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World's Edge Glazier


Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 7 Height: 17"
Dragomir, known by Drago to those who have come to earn his respect or affections, is a tall and moderately heavy boned warmblood of tri-color tobiano of white and black upon a mahogany frame. He has a calm and friendly face, it's expression usually rather dull and complacent, though his intelligence can be seen sparkling behind his pale blue eyes even as he stands in utter silence; he is dipped with white points and splashes, with a long and lightly waved mane and tail of ebonite with ivory streaks throughout them, seeming to stem from a white almost triangular marking near his dock and a white splash upon his whithers. He has two rear stockings and front socks, his front legs having white markings trailing up his legs from where the hoof markings end in a sabino like pattern. His hooves are multihued and striped, supporting his warrior's build with a grace that one would not assume the stallion to have, though he is certainly less agile than smaller men - and he is unlikely to pick a fight, anyway. His body is covered in the winter with long guard hairs along his chin, belly, and legs.

A reclusive creature, he spends most of his time alone, either working on various projects or gathering things with which to make them; understandably, he can often come across as stoic, perhaps even rudely silent, but he is actually rather soft hearted and genuinely concerned over the feelings of those he finds himself surrounded with. Raised to believe that equines are the superior race, Dragomir has found this ideal dwindling within himself the longer he spends in Helovia among the other species, and he often feels a deep shame that he has departed so far from his father's teachings.

He carries with him a deep love and reverence for magic, stemming from his mother's passion for the strange power of Loorien; he also admires dragons, who were his playmates while growing with Adalwulf and Requiem on their secluded island, and openly wishes for a bonded wyvern of his own one day. Despite not maintaining the racist belief structure of his parents, the son the Dragoness and the Steadfast does maintain the belief that all equines were born from Nieque, as the pegasi from Sepagus, and the unicorn from Cinnoru.

Standing; 17 HH
Coloration; Bay tri-color tobiano
Eyes; Crystal blue
Tresses; Skunk tail, black mane with white streak
Markings; Two white rear stockings and two front socks, with white trailing up the inner part of his front limbs from the socks
Hooves; Cream with brown and black stripes
Build; Medium/heavy boned and muscular
Scars; None yet

- An earth amulet, which is round and thick, made of bronze; it is embellished with a jade dragon. Discovered in year three, shortly before his promotion to Glazier.
- A single, glass encased black feather tied high in his tail, on a collection of white strands. Given to him by Sikeax, though the feather is actually Ranjiri's. On the same trinket is a glass covered pine branch, which saved him from the assault of a wraith during the same plot in which he was given the feather from Sikeax. To Dragomir, the piece symbolizes his friendship with Ranjiri. Made in year four.
- A set of durable leather satchels of various sizes, six in all, which are attached to a sturdy harness; all the pouches have flaps and buttons to clasp them shut. All the brackets, snaps, and metal attachments are made of steel. The steel buttons on the satchels are oval in shape and rotate on a pivot, allowing them to be turned to lock the flap of the satchel shut; the holes through which the buttons protrude are perfectly round and ringed with steel to improve durability. Discovered in his ventures across Loorien in year five.

Please read his threads for more!

Dragomir was born on an island far away from the ruined kingdom of Isilme, his sire, Adalwulf, having stumbled upon the wandering Dragoness (his former queen) while fleeing the devastation that swept across the land of the three original equides; located far to the south and east of Helovia, the island is a lush paradise, riddled with ancient mountains and elder jungles, and prior to the arrival of the Steadfast and his bride, was home only to a massive collection of dragons. Lovingly recalled as the Dragon Isle, the young craftsman spent his youth gallavanting across the island with the dragons, and occasionally his older siblings, Szello and Vihar, whenever they came to visit with their mother and father from their adventures across Loorien; he learned of Isilme, of magic, of all the things a young man might need to know in order to be successful in the world, and while he was happy with his family, he also felt the stirrings of wanderlust that often stole young men from the loving embrace of their mothers.

Shortly before his second birthday, early in Tallsun's reign, the tall boy walked away from the dragon island, arriving in Helovia some months later a very quiet and reserved creature, just over two years old.

While walking the Threshold forest, he is met by Mirage, the leader of a group known as the Qian, and queen of a land known as World's Edge, where the Qian resides. From this dark and powerful woman Dragomir learns that the ways of his father are unwelcome in Helovia, a realm ruled by divines of all three species - a concept which makes the young man immediately fear and feel repulsion towards the divines of the land, though he never says as much to the woman who guides him to a misty wood that becomes his home for nearly three years.

The only time he truly reached out to the past his parents shared ends in violence, and shame - he spends the rest of his years lingering in the Edge or watching over his shoulder for a dark pelted mare with raven's wings, hoping she finds Ricochet for recompense before she finds him.

It is in the mists of the Moon's wood that Dragomir meets his friends and feels his resolve to be the son he was told to be withering away under the warmth of companionship; it is here he comes to love and admire Mirage, their dragon queen, and where he meets her beautiful and exotic daughters. It is here that he meets Kahlua and the glass, where he falls in love with both - where his heart is gently handed back to him after he thrusts it towards the effervescent woman who would become his Queen. Along the borders of this land he meets Ranjiri, and the daughter of a God, and in its heart he builds a clearing where he spends most of his time, and works his crafts.

Feeling a distance growing between himself and his herd mates, Dragomir sets out in search of a sense of belonging in the summer of year four, and spends a long time alone and wandering. Maintaining the rank of an outcast, he lives outside of the borders of the Dragon's Throat for some months late in year five, joining Ranjiri each morning. The two grew closer over the proceeding seasons, until, late one evening, the tricolor stallion was roused by the sound of hoofbeats, and a familiar voice.

Called away by his conjoined siblings, Dragomir rushed home to the dragon isle without saying a word to Ranjiri. He arrived to his childhood home to discover his mother weak and dying of some internal disease, the stallion spends two months caring for her in her final days.

Returning to Helovia alone after a few, final weeks with his grieving father, Dragomir arrives in early Orangemoon, of Year Seven.

Sire; Adalwulf
-------Grandsire; Wolfhramn
-------Granddam; Nachtengel
Dam; Requiem
-------Grandsire; Unknown
-------Granddam; Unknown
Full Siblings; Svello & Vihar
Paternal Siblings;
-------M Nattfari (x Black Minx) - Equine
-------M Brendan (x Nantan) - Unicorn
-------F Fardray (x Aera) - Equine
-------F Maipe (x Aera) - Equine
-------F Valhalla (x Mortallis) - Pegasus
-------M Ataraxia (x Aera) - Equine
--------------M Aaron (x Solstice) - Equine
-------M Varghöss (x Alcippa) - Equine
-------M Blitz (x Misery) - Equine
Maternal Siblings; None
Other Family; None noted.

Stepchildren; Letha (Rhoa x Ranjiri)

Those Met
Loves; Adalwulf, Ranjiri, Requiem
Admires; Lace, Mirage
Crushes; Kahlua
Comrades; Alysanne, Kahlua, Ranjiri, Resplendence, Semira, Syrena, Szello & Vihar, The Mountain That Knows (Isopia)
Acquaintances; Aaron, Brisa, Cheveyo, Cirrus, Destrier, Erthe, Evangeline, Finn, Kaj, Luken, Marco, Mesec, Nasreen, Nyx, Parelia, Quilyan, Raeden, Roskuld, Ru, Sheba, Smoke, Tyradon, Yael, Xanthos
Disliked; Sikeax
Insufferable; Aurelia
Loathed; Azarel, Brighid
Pity; Africa, Kari, Rotislav, Shadow, Voodoo
Miscellaneous Emotional Content; Amaris, Bellona

Mourning; Requiem, Ricochet
Missing; Mirage, Smoke, Semira

I want to be a good man, I want to see God;
I want to be faithful, but I know that I’m not.

background is "Profondement" by Nam2 Yasunari Nakamura@Flickr

Played by
Bunnie; Rikyn, Beloved, & Maude

:: [ Magic: Earth | Ability to craft metal objects by planting metal leaden stones into the earth and growing them into various forms. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can craft 3 small items, 2 medium items, or 1 large item per season. ]
:: [ Item: Harness | Harness with a set of leather satchels ]
:: [ Item: Charm | Charm of beads, branch, Earth Turtle shell, and a feather from Ranjiri encased in glass. ]
:: [ Item: Bronze Dragon Figurine | A 2.5" bronze figurine of Dragomir's mother's dragon, Israfel. ]
:: [ Item: Spider legs | Vial of spider legs on a string. ]
:: [ Earth Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   7 AGL:   3 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
6 9 5 64.5
Notable Accomplishments

- July 2014 || Sky Island Peace Plot Participant

- March 2014 || World’s Edge Glazier
- February 2014 || Wraith Sickness Plot Participant
- September 2013 || Restoration Dawn Plot Participant
- August 2013 || Broken Magic Plot Participant
- June 2013 || Dead Magic Plot Participant

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are you blessed or bleeding? Archives
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Invade This [Wall Crafting / Crafters] Archives
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A Broken Path [Earth God] Veins of the Gods
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You're strange and you're beautiful. Archives
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Useful Things to Know [Protectors, interested herd members] Archives
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Dragon's Breath Archives
Dragomir, Mirage
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