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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: Three Years (Ages in FrostFall) Height: 15.3

Breed: Arab x Thoroughbred
Gender: Filly
Age: Two
Race: Unicorn
Horn: Twin black antlers that raise from her brow. The black fading to the teal that marks her body
Eyes: Turquoise
Mane: Ebony tipped in teal, and braided in some places
Body: Cream with dun markings
Hooves: Ebony
Markings: Her rump is dotted with flecks of teal
Tail: Ebony tipped in teal, and braided in some places

Superficial | Resourceful | Possessive | Observant | Manipulative | Passionate
| Resourceful | | Observant | | Passionate

Stefon x Tanea
Paternal Grandparents
Drak x Marleya
Maternal Grandparents
Rendal x Kianne
Iccarus - Twin Brother (Stefon x Tanea)


Before Helovia
I was born in a land a long long way from here. It takes months, almost a full year I think to reach one to the other. I am the younger sibling out of twins born to the King and Queen of my home. Yes that makes me, a princess! I have spent most of my life in our HUGE castle, my every want and need tended to. This of course allowed myself and my twin brother to create as much havoc and mischief as possible. For year and years, those with horns atop their heads ruled the lands. All horned have higher up roles, some higher than others. For example, my family. Because we are crowned with antlers, we are royals. Those with single horns or multiple horns that are not in the form of antlers are under us. From there, you have our slaves. All those who and hornless and wingless and those who have wings serve all of us who have horns.
That is, until the uprising. It started among our own. Those who did not have antlers felt that they should have the right to be royals too. My family of course disagrees as it has been this way for years. Why change now? But it spread quickly. The winged ones first, deciding they were to good to be slaves anymore began attacking all who were horned. The Hornless and wingless, I think they are called equines, quickly decided to join in. If it were not for my parents, the King and Queen... Well I wouldn't be here today. They protected my brother and I as we fled for our lives.
They stayed behind, knowing that their days were numbered no matter where they go. Mother, told me of a land far away. A place that was much different from our home, but it was where she grew up. It was to there I decided to flee. Thrown out into the cold world, my brother and I began to argue back and forth on what we should do. I wanted to find this place, that Mother had spoken of. It was the place she had told me so many stories of, that I wanted to see it myself. My brother on the other hand wanted to find an army, using whatever means necessary to take back our home and restore our family to where we belong. Because we could not agree, we parted ways.
As I wandered towards what I hopped was Helovia, I found a strange creature. She said she was a royal of her kind, and that the child that lay at her side was too. That she would need my care if she was to grow strong. This is how one month ago I came to be bonded with Daenerys.


:: [ Item: Jewelry | Silver chain worn with gems. ]
:: [ Companion: Cerndyr | Mythical, royal | Starpast & Lamplight | 4 yrs 0 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   2 SPD:   7 AGL:   4 END:   7
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   2.0
7.0 10.0 3.0 62
Notable Accomplishments

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