the Rift



Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 10 Height: 16.2 hh


Breed: Warmblood x Friesian mutt.
Gender: Female.
Age: Ten.
Race: Unicorn.
Horn: Crimson ram's horns.
Eyes: Crimson.
Mane: White base with black fringe and two thick braids.
Body: Athletic.
Hooves: Dark grey, cloven.
Markings: Black lace-like marking on lower left foreleg. Crimson fringe on hind legs. Three black splotches on left hindquarter.
Tail: White base with black fringe, drags the ground.



  • "Phantom, mind if I call you Phan?"
    "My designation is Phantom. You may call me Phantom."

  • "Okay, Phantom, how do you feel about physical touch?"
    "I prefer that you keep your body parts to yourself unless your desire is to lose said body part."

  • "So, tell me about where you came from?"
    "I come from a place referred to as Dorngarrow. It is renowned for its warriors and their brutality."

  • "How do you feel about Dorngarrow?"
    "I do not have any strong attachment to Dorngarrow despite it being my birthplace."

  • "What about your parents? I've heard of the Warlord father of your's."
    "My mother is irrelevant. My father is an ambitious individual. Were it not for him our species would not have ruled Dorngarrow for as long as we have. However, every empire has an end point and I believe the end of his empire is coming, though he is loathe to see it. He defies the inevitable, but his defiance is futile."

  • "So you believe unicorns are supreme?"
    "In Dorngarrow, yes. Many wars have been fought and won by our race."

  • "But not in Helovia?"
    "That remains to be seen. I have not had any interaction with any species within Helovia's borders. It is quite possible that Helovia's Unicorns are bumbling idiots."

  • "Supremacy is relative?"

  • "Ok, enough of that. Describe your looks to me."
    "I am of average height and build. My coat was originally black but has since turned grey. My mane and tail are white with the ends retaining their black coloring. I do not have a traditional horn as my father and siblings do. I have a set of horns that resemble that of a ram's and they are red in color like my eyes."

  • "What do you aspire to do in Helovia?"
    "I have no aspirations. I will find someone worthy of my particular set of skills and I will serve them."

  • "What are your particular skills?"
    "Espionage, reconnaissance, tracking."

  • "What about fighting?"
    "I can hold my own in battle."

  • "Do you have a mate?"
    "Mate? As in a single individual with whom I share experiences of the sexual nature? I do not, nor do I see the benefit of a monogamous relationship. Being limited to one partner seems monotonous."

  • "What are some things that you like?"
    "I like to working and being useful, efficiency, I also like to watch and study the behavior of other individuals."

  • "And what are some things that you don't like?"
    "I dislike having rocks stuck in my hooves, spring, alfalfa, pine cones, summer, inefficiency, and pointless questions."

  • "Okay, then. How do you feel about your siblings? Any special bonds there?"
    "They are my siblings and therefore I am supposed to care about them. If I had to choose a favorite it would be Donovan."

  • "Why is that?"
    "He does not talk a lot, which allows us to work efficiently."

  • "You do not like being asked so many questions, do you?"
    "That question is pointless."

  • "I suppose we will call this interview complete, then."
    "Thank you."

  • Lineage

    L I N E A G E

    Sire: Riekahn | Warmblood x Friesian | 17.1hh | Black
    Dam: Sibylle | Oldenburg | 16.2hh | Grey

    Paternal Grandparents
    Unknown x Unknown

    Maternal Grandparents
    Hendrik x Anneliese

    Paladin (Riekahn x Tammenia)
    Donovan (Riekahn x Vega)
    Psyche (Riekahn x Arduenna)
    Giselle (Riekahn x Bellona)


    Other Relatives
    Ktulu the Constrictor | Niece
    Ophelia the Forsaken | Niece
    Vadim | Nephew
    Varath | Nephew
    Soren | Nephew
    Snö | Niece
    Hototo | Great-Nephew
    Ranjiri | Great-Niece
    Roskuld | Great-Niece


    H I S T O R Y

    x. Born and raised in Dorngarrow.
    x. Fought in a bunch of battles.
    x. Began to doubt Riekhan and his ideals.
    x. Left Dorngarrow
    x. Arrived in Helovia, where she was met by Torleik and brought to the Aurora Basin.
    x. Met her niece, Ophelia.
    x. Met Paladin.
    x. Teamed up with Ulrik and Varath to find Helovia's murderer.
    x. Partnered with Destry in the Earth Boat SWP.

    Played by

    P L A Y E D B Y


    :: [ Item: blue raindrop charm | a blue raindrop charm that sweats fresh water ]
    Battle Statistics
    STR:   7 SPD:   4 AGL:   6 END:   4
    OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
    4 8 6.5 62
    Notable Accomplishments

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