the Rift



Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 7 years Height: 15 HH
On the surface
Gender: -- Mare

Age: -- 7 ages Frostfall

Species: -- Unicorn

Horn/Wings/etc: -- A single horn

Eyes: -- Pale Lavender

Mane: -- Dark purple

Body:-- Black with marking

Hooves: -- Bright purple

Markings: -- Body marking

Tail: -- Dark purple

& Below
Zandora has a cloak of black satin silks fitted perfectly to her lean body. She has long ribbons that are a mixed palate of indigos, azures, and royal purples. The eyes of a bird, always watching with a pair of pupiless pale purple eyes. One single long subtly curved horn protrudes from her forehead, it's twist like a corkscrew and it's sharpness like a knife. Her frame is small with an Arabian dished face adding to her look. She has a silver bangle around her front left leg, just below her chest.

Zandora is an expert seductress, she's sly and clever. If you have a pretty face and an attractive attitude, call Zandora yours. She's normally rather bitter and disconnected to those that she has to treat appropriately. Unless of course she needs to use you in order to get what she seeks. Toying with emotions and playing with hearts is amongst her favorite things. She's self-centered and arrogant, only listening to the order of herself. She has claimed the death of many and can continue to do so, as that is her most favorite aspect of life; destruction. Zandora is not someone who will just hand away her respect for the hell of it, if you give her it then you're on the road to get some of that respect back, no promises. In summary, Zandora can be your worst nightmare or if she likes you, a nightmare. If you play with fire, you'll get burnt.
& Now
Recently she has become weathered by the world and doesn't look at it as easily as she used too. She is much more softer to strangers then she could be, but that does not mean she won't slice your throat for the hell of it. Zandora is still a seductress, but the underlying savageness that used to encompass her is gone. Zandora suffered a complete mental breakdown, and for a while, she was very jumpy, and consumed in violent and horrific thoughts. Her past had crept up on her, and she had thought her father had finally tracked her down. Zandora eventually got over it, but memories still taunt her now and then. A voice often speaks to her now, haunting her with bits of her past, and forcing Zandora to face herself. She can still be cruel, unforgiving, and blunt, but there is a much softer side to the vixen as time has passed.

Zandoralia was born in hell, daughter of the devil, she was raised in the flaming pits of fire and death. For 3 years she dwelled in the underworld, raised with demons, Zandoralia was taught to use her feminine side to get what she wants. She had no morals, had no fears, had nothing to truly live for. She was told her mother had been killed in her birth, and for that reason, her father had loathed her, for Zandora's mother was the only woman her father had ever shown a bit of care for. The Devil tortured Zandora to her breaking point, healed her, then started all over again the next day. This had broken Zandora too a numbness that should not have been reached, and one day she went crazy, slaughtering demons, children, anything in her wake, and then she ran, ran from her father's tortures and the ever-burning fire of hell.

Once Zandoraila had reached the surface of the world she lived in constant paranoia that she would be found, hunted down by the hellhounds, and tortured again. Eventually though, Zandoraila regained her strength, her mind slowly piecing itself back together, and Zandoraila, now Zandora created a world in which she could live in. One without fear and the taunts of her past.

Have you no fear? Zandora meets the handsome and dark prince, Panzram and he brings her back to the Aurora Basin.

We are the Wicked Ones Zandora and Panzam first arrive at the Basin borders, she meets Deimos and is accepted into the herd as a solider.

My Tongues of Flame will be Your Bane Zandora meets a shy and awkward Ashamin, and she shares a tear with him in the covered canopy of pines in the Basin.

Nothing is ImpenetrableZandora encounters the furry, golden boy, Rohan and they mingle in the darkness of the night.

Winter's Breath Caleb finds Zandora in the midst of a blizzard, they warm things up together.

Schizophrenia Zandora meets Nox and is angered by his self-pity.

Trees and Time Zandora stumbles upon the sick Demonthi, and they share words.

Here for You Zandora spars with Ashamin.

Mend My Scars, Make Me Whole Lena heals Zandora and Ashamin after their spar

Good Afternoon, Old StrangerZandora participates in a rank meeting

Bodily Branches Meets Rikyn and Tiamat while patrolling.

No one truly believes Attempts to recruit Tamorin in the threshold, meets Ciceron and Agnodice

Pills and Potions Meets the monster, Volterra, and they mingle.

I got gold, I got funky Sees an old patrol partner and they catch up

No, I summon You Views a meeting, sees her first God.

I see Fire Relaxes in the hot springs and meets the crafter Johnny

Pondering on Wanderers Wonderings Meets Thrandruil and they talk

Deep in the blues Zandora spars Sialia (DEFAULT WIN)

Me, myself, and I Zandora spars Illios (DEFAULT WIN)

Just A Taste Finds Panzram, and though time has separated them, the two intertwine, and pregnancy is resulted.

Dirty Pop Participates in a prison clearing, sees a bunch of old friends, and meets some new ones.

The Giving Tree Sees almost all of Helovia, says hi to the turtle.

Come home, come home Finds an egg that hatches to a black leopard companion she names Evara

How to Love Ashamin finds Zandora and there is a difference in Ashamin that Zandora notices, she feels inferior to him now

Escape Artist Successfully recruits Elspeth with Calder, meets Caenan

A Peaceful Refuge Brings Elspeth to the borders with Calder.

Black Madonna Meets Rhiannon, discovers that Zandora likes the attention of women, leads nonnie to borders.

Delivered from the Shadows Gives birth to Cortana, sees Panzram.


Played by
ShadowMare- Miseal, Katerina, Zailah, Azoth, Cortana

:: [ Item: Jewelry | a silver bangle around her front, left ankle ]
:: [ Companion: Black Leopard | None | 3 yrs 4 mos ]
:: [ Spark Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   2.0 SPD:   4.0 AGL:   4.0 END:   10
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.0 CP:   1
7.0 10 3.0 60.0
Notable Accomplishments

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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