the Rift

Magic and Companions

My Magic

  • [Magic: WaterxLight | Ability to freeze objects to sub-zero temperatures eliciting severe frostbite and/or fragility up to the point of shattering]
    :: [Restrictions | Must be within 5m of intended target, effects only last for 30 seconds]

    My Companion

  • None

    My Items

  • Moon Amulet
  • Blue Teardrop Charm woven into her mane| a blue raindrop charm that sweats freshwater]

    My Current Wishes

  • Active Magic: || [Shock X Dark] Ability to manifest electrical energy from the air around her to shock anyone within 5 feet of herself. Anger is a strong trigger for her ability.

  • Active Magic: || [Water X Wind] Ability to summon subzero temperatures to create a blizzard (mixture or sleet and snow) capable of freezing or wounding anyone within 5 feet of herself.

  • Active Magic: || [Water X Light] Ability to create, control and manipulate ice.

  • Companion: || Species Specific: Rougarou [Electric]or[Water] Any type (plain, common, royal) Royal: 1st choice

  • Companion: || Non-Specific: Hellhound [Hellfire]or[Acid] Any type. Royal: 1st choice.

  • Rhea


    Species: Hybrid Gender: Mare Age: 3 Height: 16.3

    SPECIES: Hybrid - Unipeg

    BREED: Arabian X Hanoverian X Dutch Warmblood

    COAT: Black Tobiano

    MANE: Black

    TAIL: Black

    EYES: Both eyes are bi-coloured and a mixture of blue and silver

    HOOVES: Silver/Brown

    WINGS: My wings are beautiful and sleek to carry me when I need. Their feathers are a gorgeous combination of black, metallic silver and blue.

    MARKINGS: Upon my crown I carry a deadly accurate long twisted black spear. My body is elegantly decorated with metallic silver and blue plates that are actually part of my skin. They cover my underbelly, tops of my legs, up towards my hips and around my chest. Their general appearance look very similar to shattered glass with the same general properties (shiny, reflective, etc) My two hind legs carry white socks while a long blaze accents my facial features.

    BIRTHDAY: Frostfall


    Rhea is somewhat of an outcast who tends to keep to herself but can be quite opinionated at times when it comes to her own feelings or those of others. She is not one to back down from a fight but she will not go out of her way to start one. Having been ridiculed most of her life she will not stand back and let others judge her without getting her two cents in. At times she can have a hard time keeping her comments to herself but manages when its absolutely of importance. She takes time to plan and calculate things before she jumps in to them always aiming to outsmart and beat others at their games. Refuses to think that there are things that she cannot do so she will push herself often past the breaking point to accomplish whatever it is she is trying to do.

  • Sarcastic
  • Opinionated
  • Confident
  • Fearless
  • Intelligent
  • Observative
  • Hot Headed
  • Conservative

  • Lineage

    Kohaku (Not on site)
    17hh Hanoverian X Dutch Warmblood
    Black with metallic silver skin covering his hindquarters.

    Laytalia (Not on site)
    16hh Arabian x Hanoverian
    Bay Tobiano with blue spiral horn

  • Naseer (Not on Site)

  • None

  • None

  • History


    Growing up in a herd that was always on the move Rhea has become very self reliant and capable. Her parents seemed to resent her but cherish her older brother so they never really took the time to guide her as she grew up around them. Instead of raising her themselves they pawned her off on one of the nurse mares so they could spend more time with her brother. She was always used to her brother coming first and hated him for it. Having finally worked up the courage to leave her traitorous family she has set out on her own to discover herself and find a place to make her home, or at least that is what she wants you to believe. In reality Rhea's resentment of her father's species as a whole finally turned her to a life of bad decisions. The real reason she fled was her failed attempt to assassinate her father as he slept and she plans to do that same to her mother and brother one day. Running for her life her plans are to acquire as much power as she can before returning to carry out her promise to herself.

    Helovian History

    Orangemoon: Year 4
    Shot In The Dark ||Info: Threshold thread, meets Elsa, Rei and Drom.

    In The Eyes Of The Beholder ||Info: Discovery of the Basin, seeks possible residency from Illynx

    Osmosis ||Info: Meets Windwalker in Thistle Meadow

    Catch A Falling Star ||Info: Magic drop, trying for: [Shock X Dark] Ability to manifest/create electrical energy from the air around her to shock anyone within 5 feet of herself. Strong emotions such as anger also directly affect the amount of electricity she produces. Denied
    Frostfall: Year 4
    Finding A Way||Info: Encounter with Beowulf

    Burnt Lungs, Sour Taste||Info: Encounter with D'Artagnan

    Stopping By The Woods...||Info: Magic drop, trying for: [Shock X Dark] Ability to manifest/create electrical energy from the air around her to shock anyone within 5 feet of herself. Strong emotions such as anger also directly affect the amount of electricity she produces. Denied

    Teach Me Your Ways||Info: Exploring the Basin, encounters Zünden.

    Sunglasses, One-Liners and a Thirst for Justice.||Info: Comes upon the murder on the island and decides to try and catch the culprit. Meets Megaera, Mesec and Sacre.

    Stained Glass :: Dark/Wind Quest Drop||Info: Denied, Trying for shock x dark magic.

    Birdsong: Year 5
    All Voices Just Burn Holes || Info: Meeting with Aviya

    Shake, Rattle and Roll || Info: Meeting with Sialia

    The Planet's Last Dance|| Info: Threshold thread, meets Bucephalus and Ayleid. Brings Ayleid home to Basin.

    Quiet Like A Fight||Info: Herd Meeting

    Welcome to The Jungle||Info: Ayleid's welcoming thread. Meets with Ophelia.

    Owed Favors|| Info: Battle Watch, Gaucho taking Hotaru to Throat.

    Teach Me Your Ways|| Info: Meets Rhiannon and Zünden

    Going Gone||Info: Trying for water magic = Denied

    Socrates called, he wants his philosophy back||Info: NS Royal Companion drop. Trying for Royal Hellhound.

    Tallsun-Frostfall: Year 5
    Shipping-Intro||Info: Deciding who to partner with for boat challenge. Chooses Syrena with reluctance.

    Don't Drown||Info: Task One- Warning Others

    Bucket Brigade||Info: Task 2 - Collecting Water

    Preserve The Memory||Info: Task 3 - Collecting Food

    Creatures Of The Night||Info: Task 4 - Saving the little creatures.

    High Ho, High Ho!||Info: Collecting Rocks and Building Supplies

    Feeding The Wolves||Info: Herd Meeting

    Secluded Devastation||Info: Rhea discovering her ice magic for the first time. Meets Rostislav and Reynier

    I'm Still Burning||Info: Attempted escape thread for Basin prisoner. Successfully prevented.

    saints just swimming in our sins again||Info: Herd Meeting to gain new IC info

    Birdsong: Year 6
    Steadfast||Info: Patrol thread with Caleb and Mortuus Nox. Yeti NPC shows up.

    When Daffodils Begin To Peer||Info: Spring NPC- trying to help a robin return her egg to the nest safely.

    SWP:: Gods do die||Info: Battle between Time God and Winter God of sick land that accidently got opened.

    Thread Name||Info:

    Thread Name||Info:

    Thread Name||Info:

    Failures and Triumphs

    Magic Failures

    Magic: [Shock X Dark] Ability to manifest/create electrical energy from the air around her to shock anyone within 5 feet of herself. Strong emotions such as anger also directly affect the amount of electricity she produces.

    Catch a Falling Star || Info: Denied Sept 5/14

    Stopping by Woods... || Info: Denied Nov.3/14

    Stained Glass || Info: Denied Nov.15/14

    Thread Name||Info:

    Magic Failures

    Magic: [Water X Light] Ability to create, control and manipulate the formation of ice to suit her needs whether it be protection or other uses.

    Gone Going || Info: Denied Jan.3/15

    Thread Name||Info:

    Companion Failures

    Socrates called, he wants his philosophy back||Info: Results: Denied- Hellhound Royal [Hellfire]

    Thread Name||Info:

    Thread Name||Info:

    Awards / Recognition

    None Currently

    Played by

    OOC: Nickel

    Other Characters:
  • Brisa
  • Ciceron and Kiara
  • Aeolus
  • Kalona

  • Assets
    :: [ Magic: WaterxLight | Ability to freeze objects to sub-zero temperatures eliciting severe frostbite and/or fragility up to the point of shattering ]
    :: [ Restrictions | Must be within 5m of intended target, effects only last for 30 seconds ]
    :: [ Item: blue raindrop charm | a blue raindrop charm that sweats fresh water ]
    :: [ Spark Amulet ] 
    Battle Statistics
    STR:   5 SPD:   5 AGL:   5 END:   6
    OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
    5.5 9 5 62.5
    Notable Accomplishments

    - August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant
    - February 2015 || The Literal Ship Plot Participation

    - October 2014 || Murder Mystery Plot Participant
    - July 2014 || Sky Island Peace Plot Participation

    *** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

    55 threads
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    When daffodils begin to peer [Spring NPC] Aurora Basin
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    steadfast (patrolling) Aurora Basin
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    09-10-2015 by NPC
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    Feeding the Wolves [Mandatory Herd Meeting] Archives
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    creatures of the night Archives
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    Preserve The Memory Archives
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    Don't Drown Archives
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    Sunglasses, One-liners, and a Thirst for JUSTICE Archives
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    11-17-2014 by Megaera
    Teach me your ways Archives
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    Finding a Way Archives
    Beowulf, Rhea
    10-01-2014 by Rhea
    Burnt lungs, sour taste Archives
    d'Artagnan, Rhea
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    Osmosis. [Rhea] Archives
    Rhea, Windwalker
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    Catch a falling star Archives
    Africa, Biru, Chisel, Ciceron, Cirrus, Kahlua, Random Event, Rei, Rhea, Sheba, Zünden
    09-05-2014 by Kahlua
    In The Eyes Of The Beholder Archives
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    10-01-2014 by Illynx
    [OPEN] Shot In The Dark Archives
    Dröm, Elsa, Rei, Rhea
    08-19-2014 by Rhea

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