the Rift

The Fire Dancer

World's Edge Nurse

Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 5 Height: 16.1

all the scars that mark my body
they're silver and they're gold

TB x draft x arab
slender, lanky
copper chestnut
flaxen mane and tail
three gold socks
gold blaze
slate hooves
black eyes
baubles scattered in mane and tail
Narrow of frame and long of limb, the Fire Dancer possesses the lanky figure of a ballerina who grew up a waif, forgotten in the streets. The coat which drapes across narrow shoulders is copper, though often dimmed by dust. Gold leave kisses on the girl's back, soft speckling across her flanks like nebulae, stardust, the touch of the sun. Three legs are draped in the molten sun, two hinds and the right fore, with the later adorned as high as the knee. The girl wears a mask of the moon, crescent blaze slashing from a gilded left ear to the sculpted right cheek. Endless eyes peer out from the aureate face, black as midnight and emblazoned as the dawn; piercing, perturbing, but not without their warmth. The girl wears her mane and tail in a mess of tangled braids, cascading sunshine fading into alabaster strands. Her hair is adorned with countless baubles, memorials of her time in this world and the experiences she has faced.


and my blood is full of rubies
it keeps my veins hot, the fire's found a home in me

The fire-girl is quiet, prone little to speech. Deep of voice and dark of gaze, she treats the world as a trove of treasures, and the people in it as walking stories just waiting to be read. Cursed with the gift of a curious heart, Tandavi sometimes has issues separating herself from her nature- she will voice the questions perhaps left unasked, will answer in riddles of straight-forward truth. Raised in isolation and given to wander, the girl has never excelled in putting others at ease – but she rarely means ill, merely does not know how to translate her thoughts.

Despite the difficulties she has interfacing with others, Tandavi craves friendship, and is ardently devoted to those she holds dear. Fiercely loyal, independent, with a penchant for wit and difficulty understanding humor, she guards jealously family and the few she keeps close. A hero behind the endless eyes, she takes it upon herself to take care of the world, stubbornly acting as knight to her damsel. Passionate, tempered, the girl is fire to those who know how to look, judgmental and bright in the dark of the world.


we're at the start, the colors disappear
I never watch the stars, there's so much down here

Sire ☼ Madyrn/Maskan
Dam ☼ Rishima

Aunt ☼ Mirage the Dragonheart
Cousin ☼ Amaris (xVikram), Semira (xVikram)


this is the start of how it all ends
they used to shout my name, now they whisper it

Those met The impression

Alysanne A healer | No known magic

Africa Sultana for a time, a friend | No known magic

Amaris Beloved cousin, a friend | Magic borrowed

Ampere A livewire, a friend (?) | Magic borrowed

Dalibor Asshole | No known magic

Frost Fyre A killjoy | No known magic

Gaucho Sultan, overprotective and bullheaded, a friend (?) | Magic borrowed

Hototo Deeply mourned friend | Magic borrowed

Illynx A monster | No known magic

Ink Amazing | Magic detected

Kari Delicate boy, friend | Magic detected

Lace Father-figure, a friend | Magic borrowed: Bright, hot, gold

Lena Healer, lifesaver | Magic borrowed

Megaera A Sultana, a friend | Magic borrowed: Peppery, red, strong

Mesec Cousin's friend, wary | No known magic

Mirage Beloved aunt | Magic detected

Onni A brave medic | No known magic

Ophelia A brave soldier | Magic borrowed

Paladin A wounded soldier | No known magic

Rishima Mother | Magic borrowed

Reginald Scourge, monster, magnet | Magic borrowed

Sacre Best friend, perhaps more? | Magic borrowed

Sakura A childhood memory | No known magic

Semira A long-lost cousin | Magic detected

Shadow A largely unknown creature | No known magic

Sohalia A former Sultana | Magic detected

Tyradon Angry child | No known magic


:: [ Magic: DarkxLight (U) | The ability to copy someone's magical ability by touch or being exposed to it ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can remember only the last 3 magical abilities at a time; in battle, she can only steal and use another magic once per post ]
:: [ Magic: FirexLight | Can create glowing sparks, which can be manipulated to cover wounds and heal on touch ]
:: [ Restrictions | The larger the wounds, the more sparks she has to generate, and the greater the physical toll on her ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxLight (P) | Able to sense magic in others and she experiences it as a series of flavors and colors, with each ability having its own distinct properties ]
:: [ Restrictions | Cannot tell what magical ability they have nor details without being told or having copied it ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Able to bond with 2 companions. ]
:: [ Companion: Kitsune | Mythical, plain | Fire | 7 yrs 4 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   6 AGL:   3 END:   7
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   1 CP:   2
6.5 9 4 65
Notable Accomplishments

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