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Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 12 Height: 17.3
Breed: Tennessee Walker x Morgan
Species: Equine
Height: 17.3hh
Color: Grulla splash something or other.
Eyes: One green and one blue
Markings: Numerous scars across flank and legs. Most notably, he sports a jagged scar across the bridge of his nose.
Health: Healthy

• Nearly Silent • Seasoned Killer • Warrior • Protective • Hidden Gentle Giant •
• Brutally Honest • Strong Morals •

Alleo isn't a talker, having a bad and bloody background that he rarely if ever talks about. He has no qualms with killing, as he has done it multiple times and has participated in multiple wars. Protective of those who have found a way into his heart- a very hard thing to do. Once you are there, however, he is very honest and sweet in private. Believes in justice and fighting for what you stand for, that peace does not come easily and that blood must be shed for it.


-When first meeting someone, he observes them without speaking, and won't respond to any words spoken to him until he has defined their strengths and weaknesses.

-Hates being approached or talked to from the side or at an angle, preferring face-to-face because it's the best place to see an oncoming attack.

-Has to look into someone's eyes when speaking to them, and hates when others don't do the same since he considers meeting eyes respectful and a way to share emotions words can't convey.

-Almost obsessively keeps himself clean, for no real reason.

-Has to circle- usually a decent diameter- wherever he plans to sleep before doing so.

-Never sleeps in the open, but also strangely never sleeps standing, he hates it. But he knows it's more dangerous, makes him more vulnerable, so he likes to sleep in brush or next to a tree, somewhere that will force other horses to come at him in one direction.

-Always softly clears his throat before first speaking to someone. Won't do it for every new sentence, but only right before addressing a new person. Can clear his throat and converse with one person, and if another arrives will do it again right before speaking to them.

-Sneezes funny, so he hates doing it.

-Has very mild Cheimaphobia/Frigophobia where he is scared of the cold, because his parents punished him once by making him stand in a river in winter as a foal, and he got violent pneumonia and hypothermia that caused him to hallucinate, which only added to the trauma. Isn't bothered by walking through a river in spring, or the winter season, but refuses to go near water except to drink when it is winter because the two combined is too familiar- doesn't affect him all that much, only very mildly in Frostfall, will drink and be fine but won't enter water like swimming.

-Despises sexism, believes mares are just as powerful and able as stallions.

-Also despises 'playboys' and the like, being a one-woman-only male.

-Always becomes very guarded and chilly when people stare at the scar across his nose.

-Has a fascination with counting stars, even if he'll never be able to count them all or remember which ones he's already counted.

-Has a mild infatuation with numbers; hoofbeats, breaths, counting in his head, etc.

-With people he holds close/dear, he must touch them when he can. Has no personal space with these people. Will always be brushing them, standing so their sides are touching, etc.

-Also with the people he holds close ^ he has to brush noses goodbye and tell them he loves them. Does this just in case, so that if something happens they'll have his last words to them being he loves them, and hates to leave without a word because of the heart attacks his sisters gave him when they disappeared.

-Absolutely loves foals, but only if they're raised in a way he considers appropriate (as in, he doesn't blindly wrap himself around the finger of every child he comes across. If they're arrogant, mean, fakers, etc. then he'll let them know it)

-Very blunt to anyone who flirts with him overbearingly.

-Has to kick every dandelion puff he sees to watch the seeds float around.

Trydant x Mythrish



Was the first born and true prince of his land. He was beaten into submission and for two years had nothing to live for. Grew cold and hard in every way. When his sister Lakota was born, he tried his hardest to protect her and finally found something to live for. Raised her the best he could. Always clashing with his parents, leaving many scars that will never fade. He was pushed around, tortured, but was always perfect in front of the subjects as he always had to be. Was hurt very deeply when he saw how Lakota suffered, leading to his extreme protectiveness of her. Though he became a ruthless killer, he kept himself a gentleman inside. Courageous and valiant, so that he could be someone the girls looked up to. When Hana was born, he and Lakota teamed up to preserve her innocence. He and Hana were never as close as he and Kota, and never would be, but he loved her dearly and with the combined efforts they managed to keep her safe. In the past with Lakota, only he had been there to protect her. With Hana, both of them were available. When Lakota fell in love with Ithrim, he tried to hide their relationship as well. Seeing his torture and death, and how it shattered his sister, he aided her in killing their father for revenge. Helped her after her torture so she could flee into exile. Tried to protect Hana by himself when she rose to take the throne as Princess. When she collapsed and cried to him that she couldn't bare this life any longer, he swept her away in the dead of the night, seeking out the healer who had saved Lakota after her exile. Leading Hana, he followed Lakota's trail to Helovia.


Neuge- Goddess of Winter
• rules with an iron fist during her solstice
• smites those who scorn her with hard freezes, heavy snowfall, and avalanches

Cionaodh- God of Summer
• brings warmth to the land
• smites those who scorn him and his followers with wildfires and drought
• will occasionally gift those who follow him

Adair- God of Autumn
• indifferent to those who revere him as well as those who do not
• heralds the coming of Neuge

Shpresa- Goddess of Spring
• perhaps the most loved goddess
• is responsible for blossoming plants and the births of wild animals
• often leaves gifts for her followers

Golvar- God of the Dead
• Protects the spirits of the dead until they cross over from the physical plane to the spirit plane

Eydis- Goddess of Birth
• Watches over pregnant mares and protects them from harm. Oversees the births of foals and guides those who die young and mothers who die during birth to the spirit plane.

Torfa- God of Battle
• Watches over all warriors and guides those who fall honorably in battle to the spirit plane.

Laima- Goddess of Fate, Destiny, and Luck
• Guides those who pray to her for guidance. Often individuals will pray to Laima in hopes of finding a mate or having a healthy child.

Played by

:: [ Item: Metal acorn charm | A bronze metal acorn charm that glows in the dark. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   6 AGL:   4 END:   5
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
5.5 8.5 4.5 60
Notable Accomplishments

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