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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 5 Height: 15.1hh
Gender: Mare
Age: 5 (ages in Birdsong)
Species: Unicorn
Horn/Wings/etc: 2 horns upon head, touching at base
Eyes: Dark Grey (charcoal)
Mane: Grey (mix of white and grey)
Body: Dapple Grey
Hooves: Black
Markings: None | 1 Scar
Tail: Grey (mix of white and grey)
Genes: Carries the grey gene

Malificent is a dapple grey Arabian mare, some call her particular species 'bone head' or 'unicorn'. She's muscular but slim, so... feminine but not slender. She's on the short side standing at 15.1hh, that's as tall as she'll ever be. She has two horns upon her head that start off at a dark grey and quickly fade to a light grey/white. They pretty much touch at the base and are very close together, at the ends curving opposite ways. Her eyes of a deep dark grey, charcoal if you wish. Her mane and tail fall at a normal length but still seem to be growing a little bit (will eventually end up at her shoulders and her tail touching the ground a little.) Despite her rather plain and very well kept appearance she has one scar. Very long and deep scar underneath her belly. Starting in the middle of her rib-cage and ending up right next to her left front leg.

- Loyal
- Bad communication skills (atm)
- Respectful (if you're respectful to her)

Really I have not figured out a personality for her yet, was hoping to grow that as she progresses through Helovia.. but for starters she hasn't had communication with other beings in quite some time so she seems to not have mannors at times. Can be very sarcastic in her words but she definitely does not mean to be that way, she quickly corrects herself. There is one distinct detail about her that will never change, her loyalty. She has not yet figured out her loyalty, as she has no one to have looked up to and follow, but she will soon learn that she is extremely loyal and loves those that love her. Basically, you respect her, she respects you. You treat her good, she'll treat you good. You do great for her, she does even more greatness for you.
Before Helovia:
Malificent started off as a foal in a small community of unicorns. She was nothing but a peasant and no one really paid her much attention, so her life was rather lonely and boring but she did not mind. She grew to love herself and the forest closest to her. As she grew she found herself spending more and more time there instead of in her little community. Her parents were hard workers that never really noticed she was even gone, with having 6 other siblings, she was the last to be noticed. As they were all growing and pursuing different things her parents taught the others as much as they could before they went off on their own. (It was a hard little town to live in if you weren't royalty.) Eventually Malificent just stayed in the forest, learning to protect herself and take care of herself while befriending the creatures that lived there as well. Her new home was rather beautiful but she seeked more. So off she went, traveling many homes and new places (where she gathered her first and only scar in a fight for her life, though she will not tell you what happened.) Finding friends of all sorts (including a Centaur, whom she was very leery of though.) And then she stumbled here, upon the entrances of Helovia. Where (she didn't know it yet) she would make herself at home, staying forever.

Helovia Year 5
To My Dearest Forest | OPEN
- Met by Cheveyo in the Threshold, where Ophelia soon joins, Mal goes with Ophelia to explore the Basin.
Okay.. Not What I Expected | Ophelia - OPEN
- Follows Ophelia to the Basin and begins her tour and visit to Ophelia's lovely home.
it is time to go... | Ophelia - OPEN
- Starts to begin her journey to find Cheveyo's home but is called back into the Basin by Thranduil, who acts as a guide and shows her his home with a more detailed look.
Arabian | 16.1hh | Grey (born black) (black skin) (carried grey gene) | Unicorn

Arabian (1/3 Thoroughbred) | 14.2hh | Black | Unicorn

Grand Parents:
From Sire:
Sire: Arabian | 15.3hh | Grey (born chestnut) (carried grey gene) | Unicorn
Dam: Arabian | 16.2hh | Dapple Bay | Pegasus

From Dam:
Sire: Arabian (2/3 Thoroughbred) | 14.0hh | Black | Unicorn
Dam: Arabian | 15.1hh | Bay | Unicorn

- Slinaes | Brother | Deceased
- Gringer | Sister | Alive
- Kindren | Brother | Alive
- Reinsied | Sister | Alive
- Knotisen | Brother | Deceased
- Lyken | Brother | Alive

- N/A
- N/A

- N/A

Played by
Played by: Niki
Deviantart: Nicole-Studios
Skype: taylor.nicole368

** Quickest way to get a hold of me is probably through Skype, though I'm on here and DeviantArt daily.

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- Profile Coding: Niki
- Page Stylized Coding: Wanda

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Battle Statistics
STR:   2 SPD:   6 AGL:   3 END:   9
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
7.5 10 2.5 60
Notable Accomplishments

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- I'm very forgetful sometimes, so please tag me in all posts related to Mal, if that doesn't work.. feel free to PM this account.
- Magic allowed, just no killing, harming, etc. without my permission.


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