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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 4 Years Height: 16.3
Glacia is a wonderful mixture of Baroque Fresian, and Hanoverian Warmblood lines. She has an arched neck with a thick luscious black mane that cascades her neck and forehead. She has sloping shoulders, a medium length back, and a round rump. Her legs are long, if no slighter heavier built than her mothers warmblood line. Her coat is an inky black that is littered with white specks. Her face has a thin blaze that turns into minimal molting on her muzzle. Her forehead is adorned with a traditional pearly white horn.
Coat Color: Black Snowflake Appaloosa
Mane Color: Black
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Horn Color: White


Glacia is a kind soul, who hasn't got a great start to life. Family is the most important thing to her, yet she doesn't have parents who are really around much, and she barely knows one of her siblings. She wants to heal others, and really lights up the room. But, despite these attributes she doesn't take shit. If she feels you are out of line or being disrespectful she will put you in your place. She is also fairly vain, taking care of her appearance meticulously. However, don't take her to be a girl afraid to get dirty. She is very adventurous, and is often found exploring around the Basin, Or lands close to the borders of the Basin.
More will be added as she gets older.


Mother: Sialia
Father: Mauja
Offspring: Kvasir (xRhoa, Twin to Vidar), Vidar(xRhoa, Twin to Kvasir)
Siblings: Sno (MaujaxPhyche), Tamlin (MaujaxLotus), Seilu (MaujaxFaelene), Bathsheba (SialiaxReginald)
Aunts: Zerena
Uncles: N/A
Cousins: N/A
Means Deceased


Orangemoon, Year 4: I'm born, and the Lady Illynx and Aviya are present. Aviya tries to end my life there, but is stopped by Illynx.
Late Orangemoon, Year 4: I am playing in the water and Illynx speaks with me for a short time.
Late Orangemoon, Year 4: I go to the festival and participate in the Riddle Game!
Early Frostfall, Year 5: I meet a strange boy on the Frostbreath Steppe. His name is Cetan, and he is very odd.
Early Frostfall, Year 5: A filly has her throat cut, and I rush to her aid and call for assistance... When Lena heals her, I discover my true calling.
Mid Frostfall, Year 5: While hurrying home from the Frostbreath Steppe I run into two unicorns. One dissapears, and the other is my father, Mauja the Frostheart. We have some pretty awesome bonding moments, then he returns me to the entrance of the Basin.
Late Frostfall, Year 5: While exploring the Frozen Arch I run into a very rude mare... Turns out she's my sister Sno, and I dislike her very much, and she is very rude to Lady Ophelia, who shows up later on... Which sucks, because Ophelia is awesome!!!
Early Birdsong, Year 5: I make a call to those who know my father... I am greeted by one of the Time Menders, d'Artangnan the Nightshade. I am unsure on how I feel about him... He might be a snake.
Early Birdsong, Year 5: While returning from adventuring, I meet a boy who is very engaged in the sentinel.
Mid Birdsong, Year 5: Mother takes me up to the floating island, and we happen upon a huge gethering. There is a giant turtle, and he gives me... Foal stats?!?! Thanks... I guess? -blush blush-
Late Birdsong, Year 5: I go to a herd meeting, and I end up pretty late... Whoops!
Mid Tallsun, Year 5: I see a strange unicorn filly, and I try to talk to her.

Late Tallsun, Year 6: I leave the Aurora Basin for The Worlds Edge to live with my father, Mauja the Frozen Light.


Magic & Companions
:: Magic | the ability to freeze the moisture of breath, causing lungs to freeze and burn
:: Restrictions | effects only last for 20 seconds at a time, and she can only target one character at a time

Sialia: I love you very much, Mother dearest... Even if you are a bit of a bear...
Mauja: I don't know you very well, but I am very fond of you... Maybe I can help mend your broken pieces, Father.
Sno: While we are blood, and you are my eldest sister... You are very rude, and you need a wake up call, because life doesn't revolve around you.
Rhoa: You are the father of my children, and seem to be a kind soul. I do not know you well, but I wish to know you better.

Played by
Played By Nessie! I also play Kvasir!

:: [ Magic: WaterxWind | Can freeze the moisture in breath causing lungs to freeze and burn ]
:: [ Restrictions | Lasts for 20 seconds and can only target 1 character at a time ]
:: [ Item: Glow Mushroom Necklace | Produces light beyond it's natural ability. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can illuminate up to a 5 meter radius. ]
:: [ Item: Cloak | Defensive. A black wool cloak, connects at the chest with a silver chain. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Offers limited protection in battle. ]
:: [ Companion: Snowy Owl | None | 1 yr 10 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   7.0 SPD:   4.0 AGL:   6.0 END:   4.0
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0.0
4.0 8.0 6.5 62.5
Notable Accomplishments

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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