the Rift

[Magic EarthxLight; | Can create crystal spikes in a circular pattern around herself by using the minerals in the earth. The type and color of the crystals depend upon the minerals in the ground.] [Restrictions | Crystals can be up to chest height within 5m of her body.]

[Item: bronze branch charm | a small bronze branch that grows a flower every morning] - this flower is a black bat flower. Tacca chantrieri. It seems to have a purplish hue to it.




Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 2 year [Birdsong] Height: 16.1 hh
Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse, Campolina, Andalusian
Gender: Filly
Age: 2 year (birdsong)
Species: Pegasus
Wings Dark bay in color with a few white feathers scattered about them. They are also very large in size when compared to her body.
Eyes: Teal
Mane: Flaxen, long and thick and wavy.
Body: Dapple bay paint with black points. Two white ankle socks on her left side. Then her left legs have two white pasterns. She has long legs and a slight roman nose. She is also very slender in build and fine featured.
Hooves: Slate gray.
Markings:  Teal claw marks just below her eyes.
Tail: Flaxen, long and thick and wavy.

Isa is quiet and keeps her thoughts mostly to herself right now. She suffers from a fear of those without wings and from Speluncaphobia due to the radical equines that imprisioned her and her mother ever since before she was born. She thinks that all wingless equines are evil right now and fears that one day someone will come to drag her back to the cave that she was born in.

Since Isa has spent almost her entire life living in a cave, she knows very little about the world above ground or in general. Now that she has found herself above ground she is rather curious about everything. How things work, what things are, everthing. She wants to learn all she can and experience all she can in case she does end up getting captured again, so then at least she can say that she had done something with herself.

As Isa is getting older she is seeming to get some spunk to her and a little sassy though for now this seems to remain as thoughts and she doesn't express this side of herself yet.

Isa's blood lineage is unknown to her.

However she considers Hector as her adoptive father.

Before Isa was even born, her mother was captured and held prisoner by a group of extremist equines. Her mother was stuck upon the land while she was heavily pregnant with Isa and the extremist group took advantage of this and tore her wings off so she couldn't escape them. Then they confined her to an underground cavern. It was there, in darkness that Isa was born. Because of this, Isa has never known her father and didn't even know what her own mother and herself looked like. But she did get to hear her mother's voice and even the voices of a few others. In fact, she only knows what she knows about the “surface” world due to others telling tales of their lives and what they missed.

One day though, Isa got to experience the surface world on her own, but at an expense. It was the day that her mother and some of the others tried to escape. However Isa couldn't keep up with all of them because her overly large wings made it difficult for her to run. So her mother told her to hide and stay quiet no matter what until it was safe. So Isa hid while her mother ran on after promising to return for her.

Hours passed before Isa heard the approach of others. One of them was her mother she knew that by scent. The others she only knew as the Shadowmen, the extremist group. The group had captured her mother again, and were beating her until she collapsed. It was then that Isa finally got a good look at her mother who stared upon her with eyes glistening with tears. The first time that Isa actually got to see her mother, who she believes was beautiful despite all the hardship, she had to watch her die. But Isa never made a sound. Not a cry, not a whimper, she didn't even shed a tear. Instead she just went straight into a state of shock.

Once the coast was clear and she pulled herself somewhat together and forced herself to move on in the darkness of night, the one thing she felt safe in anymore. As the weeks passed by Isa traveled by dark and slept by light until she crossed into the realm of Helovia, where she will begin a new chapter of her life.

Her voice as a foal is Jasmine Thompson. English accent and all.

Played by

:: [ Magic: EarthxLight | Can create crystal spikes in a circular pattern around herself by using the minerals in the earth; the type and color of the crystals depend upon the minerals in the ground. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Crystals can be up to chest height within 5m of her body ]
:: [ Item: Bronze branch charm | A small bronze branch that grows a flower every morning. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   4 SPD:   4 AGL:   7 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
5 9.5 5 62.5
Notable Accomplishments

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