the Rift

He will want a Hellhound



Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 4 Years (Ages in OrangeMoon) Height: 16.1
His eyes are an emerald green that dance whenever he laughs. And heaven knows he laughs easily. Caenan's eyes are framed by a dark brown mane. The colt's body is a dark bay color with light sorrel markings. Light sorrel marks on his barrel stretch up from his belly into a line behind his shoulder and another line on his flank, forming an 'x' if you look at him from underneath. His horn is double edged and resembles a pirate's cutglass


Cosette x Corsair Pirate Lord and Lady in the Endless Blue

-Born to Cosette and Corsair in the Endless Blue
-Wandered to the mainland, competed against others in The Rift for a hellhound, and in Play and Be Played, also for a hellhound.
-Attacked by Kumal Here, and is frighted by his near-death experience and by Kumal's sudden disappearance.

Born to Cosette and Corsair in the Endless Blue
-Wandered to the mainland, competed against others in The Rift for a hellhound, and in Play and Be Played, also for a hellhound.
-Attacked by Kumal Here, and is frighted by his near-death experience and by Kumal's sudden disappearance.

Played by
xTierx I also play Rei.

:: [ Magic: DarkxTime | The ability to temporarily alter ages. Can further age or reverse age of target. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Effects last 1 post in battle. ]
:: [ Sun Amulet ]  :: [ Sun Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   7 SPD:   5 AGL:   5 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
5 8.5 6 64.5
Notable Accomplishments

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27 threads
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03-02-2016 by Caenan
Winter Breathes Heavenly Fields
02-03-2016 by Caenan
now you've gone Helovia's Threshold
Aelfwine, Caenan, Ezital, Arah
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Time to Practice. [Caenan VS Ashamin] Battleground
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Katerina, Caenan
01-19-2016 by Katerina
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Caenan, Ming Yue
01-27-2016 by Ming Yue
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Nyx, Caenan, Auriel, Rohan
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Escape Artist Helovia's Threshold
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Funeral Sky Endless Blue
Syrena, Caenan
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Flowers and Frowns Heavenly Fields
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:: The Giving Tree :: Thistle Meadow
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Stealing Charm Endless Blue
Caenan, Naerys
01-19-2016 by Naerys
Drowning on Land World's Edge
Caenan, Tembovu
12-31-2015 by Tembovu
Riding the Winds Blood Falls
Seren, Caenan, Crystarius
10-24-2015 by Seren
SWP :: Gods do die Blood Falls
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How the Light Shines Upon Thee Archives
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Nightmares as Deep as the Sea Archives
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