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Species: Hybrid Gender: Stallion Age: 1.5 [Birdsong] Height: 16.3hh
Breed: Draft x Warmblood mutt
Species: Uniquine
Height: 16.3 hh
Eye Color: heterochromia; green left, yellow right
Color: Bay roan; black mane and tail.
Markings: Blanket Appaloosa markings; white blaze; black and red intertwining barbed wire around base of neck (like a collar).
Horn: Solid black, straight
Other: Mane grows short in comparison to other breeds and does not get very thick.

Analytical :: Philosophical :: Scholarly :: Troubled :: Introspective :: Aloof
Strong desire for a cohesive family unit
Feelings of inadequacy due to lack of unified family

Father: Krieger
Mother: Kiara
Siblings: Zünden (twin sister)

The Time Has Come :: Born
Romani Holiday :: Meets Erebos

Played by
Played By: Sevin
Other Characters: Kahlua, Oxy

:: [ Magic: Light | Can cause a local anesthetic affect by touching his horn to the area of the body he would like to anesthetize ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can cause numbing in one medium area of the body at a time, or 3 small areas ]
:: [ Item: Lock of hair | Hair from Krieger's mane. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Piece of horn | Owns a piece of his father's black horn. ]
:: [ Item: Surgical Needle | Can be controlled by mind thoughts, is attached to ever-growing suture material. ]
:: [ Item: Leather drawstring coin purse | Normal. ]
:: [ Item: Blue raindrop charm | A blue raindrop charm that sweats fresh water. ]
:: [ Companion: Cerndyr | Mythical, common | Lamplight | 4 yrs 8 mos ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ]  :: [ Spark Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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