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Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 5 (Tallsun) Height: 17hh
Standing at 17hh, Satanic Silk is a jet black American Saddlebred x Dutch Warmblood stallion with four black hooves, with large, dragon-like leather wings. Each wing has a single claw, such as a bat would have. His wings have a few tatters in them, showing the wear and tear of a stallion coming into his own. His mane and tail are a silvery flaxen that seem to shimmer in the moonlight, and the tresses are long, soft, and silky. He has the satanic symbols of a crescent moon and star on his head in a blood red: the moon over his left eye, the star in the middle of his forehead. In his mane, toward the top and woven in, are a triad of deep blood red feathers, with black spines.
Though he can have his moments of gold, Silk is more well-known for being a troublemaker, and rude to whomever crosses his path. He's more likely to be snide and sarcastic than sincere, but can manage to bite his tongue if necessary. Under the rarest of circumstances, he'll put the bad boy behind him, and a more protective side will come out - for the right soul.
helovia history
Tallsun, Year IV
new threads
Orangemoon, Year IV
I wonder as I wander
marshmallows, music and a fire
let's go for a dive!
dancing through the fire
fruitless contemplation
why are your wings like that?
only one "true" path? I doubt it
coup d'etat
just a spoonfull of acid
eat dust
changing winds, changing minds
little girls who play with fire
dungeon of psychopathic torture machines
Frostfall, Year IV
maybe a game, maybe not
well now I'm just ugly and smelly
followers of flame
spring cleaning come early
moldy blight
devil grass
healed, finally
here's looking at you
Birdsong, Year IV
crazies taunt normal
with fire to keep us warm
let's do the time warp again
Tallsun, Year IV
ruined fantasies
the world moves on
shock me bby
a creature of blue
shed no tears
let me heal your wounded
lovely new beginnings
pegasus flying race
Orangemoon, Year IV
glory to the sun
path to glo- ruin
viper kisses
Apodis - [.]
Ghost - A little strange but interesting.
Parelia - Prissy moody girl that annoys me.
Mauja - Very stoic and condescending.
Scarter - [.]
Alina - [.]
Cypress - I wanted to adopt her.. while I knew her..
Seele - Strange but interesting, a good queen?
Oxy - Stoned and stupid.
Agrona - Sassy.
Amara - Spunky.
Aurelia - Stupid, moody, horribly obnoxious mare.
Histe - Not even scared of me as a wraith!
Gaucho - Strange foreign guy.
Sikeax - You brought the infection to me!
Hector - Stiff but respectable.
Megaera - Sweet enough.
Note - Grumpy old stallion.
special people
Africa - The absolute love of my life. I'd give anything, do anything, be anyone for her.
Midas - [.]
No magic.
No companion.

Level 1
Steal an individual or item successfully.
» Sneak around in 3 different threads.
» Stealth | Sneak I | Sneak II | Sneak III

Level 2
Gather private information valuable to someone else.
» Whisper in 3 different threads.

Level 3
Spy on 3 different individuals.
» Scare someone in 3 different threads.

Level 4
Return a stolen individual or item by stealing it back.
» Interrupt something in 3 different threads.

Level 5
Steal 10 individual or items, or gather private information 10 different times.
» Mention the pros and cons of sneaking in 3 different threads.

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(Skype) miss_usa_accent

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   4 AGL:   6 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
4.5 8.5 6.0 62
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54 threads
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lovely new beginnings Archives
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maybe a game, maybe not. [silk] Archives
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little girls who play with fire [Silk, Any] Archives
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Eat dust (Midas x Silk) Battleground
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Changing winds, changing minds Archives
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Just a spoonfull of acid (Silk) (Closed) Archives
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Marshmallows, music and a fire (any) Archives
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11-29-2013 by Satanic Silk
Dancing through the fire. Archives
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12-15-2013 by Satanic Silk

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