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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 7 Height: 16.3

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   2 SPD:   6 AGL:   4 END:   8
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0.5
Notable Accomplishments

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56 threads
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Mutiny. [[Asylum Herd Meeting.]] Archives
Agrona, Antiope, Cashmere, Cealestis, Circuta, Delinne, Elsa, Eris, Florabella, Ghost, Histe, Oxy, Rostislav, Somnus, Sonya
06-01-2014 by Oxy
illuminated Archives
Circuta, Delinne, Oxy
05-25-2014 by Oxy
a merchant's boy Archives
Blightghast, Brisa, Circuta, Delinne, Esther
06-02-2014 by Blightghast
oh the river, oh the river Archives
Circuta, Fraub
05-17-2014 by Fraub
let me see your phonebook, or is that "hidden" too? [FINISHED!] Archives
Abishia, Aurelia, Ciceron, Circuta, Delinne, Eris, Fraub, Rostislav
05-18-2014 by Aurelia
i— don't want your crown [Challenge - Seele] Battleground
Circuta, Seele
05-20-2014 by Official
verdant fields, laden with frost; [herd leaders] Archives
Circuta, Eris, Hawkeye, Illynx, Lena, Midas, Roland, Seele
05-14-2014 by Illynx
They Took Her Honour, Then Her life. Archives
Circuta, Eris, Midas, Seele
04-13-2014 by Seele
You Can't Take Me, I'm Free Archives
Arah, Arwen, Asch, Circuta, Confutatis, Delinne, Moniz, Morir, Random Event, Tyradon
04-11-2014 by Arwen
we are ready — we are young, Veins of the Gods
Circuta, God of the Sun
03-21-2014 by God of the Sun
Devil Grass :: HERD MEETING (finished/closed) Archives
Agrona, Amani, Azarel, Cashmere, Cealestis, Ciceron, Circuta, Delinne, Elsa, Eris, Florabella, Ghost, Hawkeye, Irrydae, Kiara, Marco, Midas, Oxy, Parelia, Rasta, Reizend, Rostislav, Satanic Silk, Seele, Solace
03-24-2014 by Ciceron
damn the sun, damn the darkness Archives
Circuta, Confutatis, Delinne, Oxy, Rostislav, Seele
02-19-2014 by Delinne
it is time The Glowing Room
Abraham, Circuta, Delinne, Mauja
02-24-2014 by Circuta
!! Iodine [Asylum] Archives
Amara, Circuta, Lena, Seele, Somnus
02-16-2014 by Seele
a heartbeat drives you mad Archives
02-04-2014 by Circuta
high up above or down below || Open, Azzaron's Death Archives
Azzaron, Circuta, Delinne, Destry
02-08-2014 by Destry
drove a spear into its side Archives
Circuta, Deimos, Eris
03-09-2014 by Deimos
The fuck am I? {asylum} Archives
Circuta, Oxy, Rostislav
02-05-2014 by Rostislav
THE DEVIL IN THE DOORWAY; Windtossed Foothills
Circuta, Ktulu, Mauja, Öde, Random Event, Rhanna
02-09-2014 by Mauja
The Fall Of The King Archives
Arrane, Circuta, Déodat, Megaera, Midas
01-27-2014 by Midas
Teeth in the Grass [SIGULS of W.A.R] Archives
Circuta, Gaucho, Hector, Megaera, Quilyan
01-21-2014 by Megaera
ERROR: All Circuits Blown Archives
Circuta, Deimos, Illynx, Öde, Random Event
01-26-2014 by Random Event
In this, as all, prevails Archives
Cashmere, Cealestis, Circuta, Elsa, Ghost, Midas, Oxy, Skysong
02-02-2014 by Ghost
» swallowed in the sea Archives
Circuta, Somnus
12-31-2013 by Circuta
The dawn after a shining star Thistle Meadow
Aaron, Alysanne, Ampere, Arah, Ayelet, Azale Moniet, Beowulf, Brisa, Ciceron, Circuta, Colt, Confutatis, Cypress, d'Artagnan, Deimos, Destrier, Dragomir, Eris, Faelene, Frost Fyre, Godiva, Illynx, Irrydae, Kaj, Lakota, Lena, Locket, Mauja, Megaera, Midas, Nyx, Psyche, Quilyan, Random Event, Rasta, Reginald, Resplendence, Ricochet, Roskuld, Sacre, Sakura, Satanic Silk, Seele, Shajake, Sohalia, Takara, Torleik, Ulrik, Windwalker, Zuriel
12-26-2013 by Tamme
no one — can take away what's ours! [challenge thread] Archives
Amara, Circuta, Confutatis, Oxy, Seele
12-27-2013 by Amara
Sky Daughter and Phantom Seeker Archives
Cealestis, Circuta, Oxy
01-16-2014 by Cealestis
Rx: Drug Induced Euphoria Archives
Circuta, Oxy, Reizend
12-24-2013 by Oxy
the light won't find you The Sanctuary
Circuta, Mauja
12-21-2013 by Mauja
cathedral — where you cannot breathe Archives
Aurelia, Circuta
12-28-2013 by Aurelia
Messenger (Leaders of Asylum, ranked) Archives
Circuta, Eris, Ghost, Midas
12-21-2013 by Eris_
Fights, Fishes and Fetishes. [Circuta] Battleground
Circuta, Eris
01-16-2014 by Official
you're breathing in fumes — Archives
11-16-2013 by Circuta
!! [Asylum Mandatory] Dark Doo Wop Archives
Agrona, Amara, Circuta, Eris, Ghost, Histe, Oxy, Reizend, Seele, Seiren, Vulture
12-22-2013 by Ghost
dead bodies, starving wolves Archives
Circuta, Epona, Ghost, Ricochet
12-12-2013 by Ricochet
until death do us part [vulture] Archives
Aurelia, Circuta, Vulture
11-16-2013 by Vulture
A new discovery Archives
Africa, Amara, Ampere, Arlo, Circuta, Eris, Frost Fyre, Gaucho, Israfel, Konstantin, Random Event, Reginald, Vulture
11-12-2013 by Random Event
Denounce THIS [Challenge Thread] Archives
Archibald, Artemis, Ciceron, Circuta, Ktulu, Mesec, October, Phaedra, Solace
11-13-2013 by Solace
innocence in his blood and soul [CIRCUTA] Archives
Azarel, Circuta
10-25-2013 by Circuta
Quest Drop #9 Fire | Light Archives
Amaris, Circuta, God of the Sun, Onni, Speirling, Tandavi, Torleik
10-21-2013 by Onni
these clouds won't leave. Archives
Circuta, Tharos
10-17-2013 by Tharos
darkness, darkness.. Archives
Circuta, Delinne
10-21-2013 by Circuta
If I Run Will You? {Open} Archives
Arrane, Azarel, Circuta, Cypress, Harmony
10-20-2013 by Cypress
» viva la vida [open] Archives
Adrixaura, Circuta, Eris, Frost Fyre, Oxy, Somnus
12-28-2013 by Somnus
i see colors when i hear your voice [Asylum - healing] Archives
Circuta, Reizend
11-10-2013 by Reizend
Musings Of The Mad[OPEN] Archives
Circuta, Vulture
11-12-2013 by Vulture
THE IMPOSSIBLE GIRL , [open] Archives
Artemis, Cancer, Circuta
10-11-2013 by Cancer
A maniacs new love song. Archives
Arlo, Circuta, Eris, Seele, Skywalker
11-01-2013 by Seele
the one who creeps in corridors &&.. Archives
Circuta, Nicodemus, Seele
11-25-2013 by Seele
The Fire Tear [Circuta] Veins of the Gods
Antheia, Circuta
09-28-2013 by Circuta
i keep it caged :: [HISTE : SPAR - OLD SYSTEM] Battleground
Circuta, Histe
12-19-2013 by Official
tear my yellow dress &&.. Archives
Arlo, Circuta
11-02-2013 by Circuta
we're painted red Archives
09-13-2013 by Circuta
Silverflames [BIRTH] Archives
Azarel, Azzaron, Circuta, Delinne, Mirage, NPC, Rishima
10-01-2013 by Mirage
[[Asylum]]Sometimes, I imagine six impossible things before breakfast. Archives
Agrona, Amara, Arlo, Circuta, Eris, Florabella, Oxy, Seele, Seiren, Skywalker, Sonya
10-31-2013 by Seiren
bones say find a home. Archives
Arlo, Circuta
09-05-2013 by Arlo

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