mesec
08-15-2015 by Blu
The Fast Veins of the Gods
Enna, Knox
06-21-2015 by Enna
Border of the Hollow Archives
Ampere, Knox, Sikeax
06-07-2015 by Sikeax
the day you made your vows Archives
Evangeline, Grimalkin, Knox, Thor
06-12-2015 by Evangeline
In the darkness floods the light. Archives
Gaucho, Knox
06-14-2015 by Gaucho
Fireflies Archives
Enna, Ki'irha, Knox, Thranduil
06-14-2015 by Thranduil
Keep Yourself Warm Archives
Essetia, Knox
06-30-2015 by Essetia
give me a second go Archives
Ampere, Knox, Serenity, Torleik
05-31-2015 by Ampere
Three comes before four... Archives
Knox, Laedere, Xira
05-20-2015 by Knox
Shut up and look Archives
Isopia, Knox
07-13-2015 by Isopia
What Makes A Hero? Archives
Archibald, Knox, Random Event
05-31-2015 by Knox
Meet me at the border || Adrixaura Archives
Adrixaura, Knox, Ophelia, Roy, Sikeax, Tonka
06-14-2013 by Tonka
Early Snow [Birthing] Archives
Archibald, Circe, Evers, Knox, Phaedra
05-28-2013 by Evers
Cede what is mine {Knox, Challenge} Battleground
Faelon, Knox
06-08-2013 by Official
fight to save a smile Archives
Aylin, Knox
06-23-2013 by Aylin
Is that you? [Adrixaura] Archives
Adrixaura, Alex, Faelon, Knox, Ktulu, Kumal, Locket, Ophelia
05-26-2013 by Kumal
Home Again, Home Again, Never to Roam Again [Mesec] Archives
Knox, Mesec
06-06-2013 by Knox
Am I a Freak (For Getting Down?) Archives
Irrydae, Knox
06-02-2013 by Irrydae
Wanting blood [Knox ; Open] Archives
Donai, Knox
05-16-2013 by Knox
Evil Souls Fall To Hell, Ever Trapped In Burning Cells [Knox / Open] Archives
Adrixaura, Knox
05-22-2013 by Knox
Ancestral Body Return #2 [Moon Goddess] Veins of the Gods
04-21-2013 by Knox
Satan is my Motor. Hear my Motor Purr. Archives
Bernadette, Knox
04-29-2013 by Knox
Leave the bill on the table, Knox Archives
Aryel, Knox
04-20-2013 by Knox
Born of Ash [Darwin, Wilder, & Sons] Archives
Archibald, Casimir, Darwin, Evers, Kipp, Knox, Mandrake, Tajheri, Wilder
05-18-2013 by Casimir
The One Growing Wild [Mesec] Archives
Knox, Mesec
05-05-2013 by Knox
Miracle || Open to stallions Archives
Azzaron, Delinne, Knox, Valentine
01-27-2013 by Knox
Sleep, Don't Weep [Onni] Archives
Knox, Onni
05-06-2013 by Onni
help me find you; open Archives
Archibald, Aswane, Aviya, Casimir, Evers, Kipp, Knox, Tajheri
04-13-2013 by Casimir
Blind Discovery (Open) Archives
Casimir, Kipp, Knox, Random Event
04-14-2013 by Casimir
Ancestral Body [[Return #1]] Veins of the Gods
God of the Moon, Knox
01-10-2013 by God of the Moon
change your ways while you're young[ktu--phi--joining] Archives
Archibald, Knox, Ktulu, Ophelia
04-09-2013 by Ophelia
a matter of fact [Quest, Knox] Archives
Knox, Lace
12-30-2012 by Lace
I Was Walking With a Ghost [Mandrake, Wilder] Archives
Knox, Mandrake, Wilder
01-08-2013 by Knox
Ancestral Body [[Goddess of the Moon]] Veins of the Gods
God of the Moon, Knox
12-27-2012 by Knox
I Eat Same Food Every Day [Ophelia] Archives
Knox, Ophelia
01-14-2013 by Knox
corpse [drake sons, death thread] Archives
Knox, Mandrake, Tillas
12-01-2012 by Mandrake
The blind leading the blind [KNOX/open] Archives
Knox, Myrddin
10-30-2012 by Myrddin
you paper tigers[knox/any drake son] Archives
Archibald, Knox, Mandrake
12-24-2012 by Knox
...But Now I See [Return- Goddess of the Moon] Veins of the Gods
God of the Moon, Knox
10-21-2012 by God of the Moon
A New Regime [Herd Elections and Meeting] Archives
Amadeus, Archibald, Evangeline, Evers, Jackal, Kanti, Knox, Madyrn Maskan, Paladin, Poppy, Query, Ricochet, Soleil, Svetlana, Tillas
10-25-2012 by Ricochet
Falling [Ophelia] Archives
Knox, Ophelia
10-04-2012 by Knox
EQUINE :: Cross Country Race, Round ONE Archives
Aaron, Bellatrix, Histe, Kiara, Knox, Lace, Madyrn Maskan, Mirage, Poppy, Query, Random Event, Rishima, Soleil, Tisco, Tor, Torasin, Willow
09-17-2012 by Tisco
Blinding [Goddess of the Moon] Veins of the Gods
God of the Moon, Knox
09-13-2012 by Knox
home | knox Archives
Evangeline, Knox
08-15-2012 by Knox
little white moon flower | knox Archives
Cassandra, Knox
08-15-2012 by Knox
Trust [Enki/Open] Frozen Arch
Enki, Knox, Mauja
08-02-2012 by Knox
The One Place He Knows [Questing:RE] Archives
Knox, Random Event
07-11-2012 by Knox
Alone in the Night [Earth God] Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Knox
06-28-2012 by Knox
the sentinel [knox] Archives
Archibald, Casimir, Evers, Knox, Mandrake, Vincent
07-26-2012 by Knox

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