the Rift

   m a g i c
  cold hands sculpting, cold kisses too

light x water: can craft and control weapons created of ice [questing]
light x water: can create frostbite on another's skin, smaller the area, the worse the wound.
metal wolf: named Tarak and gifted by Ulrik. may not be used in battle for the reason it runs on the engineer's magic.
amulet: god of the moon [not used]
companion: arctic wolf or gryphon



Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 4 Height: 16.2 hh
   a p p e a r a n c e
  all colors seem to fade away

Breed: Friesian Mutt
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Race: Unicorn
Horn: Spiraled, light blue, frost covered
Eyes: Blue
Mane: Thick, full. White with some chestnut
Body: Chestnut varnish roan
Hooves: Pale, cloven, frost covered
Markings: Bald face
Tail: Thick, full. White with some chestnut

   p e r s o n a l i t y
  when she whispers your blood shall run cold

• Wanderer • Cruel • Bitter • Vindictive • Jealous • Protective • Fierce • Vain • Conceited •
• Secretive • Possessive • Determined •

The ice princess was born into a family that believes that unicorns are the most important creatures in existence and all others are lower life forms that should serve as slaves to their masters. As a child she accepted these teachings blindly and was prone to random acts of violence against those that did not sport a horn upon their brow. As the girl grew she began to wander and explore the world around her. In her wandering Snö found just how cruel her parents teachings were and began to wonder if their racist ways were really worth adopting and nurturing within her own being. She, however, is still prone to bouts of cruelty that manifest in words and actions. She is jealous and vindictive to her very core and would do anything to get back at anyone she thinks wronged her. As a quirk of hers, she tends to name things that she believes belongs to her, whether it be a slave or a mechanical wolf. If it is hers she will name it and may the gods have mercy on the poor sap's soul who tries to take it from her. She is vain enough to always look her best and conceited enough to know that she is gorgeous.

   l i n e a g e
  you are a part of the great divide, the chosen, or the frozen

Mauja the FrostHeart x Psyche the DarkEmpress

Paternal Grandparents
Iluq x Frost

Maternal Grandparents
Riekahn x Arduenna


Half Siblings
Tamlin (Lotus x Mauja)
Sielu (Faelene x Mauja)


Paladin - Uncle
Donovan - Uncle
Giselle - Aunt
Ophelia - Cousin (Uniquine)
Ktulu - Cousin (Uniquine)
Vadim - Cousin (Uniquine)
Varath - Cousin (Uniquine)
Rain - Cousin (Unipeg)

   h i s t o r y
  it just runs wild down cracks and crevices, grooves and folds

1. Born to Mauja the FrostHeart and Psyche in Helovia yr 1.
- travels Helovia with her mother.
- leaves Helovia.
- runs away from her mother and returns to Helovia, seeking out her father
- finds Mauja in the Threshold and travels home to the World's Edge with him.
- meets Lena and takes a disliking toward the mare because she believes that she would try to steal Mauja away.
- meets Monster and instantly takes a liking toward the beast.
- stumbles onto the herd meeting while playing tag with Monster.
- finds Faelene and Monster playing in the forest and becomes jealous.

2. Turns 1.
- travels around Helovia.
- is gifted a metal wolf by Ulrik, whom she names Tarak.
- stumbles upon the birth of her brother, Tamlin. She becomes angry and jealous and runs away from the Edge.
- approached by an equine stallion who is intent on raping her. She kills him by piercing his skull with her horn.
- is outcasted from the World's Edge and goes into hiding, miserable that Thais has disappeared

3. Turns 2.
- finds Bacchus in the Threshold. He becomes her slave.
- moves off alone for a while
- meets briefly with Psyche about Bacchus
- Bacchus runs off, leaving Snö fuming
- attacks Gaucho in the Frozen Arch
- is healed by d'Artagnan after being badly injured
- goes on to fight Elizabeth
- meets Mesec and treats him poorly. Aviya appears and ensures an argument.
- finds Ulrik with Cassiopeia and calls for Psyche
- leaves to Veins of the Gods to plea for a favor. God of the Earth sets her with a quest to protect a small blue flower woven magically into her mane- must spar three horses with magic, and one with ice magic
- Plague meeting! With multiple members
- meets with Crash Course and recruits him to the Plague
- unsuccessfully attempts to capture Valentine
- challenges Valentine old-style for a stealth
- finds Valka in the Deep Forest and eventually brings her home to the Basin
- retrieves Valentine
- has a rather touching conversation with Mauja before sparring
- finds her half-brother, Tamlin, and attempts to greet him cordially but finds herself struggling to be kind. Aviya is there, and Mauja watches on.
- speaks to Tamlin alone
- finds Sielu
- fights with Murdock, in an exceedingly cruel mood
- finds her double (SWP) and is extremely freaked out
- ventures to the Deep Forest for a riddle companion drop
- leaves Helovia

4. Turns 3
- While traveling outside of Helovia, Snö comes across a group of unicorns and discovers that they harbor racist views that mirror those of the Aurora Basin in Helovia. She joins with them and they share their plans to overthrow a flourishing equine empire. Months pass and the unicorns steadily recruited and grew their numbers until they had a substantial army.

Night fell on the eve of their attack and the unicorns waited in silence and watched. Their leader, Felcie, sounded the attack and the unicorns began their invasion. Snö and the metal wolf she had been gifted by the Basin's mechanic fought and fought. By the time the battle ended there were a good deal of losses on the unicorn side, but many more equines had fallen in battle and they accepted their defeat at the hooves of their betters.

There was very little rest for the battle weary unicorns before Felcie ordered them to gather the equines that remained. Snö, becoming the obedient little soldier she should have been in Helovia, did as her leader asked and rounded up the equines with a few other soldiers. What the young mare did not expect was for Felcie to begin mercilessly slaughtering the already beaten equines. Now, she was not a peacekeeper by any stretch of the word, nor was she against racism. She would not have joined the unicorns if that had been the case. But this was different than what she had thought it would be. They should be ruling the equines, making them work as slaves, not slaughtering them and having to dispose of bodies so they wouldn't rot in their newly acquired land.

Snö, against her better judgement, questioned Felcie on his motives, which threw the stallion into a rage and in that rage he destroyed Tarak. The act turned the mare against the leader and the entire group who stood by and mocked her. Several days passed and more equines were slaughtered with only a handful of them being kept as slaves. Night fell and Snö crept into the area where the slaves were being kept. There were only a few guards guarding them and they were very lax in their duties, which made it easy for her to kill them. The mare then set the slaves free and drove them from Felcie's grasp. He took the one thing that was hers so she took the only slaves he had spared.

It did not come without consequence, though. Since the day she let Felcie's slaves loose he was after her with several of his guards. On a few occasions they caught up with her, but she had already ditched the slaves and was on her own. It had become personal, though, and Felcie was determined to make Snö pay for her transgressions against him. On the few occasions that he caught up to her there were fights, one of which led to a jagged scar running the length of the left side of her neck.

5. Snö enters Helovia once more.


Played by
   a l i
  other characters

ktulu, evangeline, ranjiri, alleo, kou, leliel, vadim, histe

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   7 SPD:   4 AGL:   6 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
4 8 6.5 62
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