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Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 10 Height: 19.0
it's like the room just cleared a smoke

   Vincent is big. He is a hulking slab of muscle and thick bone, big enough to look the tallest horses in the eye and strong enough to push back at the strongest foes. Identical to his twin Archibald down to the last hair, he stands only a little taller than his brother and bears only a single superficial difference: a chip in his right front hoof. Like his twin Vincent is black, sleek-coated and adorned with thick white feathers on each leg. Tall white stockings reach to each of his knees, and a broad blaze stripes his face. A thinly lined rune marks around his right eye, staining the dark skin gold. Vivid gold eyes plant deep into his features and expel all emotions. Unlike his twin, Vincent is unable to control his facial emotion which makes him easily read and dramatically expressed. The golden eyes and rune glow fiercely when he feels emotional extremes.

i didn't even want the heart you broke

   Even the best training fails with some.

   Vincent was raised to do Mother's bidding. He shouldn't question that, but he does. He tries to follow Archibald's example but Archibald is stronger and braver than he is, and smarter too. Vincent is afraid of things. Vincent forgets. Vincent is not brave. He's big, but that doesn't stop him from feeling afraid. Sometimes he wants to touch the world but his mother doesn't have time for touching and looking. Sometimes he wonders about the people who aren't in his family but they shouldn't matter to him. He should be a good son and listen and obey, but his thoughts always trip him up.

   If Vincent could be described in a single word, it would be doubt. He's a creature plagued with doubt, consumed with doubt, and so resentful of it, so terrified of his own individuality, that he denies it at all costs. His biggest ambitions are to live up to the expectations set for him, but he inevitably finds ways to fall short. Worse yet, Vincent isn't sure exactly why he ought to love his siblings or his mother - he's aware that he should but even bothering to wonder why breeds terror in him. He prefers to be alone or else stick near Archibald, and worries constantly about everything.

   When Vincent does manage to interact with the world, these interactions are generally fumbling and inarticulate. He speaks in slow, stuttering sentences and rarely manages to make his thoughts known. He may seem dim but he's really just an introvert - and a very nervous one at that. An innate sense of curiosity threatens to be his downfall, but a naturally timid and fearful nature keeps his adventuring in check.

   His greatest fear is his mother, Mandrake.

it's yours to keep

   Mother's name is Mandrake. Brother's name is Archibald. There are other brothers, too, but none as good. Vincent does Mother's bidding. Vincent clings to Archibald. He is afraid. He is obedient. He will be a good son.

   Vincent lived in violent fear of Mandrake. He obeyed, hesitantly, placing each dinner-plate hoof down as a quicksilver whiplash lived, bloodthirsty, at his hindquarters. Her venomous words twisted the tender soul behind Vincent's hulking black chest. Every second of his life was in the shadows, jumping at the hiss of vampire bats, and Mandrake's wicked curse. He knew, perhaps better than the other brothers, that she was indeed a foul hellioness bewitched with satanic dementia. Every day of his duty-filled life Vincent regretted, and hesitated as his brain riled with surreal fear that he would be Mandrake's next bloodbath.

   As the next son was pushed from her demonic loins, another brute was taken. Blood spilled from his mutilated body, and the wicked, silver roach baptized his new brother Knox in the life of his old father. Vincent shrouded beside his stoic twin, golden eyes deep in the forest beyond the slaughter. He ought to run. But the monster would command his brothers after him and she would bid him a bad son. Instead, he waited until she howled his name from the bloodbath, beckoning him forward with a steel tongue, to rip the leather from the Sentinel's face and drape it around his new kin. He obeyed. Each tug of his teeth made his blood chase faster and faster in himself -- that as he finished his duty, he fled the scene and Helovia.

   Vincent managed a half-year in the outskirts of the only home he knew, chased down by the nightly wolf howls, driven to dire insanity by possible scenarios that replayed in his mind. He was not aware that while he was gone, his brothers led a march into the deep forest to hunt the wicked demoness, and rip her vile spirit from existence. As her last heartbeat pathetically thumped in her chest, a holiness was soon released into the night, and her burden lifted. Something, it's difficult to pinpoint logically, but something willed our Vincent into the Threshold of Helovia again, something no short of rejuvenation pushed his husky, cowardly self into the world that drove him out -- and this is his trip to Salvation.

Thread History

the sentinel - A new brother, Knox, is born.

(Post Mandrake)

Orangemoon Year III
In the darkness of my dark-beating heart, I know - Enters the Threshold once more.

Frostfall Year IV

you just might need one

Mother: Mandrake
Father: Unknown
    ○ Wilder
    ○ Evers
    ○ Archibald, his twin
    ○ Casimir
    ○ Kipp
    ○ Knox
    ○ None

i won't be me when you see me again

Light P | Eyes glow fiercely when experiencing extreme emotions. (ie; fear, happiness, anguish, ect.)

Irish Wolfhound called Claribel


Dark x Fire U | Conjures heavy, opaque smoke that can veil him or others at will, also causes lung irritation when directly inhaled
Light U | Can show truthful, inward emotions/memories to other characters by staring deeply into their eyes, he cannot manipulate what they see. They will see what he sees.

i won't be my father's son

Played by
Sparrow; Romani, Apollo, Rhiannon, and Luken

:: [ Magic: Light (P) | Gold marking around eye glows when experiencing strong emotions ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [ Companion: Irish Wolfhound | None | 4 yrs 3 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   10 SPD:   4 AGL:   4 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
Notable Accomplishments

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I raised myself.
My legs were weak.
I prayed my mind be good to me.


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