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Absent Abyss


Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: V Height: 16 hh
please don't leave me all alone

A lithe, fluent Marwari/Thoroughbred mix, and hint of muscled Warmblood. Her body is a tempered glass mixed with a clouded crystal, a crack beginning at her right ear and streaming over her right eye, crossing over and ending at her left nostril. She has another crack that begins between her forelegs and travels over her belly, ending just before her hind legs. Just recently a new one surfaced, a large fractured portion of her temple is gone with several small gaps. Her eyes are stained glass, streaks of every color flowering on a light purple base. Her hair is loose, falling just by her knees. Her tail hangs loosely, dragging on the ground with an extra three or four feet (hair is made of a looser, more liquid-like glass that pools together). She has a deep red heart in her body that glows and beats constantly, allowing her to live. The heart has no blood flowing through the veins, for she needs no blood, and is attached to the inner walls of its glass body with stringy material, suspending it where it should be. It's an almost dry, fleshy material presented in a glass case.

Before she was trapped in this glass body, she was a beautiful palomino with sparkling purple eyes and perfectly made features. Her underside was dusted lightly with white, her long, graceful legs dipped into creme. Her horns were the perfectly shaped horns of a traditional unicorn, made of amethyst, scattered around her head in the shape of a crown.
i won't manage

i hold so many cracks,

Gentle, quiet, shy, afraid of children, unpredictable, depressed, will not speak often.

She is cautious and quiet, a distant figure witnessing the gruesome twists of life within the confines of her hollow head. Ayelet is a ghost among men, silently wandering among the living with her unfixed gaze and hushed whispers.
and such little love.

please don't leave me all alone

Caroline — Cremello unicorn mare with minimal splash. Deceased
Helio — Palomino sabino unicorn stallion. Likely deceased

Nava (with Lucius)
A scarred, blinded bay sabino splash. Her eyes were once a beautiful sunset red, but have become cloudy and grey due to her beating after she murdered Ayelet. Her three horns run down her face, bloody red in color. They begin on her brow and diminish in size as they near her muzzle.

( [d] = deceased. )

don't leave me here

please don't leave me all alone

Gone away, so long ago..

In a time that seems almost unreal to her, Ayelet was a child. She can barely remember this time, or think about what happened. It seems like the events that happened in that time are just figments of her imagination, dreams she has sewn together to create a somewhat unreal reality. What she remembers is buildings that kissed the sky, structures that towered so far above head that one would have to break their necks to get a full look at the buildings from the ground. She enjoyed life in towers like these, she remembers feeling comfortable and at home. Never did she realize how bad her future would become in such a sweet little city. But sweet little things don't last long. The one truly real memory from that time is the memory of her standing, a little, poorly made doll dropped to her feet, its body charred and dirty. Tears streaming down her face and fires burning all around her. Of course, she feels that these memories are best forgotten, if not even existant at all.

In a past forgotten..

Originally a beautiful mare the entire herd loved, Ayelet was almost a Queen to them, a role model for all. She was gifted with healing and creating potions, many going to her to solve things such as simple illnesses to serious infections. In her free time she would read from their books on the herds lore and the Gods. She always wished to meet a God, all through her life. At the age of four, she gave birth to a beautiful little filly that the whole herd marveled at. Ayelet adored her daughter, teaching her everything she knew, the father vanishing soon after the childs' birth. She was unaware of her childs' ever growing hatred towards her dam, nor did she know the sire was teaching her child the ways of an assassin, leading up to the day.

It happened on a beautiful morning, the little filly returning from her session with her father. Ayelet was still sleeping, an innocent look on her youthful features, a look that made her daughter regret the murder for the rest of her days. It happened swiftly, her daughter's dagger-like horn sliding slowly down her mother's soft stomach. Her mother began to bleed and scream and flail, unable to be helped. Those in the herd heard the panic stricken mare, but they were too late. Her daughter stood there doused in her mother's blood, eyes wide with shock. She had done something horrible, and she knew she would regret it. Horses of the herd came upon the filly, turned into demons by rage and hate. They left Ayelet's daughter horribly wounded, visually impaired and without a tail. They tried desperately to save her, but it was too late for Ayelet and they could do nothing for her. The Gods, however, took pity upon the young mare, and, created glass from the tears of her herd. A liquid-like glass that was to be a bottle for her soul. The Gods took her heart, which remained her life source, and planted it in her new body.

Beginning anew

During Ayelet's first year in her new body, she had no recollection of her past, all she can remember is waking up in a forest, surrounded by bloody red roses. She now carries one in her mane wherever she goes, for it is the only reminder to her that she still has to find out who she is. Ayelet had actually found her daughter, and spoken with her briefly. But her daughter was simply shocked when she realized who she spoke to, fleeing the scene and ending their brief meeting. Ayelet left confused and concerned, sparking the beginning of her flashbacks.
Ayelet fled the scene of a murder, which gave her a flashback of her daughter standing over her dead body, mobbed by an enraged crowd. The fear of receiving another flashback urged her to flee, avoiding everyone and everything at all cost. When it felt like all too much, Ayelet attempted to throw herself from the edge of a cliff, hoping to end her pitiful existence. She did not realize she was still in the lands of her Gods, and they kept her from shattering (such a creation cannot go to waste). They left a crack across her face to constantly remind her of what she tried to do to herself, hoping it would serve as a lesson to her. It only left her distraught and angered, storming from the borders of her homeland in an attempt to prevent them from controlling her more. On her way out she was nearly attacked by a beast of the Shadows, fleeing for her life. Thus, the mare stumbled into the Threshold, alone and afraid.

Safe haven

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iii. she's a ghost, unseen by the eyes of men.
Crumbling castles

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Fading Darkness

ii. End of the World.
iii. Brokenhearted Aftermath.
iv. If You Gave Me a Chance.
v. Sidetracked.
Raging Storms

i. the winds were mourning in the night.
Raging Storms

Ayelet is overwhelmed, rushing deep into the forests of Helovia in a desperate attempt to escape the insufferable pain she's experiencing. Flashbacks plague her consistently and she tries desperately to rid herself of them, creating a panic that results in the shattering of her left temple. Lior convinces her to rest, keeping watch over her body as she falls into a deep hibernation, becoming an awe inspiring landmark for a few weary souls who've lost themselves in the forest. She remains like this for an entire year, nestled within the secrecy of the flora and fauna, but now— she rises.
i've always been alone

please don't leave me all alone

Her passive ability is that which lets her hold herself together, her beating heart the core of her abilities. Without it she would be a solid statue of glass, her heart would then crumble to dust.
The girl will not die because of this. She will not starve, die of dehydration or old age. She does not grow because her body is solid, nor does her soul age in any way. The only way to kill her is to pierce her heart, kill her from the inside out. This is why she does not partake in battle, afraid to shatter a limb and leave her heart open for all to touch.

Lior » Melanistic Barn owl Tyto Alba«
Unlike the traditional coloration of a barn owl, Lior is dark,his body blanketed in shadows. He is a Melanistic Barn owl, meaning he was born with an odd condition called Melanism. He is the opposing force of an Albino, dark instead of light. Unlike an Albino who is fragile, breakable, he is stronger than average because of his genetics. As a creature of night you find him perched upon his bonded's back, silver moons unblinking as he watches you carefully.
Lior is a hidden force working to brighten Ayelet, daring to push her into discomfort so that she may grow. He has only been with her two years of the seven she's lived but it feels like an eternity for both of them. He is her guide, her pathfinder— the light in her darkest times. She loves him so, afraid of what he'll do if someone ever threatens her.

don't go

Played by
dark the salt king

:: [ Magic: FirexLight (P) | Allows her soul to be tethered to the glass body with the help of the beating heart ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [ Item: Sheathe | Sheathe for the swords made out of metal. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Cumbersome to remove the blades. ]
:: [ Item: Pauldron | Defensive. Metal pauldron that sits across withers decorated with metal flowers and leaves. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Counts as a defensive item. ]
:: [ Item: Cape | Lavender silk cape attached to pauldron. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Does not affect stats. ]
:: [ Companion: Melanistic Barn Owl | Curse | 5 yrs 2 mos ]
Battle Statistics
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OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

- September 2015 || World's Edge Moon Doctor
- February 2015 || The Literal Ship Plot Participant

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