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Dragon's Throat Forger


Species: Hybrid Gender: Mare Age: 7 years Height: 16.1 hh

breed: friesian/morgan mix
species: kelpie/siren mix x equine
colour: dark grey
mane & tail: long, thick, slightly curly
features: fine scales along points, spine, belly; wet-seal texture to coat (always looks like it's wet)
eyes: greyish blue
birthday: Orangemoon


bitter - angry - sexist - opinionated - self-obsessed - sad


siren x kelpie mix
dark grey, changes colour in water
friesian mix
covered in scales, eats souls and water plants

FATHER: unnamed



Syrena is the daughter of a unique creature, but only half a unique creature herself. Her maternal grand-parents, both water-dwelling mythical horses, enchanted each other and mated. They resulted in Raidne, a gorgeous half kelpie/half siren with all the powers of both. Instead of the sleek white mare she was a deep grey with the coat of a seal that transformed into brilliant colours whenever she got wet. Raidne was a solitary mare, choosing to avoid the collection of her siren sisters and going off on her own instead. She was nomadic while they nested at one pond for their entire lives.

Syrena was simply the product of her (to date) only union. Raidne was notoriously picky about who she would mate with, and who she would simply drown and eat. The young Syrena took to her mother's ways and adopted the nomadic way of life - learning quickly to take advantage of anything at her disposal. She was one month old when she took her first life, playing the helpless foal.

Fully grown now, Syrena has travelled and makes her nest at a new lake or pond each season. It is during her move at the end of winter that she has stumbled across Helovia, not knowing the cost she has paid for crossing the border - the loss of her magic.


Birdsong Year 5
arrived in Helovia, met Essetia and her companion Romul. Agreed to go to the Falls because of the promise of water.
led to the Hidden Falls, told Essetia of her background
after taking her leave of Essetia, Syrena bathes in a pond and meets December (on going)

Tallsun Year 5
COMING: Syrena attempts to drown Caenan and discovers her magic is missing
participated in a SS companion drop, denied
introduction to the Shipping plot, Syrena teamed up with a unipeg mare she doesn't bother to learn the name of (Rhea)
Task 1: went to Endless Blue to "warn" others of the incoming flood along with her partner
Task 2: went to Secret Grove with Rhea in order to collect a bucket full of water
Task 3: went to Endless Blue with Rhea to collect seaweed to bring to the ship to eat
Task 4: went to the Heart Caves with Rhea to catch defenseless animals and put them in a cage
Task 5: returned to the Heart Caves with Rhea to collect a rock
meets Ghost near the waterfalls that give Hidden Falls their name
COMING: visits the Endless Blue and gets an unexpected visit.

Frostfall Year 7
Returns to Helovia; meets Lotherarius
Joins the Hidden Falls again; is welcomed by Brisa



* eats water plants (used to eat souls)
* lost her siren voice, soul-eating, and water-plant manipulating magic upon entrance to Helovia among other tricks used in her trade
** consumed souls by taking the life-energy from another and absorbing it via the water into her body, where it rejuvinated her cells (could be immortal so long as she kept up with the practice). Essentially, she was able to take the number of seasons that horse would have lived and tacked it onto her own lifespan
* has never been touched by anyone since her mother gave birth to her

note to self: make notes about Sirens and Kelpies

in favour
out of favour
seen but not heard
all dem SWP folks

* does not know name, found to be obnoxious during SWP: Shipping.

Played by

Sarah | Kyra

:: [ Magic: EarthxWater | ability to manipulate the growth of water plants ]
:: [ Restrictions | have to be near water to manipulate the plants; can expand their reach 5 m from her body ]
:: [ Magic: LightxWater (P) | changes colour when she is wet (warm colours for warm water, cool colours for cold water) ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [ Item: blue raindrop charm | a blue raindrop charm that sweats fresh water ]
:: [ Item: Magical Seaweed | Magical seaweed that lets the user breathe underwater while the seaweed is in mouth. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can only be used in 1 hour intervals. ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | A string of shells that sound like the ocean. ]
:: [ Item: Dragon's Throat Key | A small, metal charm allowing access to the bridge to the Dragon's Throat. ]
:: [ Companion: Rougarou | Mythical, royal | Water | 4 yrs 0 mos ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

- February 2015 || The Literal Ship Plot Participant

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