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Level 2 Healer :: Underweight due to Frostfall and wandering alone in the desert.

Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 7 Orangemoons Height: 16 hands
Morrigan has the build of a typical Friesian, with a beautiful black coat over a curvy baroque frame. Her mane and tail are very long, both dragging on the ground. The roots start out as black as night, and fade into snowy white tips. A streak of white goes down the middle of her mane and forelock. Her withers are braided into two long braids. Across her back, white and gray lace over her body, brushing over her neck and flowing down her rump in an intricate spiderweb. Dark red orbs give her sight, and her crown is adorned with a delicate crown. The crown is made of silver, shaped like a black widow whose legs frame her eyes and wrap around her ears and neck.

Mysterious. Loyal. Quiet.

Somewhat quiet when first meeting her, Morrigan can appear stand-offish. This is not intentional, she is simply used to being alone and it can take a while for her to grant someone her trust. Once she trusts you, she is loyal to the core. She is susceptible to spells of depression, mourning over a broken heart that she tries her best to protect and hide. She gets along with mares best, believing that stallions are often only have one thing.

Morrigan is unsure of what to think of foals, never really being around them for extended periods of time. She feels awkward, and usually annoyed by boisterous foals that get away with anything. She is used to seeing unicorns, pegasi and hybrids of all types. She is not racist towards any species, and prefers to judge individuals for who they are rather than what they are. Personality is subject to change over time and her experiences at Helovia.

Mother: Lavana Sire: Unknown

Ah, now let me tell you the story of our dear Morrigan and how she came to be the young woman she is today. You may scoff at her personality, think her rude to avoid conversation with you at first, and call her a coward for being afraid of certain things...But all of these things tie into a history that she would much rather forget, and she will never tell you this on her own free will, so allow me to enlighten you.

Morrigan was born to a small, superstitious herd far from Helovia to a quiet mother and a well-respected elder stallion who passed away before she was born. Many an old mare and stallion believed that her father's death was a precursor to who she was, a sign that this child was not supposed to be welcomed into this world. They took it as a warning. Such a sad day when they blame the death of a battle-ridden stallion on the life of an unborn child. However, their suspicions only grew when the babe was finally born. Lavana, the girl's mother, did everything in her power to protect her child from the rumors of the herd. But when one of the old mare's got a good look at Morrigan, the unicorn mare swore up and down that the child was cursed. Morrigan was considered an omen to the herd, destined to be a dark witch that would curse them all and leave them all for dead. They blamed all sorts of natural disaster's on our young Morrigan, who was not even a yearling. Drought? The rain gods refused to provide life-water to a herd that had a cursed witch in their midst. That one pegasus died from an illness? That ominous filly must of pulled some sort of voodoo, I mean, just look at that spider web marking...

The adults of the herd wasted no time in teaching their young the same destructive, hateful beliefs, forbidding their children from playing with the webbed filly and encouraging them to bully her. There was a time when young Morrigan was curious, desperate to play and have adventures with someone her own age. (She had yet to understand what the staring and sneering of the adults of the herd meant.) When the filly approached a small band of foals to play with, the largest of the group shoved her to the earth with a hateful slur. The other foals chimed in, beginning to kick at the webbed filly, laughing and insulting her and telling each other all of the horrible rumors they overheard their parent's say about her. The young filly defended herself to her best ability, but the gang was only scared off when her mother intervened.

It was after that particular incident that Morrigan began to fear others, clinging to her mother's side like glue. She tried to ignore the stares, the remarks, the fact that whenever a new foal tried to play with her, their parents herded them away. Lavana kept her daughter sheltered away from the herd, sticking to the outskirts to better protect her. Morrigan's mother became her best friend, soaking in her mother's wisdom and advice, listening to stories of lands far from their herd, heroic tales of her father, lores of magic and playing their own games of chase and tag. When she wasn't near her mother, Morrigan explored the lands away from her herd to study the natural wonders of the world around her. It was here, along with some help from Lavana, that Morrigan learned about the healing properties of a small handful of plants.

When she was a yearling, Lavana crafted the familiar silver-spider crown that we always see her with today. Morrigan protects this crown with her life, for the comfort it brings her is much like that of a security blanket. The crown was created to let Morrigan know that she was always considered a princess in her mother's eyes, and that she had all the potential to grow into a Queen so long as she did not let the fear and beliefs of others tear her down. When Morrigan turned two years old, Lavana convinced her to leave the herd to try and find a better home for herself. Morrigan agreed, and has never returned or seen her mother since. She believes that her mother is still alive, immortalized by the memories in her mind.

Morrigan had not been out on her own when she was found by a striking blood bay Paso Fino stallion, who called himself Adornez. As a young woman that had hardly ever gotten any positive attention, our dear little Morri fell for the stud incredibly fast, dedicating all her time with him. Adornez, however, was less than committed to the relationship, his true colors shining through when he struck the mare for not doing as he asked, exactly how he asked. Morrigan was not to question him, not to speak her opinion, not to be allowed to roam on her own, not to say a word when the stallion would spend nights with other mares. When she 'behaved', Morri felt as though she was actually being treated very fairly. He was sweet and gentle, called her pretty and gave her the attention she craved. The stallion became suspicious however, delusional in thinking that Morrigan was setting up plans to leave him, sneaking around with other stallions behind his back. How dare she, right? When Morrigan turned down his request to try for children, a negative switch was flipped in Adornez and he turned on her. Without any warning, the stallion began attacking her relentlessly. In a flurry of hooves, hair, teeth and panic, Morri tried to outrun her lover only to be caught in a wooded area.

In a complete rush of adrenaline, anger and fear, Morrigan pleaded and shouted at Adornez to no avail, when she finally slipped out a word that she had heard from the tales her mother told her. 'Speculotibi.' Roughly translated, this would mean "to mirror you", and when used by those with magic (knowingly or unknowingly), it can have incredible effects. For Morrigan, the effects were horrific. Adornez began to scream in agony while bruises and slashes appearing all over the stallion's body, particularly around his neck. After a few minutes of utter terror for our little heroine, red eyes wide in fear as she watched the stallion fall to the ground and begin choking on his own blood, her heart racing so quickly she thought that it would burst from her chest, the torture finally ceased. Adornez was dead. It was only then that she realized that Adornez had every intention of killing her that day, and when she had shouted the spell, everything he wanted to do, planned to do, was reflected back onto him. It is this particular section of her history that she often choses to omit, feeling as though maybe her birth herd was right. Maybe she was a curse, maybe she would be the death of those she thought cared about her. For such a young woman, she was unable to comprehend that if Adornez wasn't planning to kill her, than he never would have been killed. She tries more than anything to forget this day, but sometimes it will haunt her nightmares...

You wouldn't think such a quiet thing like Morri would have such a dark section of her past, now would you? Believe me when I say she would chose not to even remember such a thing, and constantly must remind herself that it was in self defense. She has never used the spell since, and now that she is in Helovia, she has no idea that she has lost that power either. Anyways, let's flash forward a bit, shall we? Hmm, about four years old...Yes, not too long before she came to Helovia...

Oh, dear little Morrigan felt her heart set ablaze again at this point, this time for a handsome Friesian that never showed even an inkling of violence towards her. Dainan. A gentleman, patient and wonderfully understanding, their courtship was slow and drawn out. She never told him about her past lover, merely that it was something she didn't want to remember and that it would not be easy for her to be in a relationship. She did eventually put all her trust and faith into Dainan, and they were to return to his birth herd for an official betrothal. However, the night before they were supposed to make the journey, Dainan vanished. Morrigan awoke the next morning only to find a broken heart, she waited and waited for the stallion to return. Surely, he would come back for her? He must have left for something important? But he never came back, merely left her abandoned for reasons that are still unknown to this day. From there, she merely ran..She kept to herself when passing through any territories, occasionally bonding with a rogue mare or two, but otherwise ignored groups and stallions until she crossed into the Threshold.

Now that I have told you this, perhaps you will understand just a little bit more as to why you will see the webbed mare stand off to the side, a wallflower watching the party from a distance. Now you know why she refuses to trust, and how important it is if you have earned it. Take care of our dear Morrigan, Helovia.

Gifted a large marking pass from Tamme! Thank you <3

Played by
Played by Xyroca;; Jahzara, Panzram, Morrigan

:: [ Item: Silver Spider Crown | A crown made of silver with a spider on it. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Dragon's Throat Key | A small, metal charm allowing access to the bridge to the Dragon's throat. ]
:: [ Item: Glowing Blue Scale | Small scale from the body of the Rift Crocodile God ]
:: [ Companion: Bongo | None | 5 yrs 6 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   9 SPD:   4 AGL:   4 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   1
4 7 7 63
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