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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 12 Years Height: 16.3 hh


  • Name:
    Bolverik, pronounced "Bowl-vair-ick"
  • Breed:
    Freisian & Warmblood build: Long legged and muscular with a thick, friesian like face, archy neck and sloped topline but with the lean profile of a warmblood and more refinement.
  • Body:
    Charcoal black fading into light gray and white on his hindquarters
  • Mane&Tail:
    Long, elegant hair often braided which fades to silvery white at the ends, and his tail is leonine with a long, thick plume
  • Beard:
    Short, cropped beard that is only a scruff under his jaw of only black - gets much, much longer in the winter time
  • Eyes:
    Glinting gold with dark, black accents and flecks
  • Hooves:
    Solid, gold, almost appear to shimmer
  • Horn:
    Two, spiral antelope horns, gold in color
  • Markings:
    Gold rabicano-like striping around his belly and flank and white blaze down his face leading to a pink snip on his upper lip
  • Items:
    A golden faceplate with fine chain looping around his ears, and jaw, a small, find nose piercing on his right nostril, two loops of chain around his neck, one shin guard on his hind, left leg, and multiple bangles around his tail (currently only has the tail rings)

Clever | Devious | Silver-tongued | Charismatic | Deceptive | Humorous | Dark | Two-faced | Smooth | Proud | Royal | Leader

Bolverik, older half-brother of Torleik, was raised in their land of snow and ice. Despite its more nomadic nature, Bolv was able to talk his way into and out of anything, frequently breaking the rules without getting caught. A flash of his smile would earn the attention of mares, giving him a false sense of true confidence which lead to him getting his ass kicked frequently in combat.

Though not a coward, he avoids battle at all cost, preferring to keep his appearance pristine and untouched. He sees himself as the best of competing bloodlines with his stately, noble horns and more slender build than his thicker brother. A normal conversation would not reveal all of his vices, however, as he is an excellent social chameleon, able to adapt to the situation to ensure that he remains on the "winning side".

He is not entirely without merit, however. The strong, family-centered environment stuck, and he has a fondness for children and a loyalty to those he chooses to bond with. Good in a tense situation, he can diffuse the madness and come up with reasonable scenarios, often helping his warrior brethren, whome, he would be loathed to admit, loves.

  • Sire:

    Friesian - Black - Blue eyes - Dual horns - 17.1hh
  • Dam:

    Warmblood - Gray Rabicano - Gold eyes - Dual horns - 16.0 hh
  • Half-sibling:

    Torleik the Bloodskald
  • Cousin:

    Ulrik the Engineer

Born first to the same father as Torleik the Bloodskald, Bolverik was raised to rule. He was trained by the politicians in the ways of speaking smoothly, and since he was slightly smaller than the rest, he had to rely on quick wit and a clever tongue to succeed. Beating his way to the top was out of the question, especially given his younger brother's massive stature and strength, but he acheived greatness in his time.

Known to have a silver-tongue, his charisma and charm earned him status among the leaders, never wanting for anything and almost of high esteem. Quite a few disliked him for his gain, but the words of such low underlings barely reached his ears. Instead, he spent his time focusing on what he could get from others, and he got quite a bit. A charming smile, handsome, boyish looks and a devilish wit were enough to get him places.

Until his home burned to ash. Bolverik was displaced, lost for quite some time as he tried to find a new home. In the fire, he lost a female-mate he had grown quite fond of, even though he was still a bachelor at the time. He had honest intentions to tie himself to her, but the tragedy of their homeland killed that opportunity. He grew quite a bit from this time, losing his sense of entitlement and embracing a slightly more gritty lifestyle. Though still obsessive about his flawless appearance, he took to leaving a rough, short beard on his chin and maybe a little mud here and there. The ladies seemed to like this, after all.

Bolverik found his way to Helovia, and he was entranced by the lovely forests, teeming with life. Here, he would make his mark. Not entirely foolish and self-centered, he does possess a legitimtae desire to support his people and his kind, and he has a strong loyalty to his family. The pain of loss also helps drive him to be better, knowing that life is short and that at any time, he could be gone, just like she.
Magic & Companion


Is currently not seeking any magic


Golden Faceplate | A single, golden faceplate with ornate chains wrapping around his ears


Is currently seeking a griffin companion


This entire class is pitiful.


:: [ Item: Golden tail rings | Three golden bangles hanging from his tail. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   7 SPD:   5 AGL:   6 END:   3
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
4.0 8.0 6.5 62
Notable Accomplishments

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