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Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 11 :: Birdsong Height: 17hh
Name: Miykael (me-kaw-ale)
Birthday: Birdsong
Breed: Warmblood mix
Color: Dunskin Tobiano, minimal white (Ee/Aa/nCr/Dd/nT)
Eyes: Vivid blue with pupils
Wings: Large, white, and feathered. Approximate twenty-four to thirty foot wingspan.
Other Details: Voice is deep with a hint of a brogue - much like "the huntsman" (Chris Hemsworth) in the film Snow White and the Huntsman. Was once an angel but has since fallen. As such, he is very old - ancient, even - but he appears as a younger horse. He is mortal now, however, and ages normally.
Build Summary: Strong yet lean, proportionate and solid. Miykael has fairly long legs with a smooth top-line and a rectangular but level frame. He has an expressive head with little to no dip in his face. There is a softness to his eyes and face that is almost always present. He is strong and capable - able to fight a good fight but also gentle enough to provide comfort and tenderness. Overall, he is an attractive stallion.

Cheerful, Loyal, Devoted, Obsessive, Relentless
Depressed, Loner, Protective, Faithless, Loyal, Angry

Even since he watched December bleed to death after giving birth to their twins, he has retreated into himself - doubting his own abilities and wallowing in a sadness that he's never known before. He spends much of his time wandering off to be alone (though he sends Eliana to keep watch over the twins, he will not leave them completely unprotected). Finding it difficult to come to terms with her death, he has lost any and all faith he once had - seeing once again just how cruel the gods can be and as such, denouncing them as hateful and useless. Unsurprisingly, he's more angry than he used to be. December's death has hit him quite hard and though he is angry with the gods for taking her away, he is more angry with himself that he couldn't save her. Nevertheless, he remains loyal to his children and his friend(s).

GRANDFATHER :: commandeer [missing] - gray dun (base unknown)
GRANDMOTHER :: agetta [missing] - white (base unknown)

GRANDFATHER :: unknown [deceased] - black tobiano/sabino (EE/aa/nT/nSb)
GRANDMOTHER :: unknown [deceased] - gold champagne dun (ee/aa/nZ/Dd/ChCh)

Corso [Zephan x Marlena]
Pascal [Kastiel x Alona] twin to Katya
Shaar [Kastiel x Allore]
Deryk [Kastiel x Analeigh]

Katya [Kastiel x Alona] twin to Pascal
Liliandra [Kastiel x Alona]
Malaika [Kastiel x Marlena] twin to Kasimira
Kasimira [Kastiel x Marlena] twin to Malaika
Vastra [Kastiel x Nazaire]

Alysanne (Birdsong, Year 5 - Orangemoon, Year 5)
December (Frostfall, Year 5 - Tallsun, Year 8) - died birthing Fenyx & Vynter

Nathanael & Barakiel [x Azura] m, f - twins
Naerys [x Alysanne] f
Merialeth [x December] f
Fenyx & Vynter [x December] f, m - twins

Before Helovia
Miykael was born to Kastiel, the shape-shifting king of Heaven's Gates, and Marlena, an elephant-shifting mare new to the lands of Beqanna. Kastiel was and always would be his mother's entire world; the love of her life. He had been born with the same ability as his mother and, as a colt, he had frequently used it to play pranks on others (shifting, sneaking up on others and trumpeting at them - loud and sudden, startling them in good-hearted fun). Miykael had an easy childhood that was filled with joy, family, laughter and love.

That all changed, however, when his father suddenly disappeared and the kingdom drifted into an empty, lifeless existence. Unfortunately, Miykael was too young to take his father's place and breathe the life back into Heaven's Gates and as a result he left with his uncle, Warmonger, to train and mature. Warmonger, as a skilled warrior, did his best to prepare Miykael but found himself unable to impart all of the knowledge necessary for running a kingdom.

The two returned to Heaven's Gates with the hopes of finding Kastiel. Instead, they found that the neighboring bachelor herd had come to expand their reach and power by taking hold of Heaven's Gates and placing it entirely under their control. Miykael did his best to reason with them, convince them that he was ready to take his rightful place but they refused. With no other choice in sight, Miykael (then two and a half years old) attempted to fight them off. Young and inexperienced, Miykael died that day.


After his death, Miykael ascended to heaven and became (in time) an angel. His main duty was to guard and watch over the earthly creatures but when the demons came to terrorize them, Miykael pleaded for something to be done - for the creatures to be protected. They denied his request, writing it off as a lost cause and refusing to interfere. Altogether saddened and angered by their verdict, Miykael chose to fall - he tossed his grace out the window and fell to earth; casting himself into the rank of upper demon (otherwise known as fallen angel).

As a fallen angel, in the form of a horse, he made his way to Nocturne - a place filled with strife and seemingly endless suffering caused by his upper demon brothers and sisters. Upon his arrival, he quickly learned of a band of horses that had joined together to fight the demons - they called themselves the resistance. Miykael immediately sought to join the resistance, hoping to aide them in saving the creatures that he was sworn to protect.

He joined forces with Hartwin of Beta Corvi - the resistance herd settled in the forests of Nocturne. The fighting fell into a bit of a lull - neither side taking any real action except to keep to their own and recruit members. As a result, Miykael ventured out of Beta Corvi to interact with the others in Nocturne as well as gather as much information as possible. He met a few, most that he wouldn't remember now even if he tried but some - some he would never forget.

Many of his days and nights were spent in the resistance common lands - the lake. It was there that he was reunited with his father - the angel Kastiel. Before that, however, it was there that he had met Alysanne. It had been a beautiful night and Miykael had been enjoying himself in his river otter form, playing in the cool waters of the lake beneath the light of the moon. When he resurfaced, he saw her there - wounded and laying by the edge of the lake. There was a sadness about her that tugged at his heartstrings. A sadness that he couldn't ignore but even worse were the wounds that had started to turn. He healed her wounds that night and laid his soul out for her to see. The two parted ways that night until Alysanne's twin sister, Iona, sought him out to thank him and to reveal to him that Aly was still suffering from the memories of their attack. In their brief meeting, Miykael agreed to heal her mind and, in time, he did. Alysanne quickly became his best friend. In truth, he had grown to love her, even though her heart belonged to another. He kept his feelings to himself, however, and simply promised to keep her safe so long as he lived.

Miykael continued to wander - watching, always watching - and spending most of his time in two of his three forms (the Flammulated owl and the river otter - his elephant form was rarely used after his death). A fair amount of time passed with very little consequence. Then, one day, a massive snowstorm fell upon Nocturne - one that spoke of devastation. In the form of a Flammulated owl, the second smallest species of owl known, Miykael sought out and followed Alysanne - concerned that she would get hurt. Yet as he exited Nocturne, his powers instantaneously disappeared and he suddenly (and unexpectedly) shifted back to his winged horse form. Crashing into the snow, skidding to a stop, and getting back up again cost him many precious moments. Precious moments that resulted in his losing sight of Aly.

He wandered, following Alysanne as best he could from a distance, and eventually found himself here - in Helovia.

Helovia History
001. This is my Kingdom Come - enters threshold; greeted by solace and xanthos; accepts offer to world's edge
002. We'll be Counting Stars - arrives in world's edge; meets kahlua
003. She is the Sunlight - reunited with alysanne
004. A Place to Rest - finds tamlin just outside world's edge; joined by aaron, delinne, and lace
005. Speak Now - herd meeting
006. Blood Trail - finds parelia severely wounded, stops to help
007. Salvation - joins kahlua and alysanne to deliver a gift to the foothills
008. Not Goodbye for Long - on the way back from delivering the statue to the foothills, he and alysanne talk to kahlua about some important news; they are leaving to visit their old home (aly did all the talking)
009. Away visiting Nocturne with Alysanne
010. Is anybody home? - returns with alysanne to the edge only to find it empty; nato and nyx arrive on scene but a bit of a distance away then resplendence comes and tries to usher them to the caves but before they can get moving, aurelia (infected) blocks their path. miykael and nyx get infected
011. when you feel my heat, look into my eyes - infected wraith miykael lures alysanne out of the sanctuary and attempts (with words) to break her down, mentally, for abandoning him; healed by tandavi, he retreats to the depths of the caves where he remains until Tallsun of year four.
012. Listen (Light/Fire Drop) - status :: magic gained; Healing
013. Still learning to love, just starting to crawl - a long and overdue talk with Alysanne about what happened.
014. A creature of blue - species specific common companion drop; status :: companion gained; Roc Zephyr
015. My God has answered - companion egg hatching
016. Brokenhearted Aftermath - mandatory herd meeting; given task to visit the basin with evangeline and archibald
017. If You Gave Me a Chance - mandatory healer meeting
018. Well nothin's what it seems to be - travels to frostbreath steppe to get away and runs into tangere.
019. Going, going, going... - finds severely malnourished sheba lying in the slush of the deep forest. sends eliana to retrieve aly and the two insist on helping her.
020. I've been gone for so long - escapes to heavenly fields, meets kirah.
021. Cover these scars - wanders to frozen arch at the insistence of eliana. meets december, interest sparks between the two.
022. where the angels don't fly - slips away to the frostbreath steppe, again at eliana's insistence. meets sikeax.
023. It's Still Burning - returns to edge, greeted by aly. attempts to pretend that everything is okay but breaks down. aly confesses her love and they make a baby.
024. we're in this together - meets leeka by the cliffs.
025. evil amongst us - mandatory herd meeting.
026. I Wasn't Prepared - naerys is born.
027. "Shipping" - pairs up with alysanne for the earth god's tasks.
028. !! Noah's Ark - follows alysanne to the edge to warn of the Earth God's flood. finds resplendence and quilyan already there.
029. water from the deep - takes alysanne to the sunken waterfall in the heart caves to collect water; naeyrs finds them there. meets erebos, adelric, evangeline, thor, lena, roland, tempe, and breccan.
030. To the Garden! - follows alysanne to the edge to gather the plants from resplendence's garden. kahlua, brisa, destrier, resplendence, quilyan, evangeline, and thor come to help.
031. !! Lock Me Up - attempts to help corral a pair of deer in the meadow for Earth God in the Literal Ship set of tasks.
032. Old Oaks and New Roots - hidden falls herd meeting
033. And Then There Were Two - in a particularly nasty frostfall storm he flies north and stumbles upon a half-frozen December in a cave.
034. Bites, Shocks, damn... - finds Zunden at the ancient rotunda about to smash an amulet. heals her wounds.
035. And we're burning all the bridges now - meets with Alysanne in the Heavenly Fields with the hope of mending their broken relationship.
036. Flying High - finds Lace the Silverthorn at the ancient rotunda, the two have a rather pleasant conversation.
037. second chances, new beginnings - Eliana alerts him to a strange dark substance coming from the eyes, nose, and mouths of a small gathering. Concerned, he shows up and uses his magic first on Archibald. He quickly discovers his magic's effectiveness on the disease and proceeds to heal Maren and Aylin, too. Suggests leaving Aylin to be alone with her newborn son.
038. Loving can mend your soul - encouraged by his success with Archibald and the others, he moves to a central location of the Hidden Falls to call forth the remaining sick in the herd. Discovers his passive magic. Ktulu arrives first and he heals her. Resplendence arrives next and he heals her next. Using the magic hurts him, however, so Resplendence returns the favor and heals him.
039. What about angels? - flies to the Thistle Meadow to find more of the sick. Proceeds to heal Imonada, Ki'irha, Ilios, Ranjiri, and Megaera. Almost passes out from the strain of healing so many in such rapid succession. Contracts GLL.
040. a wild child - travels next to the Endless Blue in his search for more sick. Finds Tiamat and heals her. Mortuus Nox joins them and he heals him, too.
041. delightful, delirious - travels to the Heavenly Fields. Finds Eden there with the sickness and he heals her.
042. Up in the air - Realizing the newcomers would also be in danger of the sickness, he travels to the threshold and finds Nephele, Tembovu, and Erthe. Megaera joins them shortly after. He offers his healing services.
043. SWP :: You thought it was over? So did I. (Part I) - Follows Naerys to the Flats, panics briefly when he arrives just in time to see Naerys plunge into the battle. Joins the other healers. Cures Badger.
044. SWP :: You thought it was over? So did I. (Part II) - Searches the crowd for more with GLL, sees Rikyn first and cures him. Gets burned due to friendly fire from above, suffers from singed hair and first-degree burns on his croup.
045. SWP :: You thought it was over? So did I. (Conclusion) - Helovians are triumphant over the corrupted Rift Crocodile God. Contracts HFH.
046. You came to me on a winters day - Shadow dies. Miykael slips in to cure Erthe of GLL then quietly slips away.

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PM is the best and probably fastest method to contact me for any reason, though if it is urgent email is another option.

:: [ Magic: DarkxLight | Can summon a warm, glowing light to heal. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Healing wounds comes at a cost, ranging from mild effects, nausea and headaches to physical afflictions and lacerations/bruising for healing severe wounds. ]
:: [ Magic: LightxTime (U) | Can block unwanted memories in an individual without permission and/or can unblock any memory he has previously blocked. ]
:: [ Restrictions | In battle, only a 10s span of memory can be removed. ]
:: [ Magic: Wind (P) | When he is feeling brave, confident, assured, positive, etc., his voice alters and becomes a booming echo. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. ]
:: [ Companion: Zephyr | Mythical, common | Roc | 4 yrs 8 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

- October 2015 || Hidden Falls Earth Medic
- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant
- February 2015 || The Literal Ship Plot Participant

- February 2014 || Wraith Sickness Plot Participant

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[giveaway] HIS VALIANT RETURN Caela Insula
Abraham, Adelric, Africa, Aithniel, Alysanne, Amara, Ampere, Apollo, Arah, Archibald, Arvakl, Arya, Astraea, Aurelia, Ayelet, Ayleid, Brisa, Brisé, Bucephalus, Cashmere, Cera, Cerin, Cetan, Ciceron, Confutatis, Crowley, d'Artagnan, December, Deimos, Destry, Dröm, Einarr, Elsa, Erebos, Essetia, Evangeline, Fig, Gaucho, Ghost, Glacia, Gull, Hotaru, Jahzara, Jorogumo, Kahlua, Kaj, Kipling, Ktulu, Kvothe, Lakota, Lena, Maitimo, Mauja, Megaera, Midas, Miykael, Morrigan, Nasreen, Öde, Ophelia, Oxy, Panzram, Random Event, Ranjiri, Rasta, Reginald, Rei, Resplendence, Rhea, Rhiannon, Rhoa, Roskuld, Rostislav, Ryuu, Sacre, Saffron, Satanic Silk, Sheba, Sialia, Sikeax, Solanine, Spice, Tandavi, Thor, Thranduil, Torleik, Tyradon, Vadim
12-26-2014 by Random Event
Cover these scars Archives
December, Miykael
05-30-2015 by Miykael
Going, going, going...{Alysanne} Archives
Alysanne, Miykael, Sheba
02-08-2015 by Alysanne
I've been gone for so long.... Archives
Kirah, Miykael
01-05-2015 by Miykael
It's still burning Archives
Alysanne, Miykael
01-13-2015 by Miykael
well nothin's what it seems to be Archives
Miykael, Tangere
08-12-2014 by Miykael
My God has answered [Egg hatching] Archives
Bellona, Miykael
07-18-2014 by Bellona
!! If You Gave Me a Chance [Mandatory Healer Meeting] Archives
Alysanne, Ayelet, Brisa, Lakota, Miykael, Nayati, Resplendence, Ruske
07-27-2014 by Ayelet
Listen (Light/Fire Drop) Archives
Adelric, Amani, Brisa, Ciceron, Elsa, Frost Fyre, Hector, Miykael, Ophelia, Random Event, Resplendence, Sheba, Tandavi, Thranduil, Zünden
06-30-2014 by Random Event
A creature of blue Veins of the Gods
Aeolus, Amani, Aurelia, Bellona, Cirrus, Destrier, Destry, Elsa, Faeanne, Finn, Fiore, Ilios, Kahlua, Miykael, Nasreen, Random Event, Satanic Silk, Semira
06-30-2014 by Miykael
Still learning to love, just starting to crawl Archives
Alysanne, Miykael
07-21-2014 by Alysanne
Brokenhearted Aftermath [Mandatory Herd Meeting] Archives
Alysanne, Archibald, Ayelet, Brisa, Cheveyo, Destrier, Dragomir, Evangeline, Faeanne, Fiore, Hamaliel, Isi, Kahlua, Kaj, Ktulu, Lakota, Leeka, Luken, Miykael, Nasreen, Nayati, Parelia, Petra, Quilyan, Resplendence, Ruske
07-15-2014 by Kahlua
when you feel my heat, look into my eyes [Alysanne] Archives
Alysanne, Miykael, Tandavi
02-17-2014 by Alysanne
Is anybody home? Archives
Alysanne, Aurelia, Miykael, Nato, Nyx, Random Event, Resplendence
01-26-2014 by Alysanne
we'll be counting stars [continued] Archives
Kahlua, Miykael
01-02-2014 by Kahlua
Blood Trail (open!) Archives
Brisa, Lakota, Miykael, Parelia
01-08-2014 by Miykael
Salvation [Delivery] Archives
Alysanne, Kahlua, Miykael
12-18-2013 by Miykael
Step 1; "A place to rest" Archives
Aaron, Delinne, Lace, Miykael, Tamlin
12-11-2013 by Tamlin
She is the Sunlight [Alysanne] Archives
Alysanne, Miykael
01-04-2014 by Alysanne
we'll be counting stars [any; acceptance/welcoming?] Archives
Kahlua, Miykael
11-23-2013 by Kahlua
this is my kingdom come [OPEN] Archives
Miykael, Solace, Xanthos
11-01-2013 by Solace

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