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None, I really want shocking magic though.

I wish for a kitsune!



Gave birth to Feritas!! <3


Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 4 Height: 15 hh


I'm beautiful I guess you could say, or my mother always said that anyway. She said that I'm original and no one can change who I was because I had such a strong heart. I'm rather magnificent if you ask me, with my pure white socks topped with a stunning black coat. My face is spread with snow, more than less call it white. I have a lovely spot on my wither, I guess you could say it is my beauty mark. I have just two little spots of white hair that fade into the ebony black. My eyes, oh so gorgeous with their sky blue color. I must say, I rather stand proud with such colors.

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I'm a very spunky type. My harks stay perked and only pin themselves down when I'm threatened or I have a taunting feeling inside me. I'm a very hyper child I guess you could say and I still act like a little foal, but only because I never got to be one when growing up. I'm not the one to fight, I really don't like it, I'd rather talk it out and turn out to be friends in the end. But don't think I won't fend up to myself and my family, because I'm not easy all the time. Though, I'm always so happy, others are always so confused as why I am because of my past, and my answer is always the same, "I moved on". I'm a really sweet girl and love to make friends.



I never knew my farther, wish I could've though. My mother was Xenia, a beautiful black and white paint with sparkling blue eyes.

None that I know of.

Harmony [Adopted]
Feritas [Catillatio x Antheia]



I was born on a warm snowy day. The sun was shining down on my coat and the snow glittered as the rays of the yellow hit it. I learned how to walk and run, soon I was running around playing with the other foals. As night approached the families set in and cuddled up in the caves, falling asleep. Me and my mother walked to our cave and did the same, my mum tucking me in next to her warm body. Dawn woke the families and they opened their eyes to snow that laid against the ground. A blizzard had swept in as the horses had slept. I looked to my mother with horrified eyes, knowing this was bad news. Our herd set out in need of food and water, searching the forests and kicked the snow off the ground so we could get to the grass, but it was no use. The herd walked on, getting mighty weak, then another blizzard struck and all was lost. My friend and me were the only two that survived, but we had no idea how. His name was Coal, a older grey and white pegasus, he stayed with me my journey. The only way we thought how was that we had a blessing and the angels were saying we had a future waiting for us. We traveled on but the wolves found us around the age of one and they knew Coal was sick. I had to try and fend for him but I couldn't, I was too weak still. Knowing Coal couldn't get up and run, I fought until I almost gave my life, but then I ran, ran until I couldn't feel my legs. I regret that I ever left Coal, and I hope he understood why, but I never wanted to leave him in the first place. I moved on, went through homelands and found none that I liked until I came across this mighty land, and found somewhere to call home.




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Clo plays Antheia

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