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Fig's canopy spreads out 3m all around her, and the same above


Species: Hybrid Gender: Mare Age: 20 Height: 16
The basics
x Species | Lignea
x Type | Moreton Bay Fig x Gypsy Vanner
x Height | 16 hh
x Eyes | Dark green
x Mane and Tail | Thick, heavy and unusually long; flaxen hairs frosting a dark brown centre line; quiet accents the same green colour as the leaves on her body plant throughout
x Body | Silver smoky grulla; slightly darker dun muzzle, dorsal stripe and lower legs (including feathering which also has quiet green accents
x Markings | Plump, mahogany-brown fig fruit on right shoulder
x Hooves | Dark dun
x Roots | Buttressed, extensive roots descending both from the trunk and some lower branches; they have grown across their host, appearing as an intricate mesh or armour; varying diameters (thicker and older nearest the trunk, tapered and slender new end growth); covering back, thinning over rump, intertwined and thinning through mane, heavy down each foreleg (scarce down hind legs) and intertwining thickly through front feathering
x Plant | Thick, rough grey-brown trunk with prominent buttressing, marked with various blemishes; trunk appears to swallow Fig’s withers and shoulders, easily as wide; Canopy seems to ‘melt’ with aerial roots dropping towards earth from various branches; vast, rambling canopy which extends easily 3m (or more) on every side and the same high; elliptic, leathery, dark green leaves, 15–30cm long, and they are arranged alternately on the stems; leaves and branches bleed a milky sap if cut or broken
x Fruit | The figs are 2–2.5 cm in diameter, turning from green to purple with lighter spots as they ripen; ripe fruit may be found year round, although more abundant through Tallsun and Orangemoon; although edible, they are unpalatable and dry

In depth
Now mature, Fig has grown to a full height of sixteen hands; her adult frame is large and heavy. The equine blood which flows through her veins is of gypsy vanner legacy; strong physically and well adapted to bear the weight of her body plant. Psychologically too the young Lignea is well equipped to endure the heft of her body plant’s health- that which is fused to her own. If she should be injured in any way or fall ill, her body plant would suffer also, much to the same degree.

Fig has extensive, deep, dark leg feathering and thick, long and luscious mane and tail hair, each with flaxen hair frosting a dark brown centre line. Now matured, these have exceeded the breed standard; her tail drags at length across the ground behind her, and her mane swings easily about her breast, draped the right of her strong neck. Subtle green glistens throughout both, mimicking the rich, deep emerald of the leaves forming her body plant’s canopy; in the same way, green accents compliment the luxurious black feathering encompassing each foreleg and the dark shade of her coat, most obvious in sunlight.

She no longer wears upon the bridge of her face a long broad blaze, only soft, sandy-brown compliments her features; the expression it dresses is a serene one, portraying simply the quietly timid nature of her soul. Upon her right shoulder lies the unusual marking possessed by and unique each individual Lignea. Such is used by her kin to tell one another apart. Fig’s marking is a rather plump looking fruit alike to her calling, mahogany-brown, easily overlooked amidst the mass of black hide surrounding.

The Lignea are separated into different breeds according to their plant family. Fig is of the Arborun breed- the tree ones; typically tall and strong of physical body (draft). A single tree tends to grow from their shoulder, back, or rump. These are the normal physical traits for a Lignea breed, but they can vary to an extent. At times their soul plant may even serve as a horn (unicorn) or functioning wings (pegasus), though this is rarer and is often related to where their soul plant took root in the world.

Just behind Fig’s withers, set comfortably in the dip of her sturdy spine sits the fast-growing tree; a Banyan fig (Ficus macrophylla or strangler fig) is rooted securely in place and its buttress roots wrap down her shoulders and forelegs - both above and beneath the skin, hang like a skirt beneath her barrel, and encase her rump. The tree as it grows will be capable of producing edible fruits, and its leaves can also be eaten but they are quite bitter to taste. As each are removed from her body plant, a feeling much the same as hard pinching is felt by Fig- it is unpleasant and quite an uncomfortable sensation.

Peaceful, spiritual tries to maintain equilibrium around her. In tune with nature, and favours environments that suit her bonded tree. Fig is a timid and reclusive soul who prefers to hide away in vast forests, away from the troubles and struggles of mainstream life. Her body plant favours these dense wildernesses; tropical jungles and woodlands where humidity and frequent rainfall can sustain its health.

Fig is not terribly fond of any who would naturally feed upon her body plant's fruits, though she understands the role each life must play to aid the survival of the next.

Family tree
Father was Fig | gypsy vanner type horse build; grullo coat colouring with standard characteristics. His marking was any eye patch, shaped like the leaf of his body plant | body plant was ficus benghalensis, the Indian Banyan. A large and extensive growing tree producing propagating roots which grow downwards as aerial roots. Once these roots reach the ground, they grow into woody trunks that can become indistinguishable from the main trunk. When Banyan’s spirit passed unexpectedly around the time of Fig’s birth, his suffering soul plant attached itself in this fashion to the earth and formed into a body plant which may live for many more hundreds of years.

Mother was Fig | gypsy vanner type horse build; black coat colouring with standard characteristics. Her marking was unusual silvery tips to both her mane and tail, they are the distinctive colour of the canopy held by her body plant | body plant was ficus montana (common name, Oakleaf Fig). A species of subtropical climbing fig. The plant is similar to the creeping fig but has smaller leaves. The leaves are shaped like oak leaves which gives its common name. It is slow growing and still stands only two metres above the mare.

Both of Fig’s parent’s were born in ‘in the first garden’ - Prim'sylva, and to this day her mother remains near to the thriving soul of her only mate.

The Lignea
Written by Blusl

They are an ancient, mysterious race that originates from a distant place known simply as Prim'sylva, or the first garden. It is said to be the place where plant life was first brought to flourish on this globe, although it is contested whether or not the plant kind or the animal kind came first - the plants hold firm that they began the root of life here, while the animals say they were only brought to provide a means of nutrient. Whatever the case, it is true that the Lignea are a harmonic balance between the two manners of existence on this planet.

Whenever a new plant takes seed in the soil, when it's roots begin to stretch down and its leaves unfurl as a sprout, a Lignea is born. They appear as a variety of hoofed animal, commonly horse, deer or bovine. In some manner on this animal, a plant identical to the one growing in the ground, grows on the beast. The Lignea takes the basic name of the plant, and carries its weight and its health wherever it goes. The plant within the ground is referred to as the soul plant of the Lignea, or its bonded plant or just bonded. The plant growing on the Lignea's back is referred to as the body plant.

Animal and plant are bonded in this way, a method said to bring harmony amongst the fractions. If either rooted plant or its soul Lignea are harmed, the other suffers. The Lignea are always born, or sprout, in Prim'sylvia, but it is common for a Lignea to travel to wherever its soul plant may be to offer it protection. Many more Lignea find the journey too difficult and fraught with the unknown to leave the safety of Prim'sylvia, especially when so many of their fellow kin reside there, and there is no shame in this. In fact in the past several hundred years, most Lignea have remained, as they found that the warring animals were more likely to attack a Lignea, where as they would have ignored the simple soul plant. For this reason many creatures and places have forgotten that Lignea even exist. Those that do still venture out are masters of camoflauge and speed. Despite all their best efforts however, many forests have begun to vanish across this globe. With them too go the Lignea.

There is great debate still amongst the Lignea over how best to protect themselves and their plants. The elders insist on hiding, and many agree with them, still fearing and hating the animals. Yet a few have chosen to travel far beyond Prim'sylvia in the hopes to learn, understand, and teach animals. Their history calls them the harmonic peace keepers, and to this destiny some have begun to march, that or face extinction.


x Beluga
Common Beluga Leviathan
Mid-Tallsun 5 :: 12+ Months
Primitive skills :: Sing, flail
Mind Speach :: Mind speech gets better and stronger with time
Elemental Ability :: Bubble Trap: blows bubbles from her blow hole that slow down enemies. Advanced elemental ability is stagnant.

Leviathans are kind, gentle and intelligent creatures found at great depths and rarely make their way to the surface. However, these special whales are able to swim above water in order to connect with their bonded and breath the same air. The behemoths are severely stunted from their normal size and slowly float around.

Beluga is pale white with glowing silver and blue markings that symbolise the water element. His is the typical shape of the normal whale of the same name, though he is smaller – about half the length of his tree-wearing companion. The egg he hatched from was found by Fig after the God of the Earth's great flood

Drops and quests
Thread | Sought | Received/Refused
Thread | Sought | Received/Refused

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:: [ Companion: Beluga Leviathan | Mythical, common | Bubble Trap | 4 yrs 2 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   9 SPD:   3 AGL:   2 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
3.5 5.5 6 56
Notable Accomplishments

- February 2015 || The Literal Ship Plot Participant

- October 2014 || Murder Mystery Plot Participant
- July 2014 || Sky Island Peace Plot Participant

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