the Rift

:: [Magic: ShockxDark | Able to call upon spirits composed of electricity for assistance whenever his blood is spilled.] :: [Restrictions | Spirits can be 3 small (medium dog and lower) or 1 large spirit.]

:: [Magic: Water (P) | If wounded, his blood automatically clots and firms around his body in a gel-like armor, allowing some damage protection.] :: [Restrictions | Does not affect battle stats.] Here is his wishlist.

-Sun Amulet (Gifted from Illynex for winning second place in the Basin Festival)
-Foal Stats (From winning 2nd place in the Basin Festival Riddles)
-Moon Amulet (From Magic Drop)


Hidden Account

Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 8 Tallsuns Height: 17 hands
Panzram is devilishly handsome in his unique yet natural appearance. His coat is a dark, dusty bay sprinkled with roaning throughout his body. Covering his rump and extending over his back is an ivory appaloosa blanket that blends into the roaning until it fades into the bay. Dark brown (nearly black in appearance) spots dot the blanket and occasionally dot his bay haunches and shoulders. Tall white stockings cover every leg up to his black point knees. His messy black mane is relatively short to many horses, matching the length of his forelock. His tail is snowy white, without a single black hair marring the ivory. His eyes are a rich dark brown and his hooves are black. Scars litter his body from previous fights, and some spots along his back have thinner hair due to being burned by a pegasus stallion with fire magic in the past. The hair is just now starting to grow back. He has two horns that sprout from the length of his face, dividing into multiple points like flames. The horns are a bone-like material, however is dark grey in color, the points stained red from bloody battles. From bloodlines based off of Oldenburg and Appaloosa, Panzram is tall, with well toned muscles.

{Brief Personality} Possessive. Determined. Strong-willed. Protective of what he declares 'his'. Intelligent. Abusive. Short tempered. Has a burning hatred for other stallions. Untrustworthy and untrusting. Self-centered. Jealous. Power-hungry. Sarcastic. Sadistic. Killer. Blood-Thirsty.

{Detailed Personality} Panzram is loosely based off of a real life serial killer, Carl Panzram . He is believed to be emotionless, self-centered and willing to do anything to get what he wants. He despises other stallions due to his past, and he will never admit it, but the hatred is based around fear. He is wise about the fights he picks, knowing that he cannot take on anything and everything. However, he will do anything to protect what's his.

Panzram can have one hell of a temper at times, and he has a hard time letting go of his leadership position. At times, his role as a leader emerges when others disobey him. Many believe that he is not capable of true emotions, but is skilled at feigning emotion. He loves a good one night stand, and is not against using force on mares. Though he doesn't try to get into fights, especially if he thinks he will lose, be careful if you pick one with him. When his stubborn mind has been made up that he should fight, Panzram would rather fight to the death than to admit defeat. If there is an emotion that he can truly feel, that would be pride. His pride has often gotten him into trouble.

Rhoades: Sire - Bay Roan
Rousara: Dam - Black Blanket Appaloosa

Rais: Colt out of Morphine - Grey Varnish Roan
Deliria: Filly out of Morphine - Bay Blanket Appaloosa
Viviere Nocte: Filly out of Poison Ivy - Smoky Black Roan Tobiano Appaloosa
Siren Parisa: Filly out of Burlesque - Blue Roan Tobiano Appaloosa

Panzram was born to a small herd lead by his ruthless father. As a colt, Panzram was abused by his father and brothers. Whether they were half or full. Fearful of his father’s wrath, his mother never attempted to protect him, leading to Panzram’s belief that mares were worthless for anything but being claimed as trophies and resenting his mother. When he became a yearling, Panzram ran away from his herd and joined a bachelor gang of older colts who agreed that he could live with them. The colts used Panzram as their personal punching bag as sparring practice, forcing Panzram to learn how to defend himself to the best of his ability. About a year or so later, Panzram had enough of his history of abuse and spent months planning his revenge and escape. During a sparring session with a bachelor stallion, the others cheering on the bachelor as he pummeled Panzram, Panzram suddenly turned against him and the practice fight turned bloody.

The two young studs clashed viciously against one another, both refusing to give in. Panzram only stopped when his opponent fell to the ground, the other bachelors staring wide-eyed at their fallen companion. Before they could gather their thoughts, Panzram had already fled the scene. But this was only just the beginning of his murderous spree, and as he grew older he hunted down the bachelors one by one. His last chosen victim was his father, however, by the time he had returned to his old herd, he found his father had already died of old age. From there, Panzram lived as a rogue, killing and having one night stands wherever he went. Upon finding Withering Tales, Panzram claimed the Srotigus Pit with a mare named Casino Royale, keeping her as his pet. Protecting his home and growing herd from anything and everything that dared threaten them, Panzram was soon creating a name for himself as he stalked the shadows.

On a trip to round up more mares, the stallion found a gorgeous and ghostly mare named Morphine after interrupting her game of hunting down another stallion. After just a few hours with the mare, Panzram had already mentally claimed the ivory angel as his own, sealing the deal by murdering a stallion named Psycho with her assistance. Taking her back to the pit, Panzram began to set a series of challenges for Morphine (although she surely did not realize it, as it was all little tests that only Panzram knew about). Truth was, the Master of the Pit was planning to promote his Mistress, the Queen of the Pit. Before he had a chance, Morphine disappeared without a trace. Figuring that she must have learned about his challenges, Panzram set off after her in an angry rage for her abandoning his home. After all, how dare she leave him?! He owned her! Leaving the pit to hunt her down, he tracked his little phantom by her scent and the tell-tales signs of her murderous sprees. By stalking her, spying on her until the opportune moment, Panzram followed her right into the Rift of Aeon, a magical world that changed equines who traveled through...

When he first arrived, Panzram was unaffected by the rift, and considered all others affected to be 'mutants'. He managed to find Morphine, also unaffected, charming the pants off of a large pegasus. Before the mutant could claim her as his own, Panzram challenged him to a duel. The only reason the pair survived the battle against the massive pegasus was due to a thunderstorm that brought his fire magic to a sputter, but not without scarring Panzram with burns down his back. When they escaped, Panzram bitterly snapped at Morphine, threatening to kill her for all the trouble she put him through. In doing this, he scarred her the soft part of her throat, permanently marking her for the world to see his ownership. Somehow, the demented fight turned into a night of passion, and Morphine gave birth to twins. The small family waged their own personal war against the mutants, until Morphine mysteriously vanished once again. The twins were old enough to live on their own, and repeating the past, Panzram went after her. He still searches for her to this day, furiously hunting down the mare that bares his mark. It's been during this journey that the delayed affects of the Rift came into play, and his horns began to sprout from his skull, changing him into a unicorn.

In his travels, Panzram learned that being a unicorn was an advantage. He has learned to skillfully use his horn in fights, particularly against pegasi and other equines. His journey has led him to Helovia, and who knows what kind of hell he will raise here...


After Helovia
-Found by Beloved and Thranduil, recruited to Aurora Basin.
-Met Illynex & became phantom of Basin
-Participated in Basin Festival riddle contest, won second place. -Met Naira and Vale. Tried to convince Naira to follow him but failed. Lost interest. -Met Drom and Rosti -- Still in progress. -Runs into Pompeii---still in progress -Learned of the murders, started forming a team.

Image Two Image Four

I'll Give You My Opinion

Morphine: My phantom, my pet. I will find you again if it kills me.Make a move on her and it will be your life on the line, she is mine and mine alone. And I will spill blood to keep it that way.

Beloved: A fascinating, batshit crazy mare that I would love to get inside the head of. She doesn't seem like much, but there is most certainly something 'off' about her that makes me think to watch my back around her. At the same time, I feel as though she is harmless to me.

Thranduil: A con artist at it's best, I am still not sure what to think of him. Keep an eye on him...

Illynx: She may be battle scarred, but she certainly is a looker. Wouldn't mind adding a few scars of my own to that delicious hide...

Drom: First equine I've seen in Helovia, and I plan to keep her around somehow. She could be useful to me in more ways then one.

Rostilav: Drunk dumbass...

Naira: Leggy girl. A broken toy, someone else's pet that was well trained. Tried to make her useful, but she chose to turn me down. Not worth it to put up a fight.

Vale: Short, friendly to Naira and kept her away from me...Nothing to concern myself with.

Arvakl: Dumb as dirt, horny bitch.

Zandora: My pretty little shadow, I will keep you close.

Played by
Xyroca;; Jahzara, Panzram, Morrigan, Thantos

:: [ Magic: DarkxSpark | When bleeding, can summon creatures made from spark ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can summon 3 small or one large at one time; disappears when blood clots ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxWater (P) | When injured, blood clots around his body like gel armor ]
:: [ Restrictions | Cannot be controlled ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   4 AGL:   7 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
4.5 9 6 62
Notable Accomplishments

- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant
- February 2015 || The Literal Ship Plot Participant
- October 2014 || Murder Mystery Plot Participant

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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