the Rift

Magic and Items
Magic: None

Item: Owl feather - No special properties. Given to her by a Random Event in Isilme. It serves as a constant reminder of her first lover and father of her children, Validino.

Item: Moon Goddess feather - Given to Evangeline during a herd meeting in the Edge. The feather constantly produces black smoke.

Item: Moon Amulet - The amulet is secured by a silver chain that hangs around Evangeline's neck. The stone in the center of the amulet is a deep sapphire color that.

Tallis the Orange

At a glance, Tallis appears to be nothing more than a discolored dragon. One that should have been red faded to orange. When the sunlight hits him just right his scales seem to glitter and, one would swear, almost make him appear to glow like a little ball of fire. When the dragon is still and one is able to get closer to him one can see that he seems to embody the very idea of Halloween. His eyes are black as night, but still they seem to have a twinkle. Above his eyes are two horns that curve back slightly before curving again so the tips are pointed toward the sky. From the tip of his nose runs a black stripe that continues down his back to the tip of his tail where there is a tuft of coarse, dark hair. Within that tuft of hair are quills that sink into the skin and break off when he strikes someone with it. The quills are quite painful and hard to remove.

the Pure


Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 10 Height: 15.2
  • Breed: Mutt
    (QH x Belgain X Mustang X Thoroughbred)
  • Species: Equine
  • Height: 15.2 hands
  • Eyes: Emerald Green
  • Color: Flaxen Chestnut
  • Markings: Four socks, Wide blaze
    White fleur de lis on left wither
  • Health: Healthy
    Evangeline stands at a very comfortable 15.2 hands at her withers. Judging from her appearance alone one would not guess that somewhere along her lines the blood of both draft and unicorn flows through her veins. Many have described Evangeline as 'pretty' or even 'beautiful' but what beauty she holds is simple. Her coat is a rich chestnut color that shines coppery in the sunlight. Her flaxen hair is long and silky. Tied within the strands of her mane are an owl feather given to her by her first lover, and a feather from the goddess of the moon. Her coppery coat is interrupted only by the four white stockings on each of her legs, a blaze, and a fleur de lis on her left wither.

    the surface
    x. Peace loving
    x. Opinionated
    x. Cynical
    x. Emotional
    x. Determined
    x. Sweet
    x. Giving
    x. Respectful
    x. Kind hearted
    x. Believes in the equality of all species
    what lies beneath
    As a foal, Evangeline was painfully shy and scared of the world and everything in it. After being abandoned by her mother and never meeting her father she searched for them. Her searching led her to meet more of the inhabitants of Isilme and caused her fear to grow. When she was still little the Unicorns invaded the Tides to take back their rightful home from the Equines. This led to Eva being terrified of Unicorns as a foal and a stron aversion to fighting of any type. Her fear of unicorns was changed when a Unicorn stallion, Ciryas, found her racing through the Woodlands after having witnessed a Unicorn mercilessly slay an Equine. The stallion began to care for her and through him her fear of Unicorns diminished as did her abandoment issues. That is, until the second great war caused Ciryas to disappear, leaving Evangeline alone again.

    All of this led to the young filly being very cynical. She expects the worst out of everyone she meets and is always pleasantly surprised when they turn out differently than she expected. Though her experiences with others have not been great, she remains respectful to others unless she is pushed too far. She has strong opinions on war and racism and will speak her mind on those subject as well as a few others she is passionate about. Evangeline is willing to help those around her and never expects anything in return from anyone other than kindness.

    As she has grown she has come more into herself and has become more comfortable with the world around her as well as herself. She has learned to stand up for herself and what she believes in and does not allow herself to be pushed around as she did when she was younger. Though she will never fight of her own free will she does not let herself show any weakness around those she does not know.

    With that being said, the mare does not and will not stand by and watch someone helpless be abused by another. She is a strong believer in the pen being mightier than the sword and will use words and wit to berate an aggressor. While she is not a fighter that does not mean that she has no protection. Being bonded with a dragon provides the mare all the protection she could ever need.

    Evangeline has a fear of being hurt and will often tell herself that she cannot afford to care about anyone other than herself and her dragon. Because of this she sometimes tends to come off as standoffish and at times unkind. As time goes on in Helovia she is beginning to discover that she might be able to open her heart once more.

    family ties

    Adoptive Sire:

    Biological Parents:
    Sire: Lafayette
    Dam: Crescendo

    Marius | Stallion | Lafayette x Smoke
    Chantilly | Mare | Lafayette x Blythe
    Gabriel |Stallion | Lafayette x Amani Leila
    Zavior | Mare | Crescendo x Krios
    Fissure | Mare | Crescendo x Krios

    Cyrus [x Validino]
    Aylin [x Validino]
    Aswane [x Validino]
    Mileena [x Validino]

    my life in black and white
    x. Born to Crescendo and Lafayette.

    x. Mother disappeared shortly after Evangeline's birth.

    x. Wandered around Isilme searching for her mother and father.

    x. Met Azalea, Peixos, Pythian, and Parker in the Windswept Cliffs.

    x. Wandered to Tides.

    x. Witnessed fighting as the unicorns invaded to reclaim their home.

    x. Ran away to the Woodlands where she was found by Ciryas.

    x. Met Lace and his dragon.

    x. Stayed with Ciryas in the Woodlands.

    x. Turned 1 year old.

    x. Ran away when the war began and was separated from Ciryas.

    x. Fell victim to the blackout.

    x. Woke alone and confused in the Woodlands.

    x. Searched for Ciryas for days before finally moving out of the Woodlands to see the rest of Isilme.

    x. Stumbled upon the Skeleton Pit where she met Silverline and Araceli. Witnessed Silverline kill an equine mare to end her suffering.

    x. Met Kei in the Emerald Ruins, where she learned of Armada and her crusaders. Developed a disliking of the Crusaders.

    x. Met Validino in the Woodlands where they found a feather and a pearl. She took the feather, which is now in her mane, and Validino took the pearl.

    x. Turned 2 years old.

    x. Met the Tome Guardian.

    x. Met Ricochet in the Woodlands.

    x. Was stolen by Validino and taken to the Tides.

    x. Was rescued by Ruske.

    x. Went to Seronia Dreamscape where she met Validino again. Was chased off by the shadows.

    x. Met Gunslinger and Rico in the Boar Caves.

    x. Ruske left, leaving Evangeline to be Woodlands Healer.

    x. Went back to the manor and met with Al Bony.

    x. Met Windhover in Woodlands.

    x. Won COTM

    x. Traveled to the Frostspine, where she found Ruske. Used her magic on him for the first time.

    x. Met Surli and Iktomi in the Woodlands. Warned Surli about the shades before being attacked by them.

    x. Stolen by Sinaloa and taken to the Oasis. Results in Rico becoming angry with her when she ignores him because of his rudeness to her herdmate.

    x. Random Event: A herd of reindeer pass buy Evangeline, Smoke, and Sinaloa as the migrate south from the Frostspine.

    x. Sees Reindeer Ricochet.

    x. Steiner and Onni search for Evangeline in the Oasis. Steiner presents Evangeline with an orange dragon egg before she heals him.

    x. Roanne and Validino escort Evangeline from the Oasis back to the Woodlands.
    x. Eva tries to convince Validino to join the Woodlands.

    x. Roanne calls a herd meeting where Eva votes to demote Balkin from her position as lead mare. In turn, Roanne and Huyana nominate Evangeline to be the new lead mare. Eva nominates Roanne to be lead stallion.

    x. Orange egg hatches and Evangeline bonds with dragon, Tallis.

    x. Brings Tallis to the Emerald Ruins to allow him to fly freely and explore while she grazes. Silverline arrives and they talk.

    x. The shades invade Isilme and the PPG is called into action. As their shield, Evangeline absorbs the shade's attacks while Islime residents evacuate.

    x. Evangeline flees and enters Helovia where she searches for Roanne and Validino.

    x. Finds Validino. They breed and conceive the twins Aylin and Cyrus.

    x. Eva and Validino decide to raise their children in the Foothills.

    x. When the twins reach one year old, Eva and Vaildino breed again. They conceive another set of twins, Aswane and Mileena.

    x. Evangeline and Validino decide to leave Helovia to raise their daughter Mileena, who is disabled, in a less hostile environment. Aswane stays and is raised by Aylin and Cyrus, who wanted to stay in Helvoia.

    x. Validino disappears and Evangeline returns to Helovia. She is attacked in the Threshold by Ampere, who disapproves of her bond with Tallis. Brisa, Kahlua, and Lace arrive. Ampere runs away and she travels to the World's Edge.

    x. Some time later she comes across Lace, Kahlua, Kaj and Torleik near the Edge borders. She sides with Kaj and berates Lace and Kahlua for their racist views and apologizes to Torleik for their actions.

    x. Finds Ruske in the Threshold and brings him to the Edge, where he is healed by Resplendence.

    x. Ruske hurts Evangeline's feelings and is nearly set on fire by Tallis as she runs away from him.

    x. Travels to the Secret Grove where she meets Torleik again. Apologizes once more for what happened in the Edge. They then discuss their bonds with their companions.

    x. Finds Kaj in the Secret Grove and together they discuss Aurelia's attack on the Hidden Falls. She openly disapproves of Aurelia being picked as the Seer.

    x. Attends a herd meeting where she voices her disapproval of a trial for Aurelia.

    x. Meets Ruske, who has Aurelia's daughter. She agrees to help him raise the child, but he disappears shortly after and the child leave to go to the Dragon's Throat.

    x. Kahlua seeks out Evangeline and asks her about a statement made during the altercation with Torleik. Evangeline explains her past to Kahlua and berates her once more for her actions.

    x. Time passes and Kahlua seeks out Evangeline again for advice. They discuss Aurelia's challenge and the fact that Kahlua killed the other mare's companion. Evangeline tells Kahlua that she did nothing wrong. Kahlua gives Evangeline the title of Emissary.

    x. Travels to the Basin with an answer from the Edge leaders on their offer of an alliance.

    x. Kaj seeks out Evangeline for advice after Kahlua tells him that she loves him. Evangeline questions his feelings for the queen and in the process discovers that she is developing feelings for him. She thinks that he is someone that she could fall in love with and she tries to distance herself.

    x. Frostfall sets in and Evangeline tries to build a fire to keep warm. Thor arrives and the two have a friendly discussion. Evangeline finds herself liking that he flirts with her and she tries to flirt back.

    x. Eva calls upon Kahlua and Thor to start campfires for the Edge. She sends Tallis to retrieve Thor and he does so by burning the stallion's butt with dragon flame. Kahlua approves of Eva's idea and she leaves to gather the herd. Upon her departure a series of eerie events push Thor and Eva closer together.

    x. Attends a herd meeting where she explains what happened to her and Thor.

    x. Evangeline is grazing during the early evening when Tallis hears someone calling for her. She decides to investigate and finds Thor, who is lacking his wings. (ongoing)


    Played by

    :: [ Item: Owl Feather | Owl feather in mane. ]
    :: [ Item: Green leaf charm | A green leaf charm that glows green in the dark. ]
    :: [ Companion: Orange Dragon | Mythical, common | Fire Breath & Toxic Breath | Unknown ]
    :: [ Moon Amulet ] 
    Battle Statistics
    STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
    OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
    BUFF: VP:
    Notable Accomplishments

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