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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 6 Birdsongs Height: 15.1 hands
Jahzara is a dainty mix of arabian and appaloosa bloodlines, favoring her arabian mother's curvy build and dished face. She stands at 15.1 hands tall. Her coat is a lovely golden shade of palomino, dusted with ivory as though snow had fallen on her back, flanks and rear. The ivory blanket is speckled with palomino appaloosa spots. Her mane and tail are both long and flaxen. The scars of panther claw marks stretch down the left side of her face, starting at her ear, over her eye and ending mid-cheek. This has left her blinded in her left eye, and a tear in her left ear. Her right eye is a warm chocolate brown, while her left eye is a clouded, damaged blue. Matching claw marks and bite marks are on her haunches, but none are as prominent as the ones on her face.

Jahzara’s personality has been morphed by her history, a traumatic event of her past making her the mare she is today. Due to brain damage, the young mare had become schizo-affective and has near constant hallucinations. She is firmly aware that these are only figments that she can see, and understands that no one else can see them as she herself did not always see the hallucinations. She can often be seen roaming around, following one of her most common hallucinations of bright, colorful, sparkling butterflies and birds. Her other most common hallucinations are her three “friends” that only she can see. Jahzara can often be found talking to these figments of her imagination as though they were really there, having a plain as day conversation.

Her three “friends” are: “Lily” – A lilac appaloosa pony with a dark purple mane and tail. She is Jahzara’s best friend, often calls Jahzara, “Jay.” Lily is sarcastic, and willingly speaks her mind to Jahzara when she does or does not like someone. Lily is, in a sense, Jahzara’s judge of character. She is Jahzara’s most frequent hallucination, and is constantly trailing after the palomino mare and following her around like a puppy dog.

“Archibald” – Or as Jahzara often calls him, Archie. A large blue tropical bird that appears when Jahzara needs some advice, even if its unwanted. Archie is like Jay’s adviser, her conscience if you will. Jay tends to find him a little annoying.

“Charles” – A large figure of a draft stallion, a ghost-like whispy black without any defining features other then red eyes and a raspy whispering voice. Charles is Jahzara’s least favorite “friend”, because whenever he shows up, Jahzara falls into a mental breakdown where she becomes trapped in her mind for who knows how long. It is how Jahzara’s mind tries to protect her from any further traumatizing events, by literally trying to keep her away from the real world and not face whatever is happening to her physically. For example, Charles showed up and locked Jahzara away in her mind when Laughing Corpse found her and force bred/claimed her.

It is unknown to even Jahzara if any more ‘friends’ or new hallucinations will appear. Due to the young age when her traumatic past happened, she has a childlike innocence and will stay like that for the majority of her life. Although she can function like a full grown mare, and has her ‘adult’ moments and can sometimes surprise others by her level of intelligence, she still has the mentality of a yearling as well. She has a bad tendency to roam, following her hallucinations which can sometimes land her in some hot water. Due to Laughing Corpse’s abuse when first meeting him, she is skittish around stallions. It would do her good to have a protector or guardian of some sort.

Dam: Akilah - Bay
Sire: Husani - Dun Appaloosa
Sisters: Nya

Jahzara was born to a land called Ilnalia, a crowned princess born to the King and Queen. Due to her kind, gentle nature and a heart of gold, her parents chose her over their firstborn daughter as heiress. Nya, her older sister, would have none of it and her jealousy only grew as Jahzara's beauty attracted all the attention. Colts would chase after the golden princess, leaving the dull, bay Nya behind. Scheming up a dastardly plan, Nya planned a trip with Jahzara into panther territory, specifically traveling in such a way that she knew her younger sister would be attacked and trapped.

As soon as a panther pounced on Jahzara, Nya high-tailed it back to their home to alert the guards. Her timing was well planned, however Jahzara was not killed from the attack. The guards rushed to her aid just in time, but not before the damage could be done. While Nya tried to have Jahzara killed, she could not complain about the fate that was given to the golden princess. Within a few days, Jahzara would wander off on her own, always insisting that she was seeing bright and colorful butterflies that weren't actually there. Soon, she began having conversations with figments of her imagination.

Rumors spread that the golden princess was no longer sane, and was declared unsuitable for rule over the Ilnalia kingdom. Slowly, Jahzara was ostracized for her schizophrenia. While the guards used to retrieve her when she wandered off, eventually, they just stopped going after her when Nya took over the kingdom. Soon, Jahzara had wandered far enough to become lost in a completely new land.

When she was discovered, she was forcefully bred and claimed by a blue roan stallion by the name of Laughing Corpse. The dark king stole her away to his lands, keeping her hostage as she raised their son, Kiros Amadi. Kiros was claimed heir to the lands, and made one request before Laughing Corpse passed away, for his mother to be freed. Jahzara hardly remembers anything from this time frame, constantly locked away in the safety of her imagination. The blue roan agreed, and Jahzra was released and free to go.

To this day, she is unsure of how she came to be where she is now. She remembers key factors of her life, such as her original homelands, her son, and why she is so skittish of stallions now. But aside from that, she is like a lost yearling with nowhere to go.

Schizophrenic and has hallucinations.

Played by
Xyroca;; Jahzara, Panzram and Morrigan

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