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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 8 Years Height: 16.1
Breed: Warmblood
Gender: Female
Age: 5 Winters
Species: Unicorn
Horn/Wings/etc: A lone black horn that spirals, with royal blue streaks.
Eyes: Royal Blue
Mane: Black
Body: Black
Hooves: Black
Markings: She has a white blaze on her face, and two white socks on her back legs, and two royal blue spirals on her front legs that go to her knee's.
Tail: Black
Detailed: Coming Soon


Sialia is not kind. She is calculating and cruel, nor is she completely loyal. She has a unsatiable need for power, and no one should truly trust her, Since if she where offered a better offer from the enemy would turn against her own kind. She does not hate specifically like her kind does, instead she has a loathing for all of the equines. But even though this mare has so many undesirable traits, and few good traits she does have a weakness, buried deep within the darkness, as she would do anything for her sister. She would kill her own mother if she where offered the right price, but she adores her sister. Sialia loves no one else, nothing else. She is apathetic, and seemingly bored at times, with a natural born taste for bloodshed.

Sialia has changed plenty since her arrival in Helovia. What she used to be no longer applies completely. She has become a little bit noble, and possibly a tad bit loyal. She feels emotions that she never did before. She would throw her life down for her daughter if she needed to. While these changes have improved her, she has a hard time comforting others when they are in pain. She is a little standoff-ish and still tends to be very stoic, especially regarding her work.

Tonota Yura
Warmblood X Warmblood
Bay Black
Mare Stallion

Sialia was born fairly normal, with odd royal blue eyes, to her mother. She was the first born out of the two, and without a father. Her mother left her father after she became pregnant, and decided to raise the foal herself. So, Sialia was born, the black filly with royal blue eyes. As she grew, her mother taught her. She was never taught of killing or such things, but her mother tried to teach her to be kind. As Sialia grew her mother became worried about the dark tenancies her daughter showed, and tried (only to fail) to bury them. When Sialia was two, her mother gave birth to another daughter, that from another stallion. The foal was a pretty buckskin, and lacked all the darkness that Sialia had. Her mother adored the filly, and so did Sialia. But, she grew dangerously jealous of her mothers love, as it was obvious the mare loved her second daughter much more, and so, Sialia became much darker and cold than ever. At three the beautiful black filly left, partially happy to leave her mother, but partially heartbroken to leave her sister. She traveled, doing the dirty work for others, learning, and becoming wicked.

:: [Item: Armor| Flat black metal, with royal blue fringing, Is quite plain with no special markings, is like a Knights horses armor, but only covers the front of her face, the top of her crest, her shoulders, back, hips, and rump, leaving everything below open]
:: [Restrictions | heavy; requires assistance to take off]
::[Item: Moon Amulet]
Want to know what Sialia sounds like?

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Played by and Other Characters
I'm Nessie!
I also play Ira, Glacia, Rune, Soren, and Ash

:: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   5 AGL:   5 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
6 8.5 5.5 62
Notable Accomplishments

- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant

- July 2014 || Sky Island Peace Plot Participant
- October 2014 || Murder Mystery Plot Participant

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