the Rift

Soul-mates for life

"I would have done it. I would have sold my soul for you. You and me...I told you. Something's always going to keep us near each other...even if we aren't together.” ― Richelle Mead, Succubus Heat

Appreance/Abilities:Penna is a male Peregrine falcon, who tends to make the rest of his species seem smaller. He stands at twenty-one inches tall, has a wing span of 3.6 feet, and we tips the scale at four pounds. He currently weighs only .6 ounces and looks like a large snowball with a bright yellow beak and feet. Despite being a hatchling his beak and claws are still sharp prime to tear and rip at flesh. His color will be darker than most of his kind more like a dirty orange than brown. His baring on his chest will be very minimal mostly on his legs. His throat will be a light yellow instead of white. He will be able to fly by Birdsong, will lose his down in Tallsun, and he will have limited speech in Orangemoon. His current favorite food it Dragonflies, but when he grows up duck will be his prime-rib. He will have no problem keeping up with or passing Parelia once he can fly, reaching speeds of 60 mph. Once is a proficient aviator he will be able to dive at 200 mph to attack prey or enemies.
Personality:Penna always acts differently when he is alone with Parelia, than around anyone else. He is extremely loyal, playful, compassionate, even with all of that, he is stern. With strangers he will become easily offended and is always distrustful. Around strangers he is always on high alerti watching others with piercing black eyes. Penna would not hesitate to attack anyone that seems to be a threat, whether they are or not. It takes him several times of meeting someone to trust them enough to relax; there are always exceptions that might only take a meeting or two for him to trust another. He is the voice that will keep Parelia prepared and at some point probably even alive.

Magic: :: [Magic: FirexTime | Can summon blue flames to cover her body.] :: [Restrictions| Flames can only harm opponents if they are within 5 feet.]

Wants: :: [Magic: Light x Dark | can control the thoughts of others that only lasts for 30 seconds, and later can control actions, limited to one action every 2 posts]
[Magic: Earth x Light | Ability to heal wounds by touching someone whom she cares for] :: [Restrictions | this drains her power very quickly and she feels the pain that person felt when they received the wound]
:: [Magic: Light x Water| Ability to pull healing water from plants, the ground, or clouds she can move the water through the air to another's injuries making it heal] :: [Restrictions | The more water she pulls the more energy she uses Or the other has to be willing for her to use this magic]

Wishlist: Here

Amulets: One empty Sun amulet
table: tamme // image: teo @ Parelia has glass wing bands that wrap around and protect her wing joints. The glass has etched fire like markings in it they are studded with turquoise. Dragomir made them, in a trade where Parelia brought him herbs.



Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 7:: Frostfall Height: 14.3

See how she shines?

So I'm startin' with the man in the... Mirror on the wall, here we are again

Breed: Arabian x Mustang
Gender: Mare
Age: 4 (Frostfall)
Race: Pegasus
Wings: Large white and teal wings with feathers like a swan but shaped for speed like a falcon's (Right wing is missing second largest, from the outside, teal feather)
Eyes: Azure, or bright honey brown
Mane: Short like a Mowhawk or Forjd only two inches longer, cream with teal streaks
Forelock: Long hangs over her eyes, cream with teal streaks
Tail: Long, straight, flowing cream with teal streaks
Body: Thin dainty Arabian styled (chiseled dished face), but heavily muscled throughout, with strong mustang accents in her legs and chest cavity
Pre-Helovia Scars: Heavy bit and gouge scars on: neck back ribs (See history)
Helovia Scars: ORANGEMOON year 3
Left side:
  • Circular stab scars on-
  • ribs
  • hip
  • and the crest of her neck (right below mane)
  • Also her wing joint has heavy scaring from stabbing and tearing

Right side:
  • Second primary teal feather is gone --------
    FROSTFALL year 4 N/A
    Hooves: Strong and white
    Markings: Cremello tobiano
    Over view: Parelia has the dainty muzzle broad forehead dish cheeks and long arching neck of the Arabian. While her body is long and thick set with heavy muscles. Her body is built for speed and endurance taking from both sides of her breeding stock. Her tail-head is set high, after her Arabian blood, her tail hair is long and thick making an impressive banner when she runs. While her mane is short, almost a Mohawk, but a couple inches past that. Teal streaks run through her mane and tail and are most visible when the wind is up or when she is running. Her eyes are a bright light brown that hold only the emotions she allows to be seen. She is a cremello tobiano makings, making light and cream splotches on her smooth soft hair. Her wings are large spanning up to eight and a half feet when fully extended. Her wings are much like an eagle’s, feathered and thick muscles making flight very easy. Her wings are mostly the same cream and white that her fur is, but there are a few teal feathers. The teal is the same color the streaks through her mane and tail. She keeps her feathers clean and shiny by preening them every night.
  • table: tamme // image: teo @


    Angel under that SCARS

    I see the scars that remain, I see the guilt beneath the shame, I see your soul through your window pane
    She is a sweet mare that would do anything for her friends. As sweet as she is she comes with a double bladed tongue, unafraid to speak her mind and fight for what she wants makes her see, well, witchy at best. If you can get into her heart or if you happen to have youth on your side you’ll never have a better friend. It’s hard even for her best friends to read her true emotions, she has learned through hardships that it is much easier to hide what you’re thinking until you have it all thought out then to blurt and regret. Sometimes this doesn’t hold true do to her short temper very easily pushed buttons, lying, rule breaking, ruthlessness, and calling her stupid. Over all her voice is light and friendly, but you will have no doubt in your mind if you have angered her, Parelia’s tone will clear it all up for you. Parelia is a hard worker and would do anything for anyone truly in need, be it foals or stallions. Hard working is she is she still plays hard. Swimming, running, jumping, flying, anything and everything that will make her stronger and still be fun she is all for. As much as she loves to play she still watches for danger and is quick to fight, thus her name, Parelia means fighter. Above all of this she is still a mare and a heard animal. Family and love is very important to her, but she becomes very awkward to say the least. She has always wanted to have a mate and foals, but she has been unable to find true love, despite all of her flirting. When she does start falling for a stallion she tends to go a bit crazy. She becomes over protective and jealous, this is because of her past. She is still waiting for her knight in shining armor to show up.
    table: tamme // image: teo @


    Family ties

    Damn, I look just like my fucking dad, I see my momma smile – that's a blessing
    Heil-Mustang Pegasus x Niar Arabian Pegasus
    Both deceased
    Paternal Grandparents
    unknown x unknown
    Maternal Grandparents
    unknown x unknown
    None that she knows of
    Half Siblings
    None that she knows of
    Ilios-First born only son- Silver Buckskin over, minimal white, teal markings- Unipeg(Hybrid)- Father Ciceron

    Areli- First girl second born- Silver smoky black golden dapples, eyes, hair- Pegasus- Father Ciceron Birth stats

    Violet Second girl- Paint markings - Blue-backed grullo- Hazel eyes- Twin to (Name here)- Pegasus- Father Gull

    CaineSecond boy- Paint markings- Bleeding blue grullo- One eye is silver, the other is teal- Pegasus- Twin to Violet- Father Gull Birth stats
    table: tamme // image: teo @


    How did she become an ANGEL?

    Looking at me now I can see my past, You told me that they can understand the man I am, So why are we here talkin' to each other again?
    When Parelia was born life was great, she wasn’t born into a heard it was just her parents and herself. She was six months old when her mother was taken by wolves, and her father lost his mind, her father ran off a cliff in his grief. Parelia stuck around her little clearing where she had been born, but it was no use. She had to find others or she would soon have lost her mind too. After a month of traveling she came across another filly a little older than herself. She came to trust her and eagerly followed when she asked if Parelia wanted to meet her father. Glad to be around more horses and being naïve and to trusting she did everything she was told. After a year of being beaten, and worse, she finally was large and angry enough to fight back. Her revenge on her captors changed her forever. Blood will always be on her hooves and mind. Scars now cover her ribs, withers, and neck from the time she spent being abused and molested mentally and physically.
    table: tamme // image: teo @

    Played by
    OOC:; Parelia Others:: Aakesh, Alija, Daemyn, Ilios, Zunden
    Credits: 1. Candy 2. Gracefullie 3. Sarah 4. Bunnie

    :: [ Magic: FirexTime | Can summon blue flames to cover her body ]
    :: [ Restrictions | Flames can only harm opponents if they are within 5 feet ]
    :: [ Item: Vial of Bear God Blood | Blood from the Bear God of the Rift ]
    :: [ Companion: Peregrine Falcon | None | 6 yrs 4 mos ]
    :: [ Sun Amulet ]  :: [ Sun Amulet ]  :: [ Kaos Amulet ] 
    Battle Statistics
    STR:   4 SPD:   4 AGL:   4 END:   8
    OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   1
    6 9.0 4 61.5
    BUFF: NOVICE VP: 0.5
    Notable Accomplishments

    *** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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