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Passive Vaping Magic

Species: Hybrid Gender: Mare Age: 3 (Ages Birdsong) Height: 16.2 Hands
3 Years
Birdsong Birth
World's Edge
relationship status
World's Edge Sergeant
The missing side of her sister, Auriel is beautiful, but in a strong sense. Underneath the pale skin that covers her body, no thanks to her mother, is the incredibly thick lineage of her father. She is rough around the edges, with thick legs that feather at her coronet's. Her face is more feminine and soft, and she will not gain the beard of a draft. Her body however, curves into the slope of her mother in strong hindquarters. She is strong, and very fast but lacks the grace and sturdiness of her mother.

Her ornaments, however, are much different. Upon her head, she is crowned with a large, black slightly curved horn. Its wide at the base, before splitting off into two separate horns. However, unlike her father they twist up, like a traditional unicorn but she still bares his blaze. Her mother, however seems to hold more weight in her adornments. A lock of hair behind her ears will grow a blue like her mothers, and from her back sprouts a strong set of wings. The wings resemble that of a hawk black color that blends with her own dusty amber. Her eyes are even subtle, a pale amber.

* Unipeg
* Pale buckskin, with silver gene
* Very Pale, Amber eyes
* Dusty Amber and Hawk Black wings
* One black horn, splits in two, curved slightly backward, spiraled
* Silvery Amber mane & tail, with blue streak behind ears
* Single white blaze on her face
* Reference
* profile image credits x x x x
Auriel is what she wants to be, a harbinger of peace that will do nearly anything to keep it. Although Auriel likes to be in control, she will fit better as a right-hand type of figure. She follows orders well and is extremely loyal. However, she will not place full trust into anyone until they have proven otherwise. She is not afraid to speak her mind. Even in the worst of people, she tries to find the light. If forced to, she will fight, and will likely be a warrior figure. (Loosely a mix of muses from Tauriel (from Hobbit) and Auriel (from Diablo))

Tactical Mind
Fair & Just
Bases Decision on Emotion
Can be Violent
Trusts Herself First
Father: Oxy the Addict
Mother: Elsa the Icebound
Siblings: Shida (deceased), Hawezi (half)
Offspring: Elm (unborn, by volterra)
Extended Family: Merlin (niece)

Born alongside her sister in Birdsong year 5, she, from the start, has felt superior. Although her sister, innately magical also, Auriel possess a much more.. shall we say regal magic. She also possesses the ability to fly. She is adorned with wings, whilst her sister is not. Birth Stats.

will you still love me? - I was introduced to this world.
frost fire - Met Volterra
socrates called, he wants his philosophy back - I tried for a companion egg.
here's my dilemma - I met Cheska, she's really nice.
danger is my middle name - Saffron the Stripey.
Shipping - Paired with Cheska for adventures!
Competition is Fierce - Cheska and I run into my family, and my moms partner.
Dear Liza, a hole - We get water buckets! Then a rude man enters and talks about my family.
Save my soul - I saw a Tree Horse! And got some pretty Thistles.
Who Doesn't Love a Smoke Bomb - Me and Shida being us.
Bird Food - I try for another egg, but instead I get a red feather as a gift.
GTFO - The Falls gets invaded.
The Reality of Displacement - I run away, like a baby.
One Fish, Two Fish - I met Erebos!
On a tree in the garden I carved your name - I'm reunited with my sister after a long absence
the coldest summer - I'm reunited with my mother and join the Edge
in the dead of night - I find a small dagger
Magic, Companions And Items
- :: [ Magic: Light (P) | Her every exhale is seductively smokey, as if she was vaping]

- :: [ Magic: DarkxLight (A) | The ability to blow her smokey breath in other's faces and make them wild, but the power parches her throat]
- :: [ Magic: DarkxLight (U) | Smoke adds a hallucination effect of the victims greatest fear]
--- ::[Restrictions | The effects last for only 45 seconds and the parching of her throat restricts her to only one use in battle]

- :: [Magic: Dark x Shock (A) | When she screams, she emits a high frequency electrical wave that causes shaky vision and disorientation]
- ::[Magic: Dark x Shock (U) | The scream is so high pitched that it causes an extremely painful headache]
--- ::[Restrictions | Effects last 30 seconds in battle and 2 posts in a normal thread.]

- :: [Companion || Acid Hellhound or Shadow Rougarou]
- :: Hellhound Denial
- :: Hellhound Denial

- :: [Green Leaf Charm | a green leaf charm that glows green in the dark, worn in hanging between her eyes from her horn]
- :: [Feather | Red feather, the same color as the Deep Forest rocks. Given by a raven. Tied into her mane.]
- :: [ Item: Leather Dagger Sheath | Small leather sheath with gold designs. ]
- :: [ Item: Iron Dagger | Offensive. Palm-sized iron dagger colored a light gold, gold designs on base of the knife, white hilt with floral designs. ]
---her dagger normally sits in it's sheath with the hilt turned down, strapped to her left cannon
she'll blind the eye of the dragon.


Played by
I play agnodice & auriel & frost fyre & rein
I can be found on deviantart as aapricity ; my skype is anja.kty

:: [ Magic: DarkxLight (U) | The ability to blow her smokey breath in others' faces and make them hallucinate their greatest fears and go wild. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Effects last 45 seconds; using ability parches her throat. ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxSpark (U) | Screams a high frequency electric wave, causing disorientation/shaking vision with a lasting headache. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Affects those within a 5m radius; effects last 30 seconds. ]
:: [ Magic: Light (P) | Her every exhale is seductively smokey, as if she was vaping ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [ Item: Green leaf charm | A green leaf charm that glows green in the dark. ]
:: [ Item: Feather | A red feather given to her by a raven ]
:: [ Item: Leather Dagger Sheath | Small leather sheath with gold designs. ]
:: [ Item: Iron Dagger | Offensive. Palm-sized iron dagger colored a light gold, gold designs on base of the knife, white hilt with floral designs. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Will wear over time, needs maintenance. ]
:: [ Item: Iron Dagger
:: [ Item: Trinket | A small device which tells what areas are fertile for growth. ]
:: [ Earth Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   8 SPD:   4 AGL:   5 END:   4
OI:   1 DI:   0 MG:   2 CP:   0
4.5 7.5 7 66
Notable Accomplishments

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