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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 3:: Frostfall Height: 16 hands

The Cover

*Tiva (TEE-VAH)

*2 years old (Frostfall)



*National Show horse

*White pupils-less eyes

*Rose grey(Dunskin + grey) with bird catcher spots| Will turn solid white roughly around age 7(may change) EE/AA/nCr/Dd/Gg

*Her back left leg/hoof are a bright blue jay blue that ends at her pastern

*Six point white tailed deer antlers

*White pupils eyes

*Two braids in her mane

*Her braids have three bright blue glass beads on the end of each leaving two inches of lose hair under them

*Three more glass beads are on her left antler and three blue jay feathers(different sizes) hang from the beads

*She has a leather necklace browns, blues, white; striped and dotted patterned with thin pieces that hang off all around her neck. These leather cords have three beads a piece that do not move, and a blue jay feather hangs between each strand.

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Playful- Blunt- Seems heartless- Caring- Goofy- Pushy- Naive- Inquisitive- Free spirit- Charismatic- Man-eater
She was born to a normal herd full of Pegasus, Equines, and Unicorns. Her mother was Unipeg(Dunskin + Grey) and her father was a Unicorn(Dunskin). When she turned one and a half she left her family to explore the land. Being a free spirit the filly has never settled down, always dancing from place to place enjoying the Earth and all it has to offer. Maybe one day this free spirit can be tamed, tethered to one specific place until the end of her life.


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Played by
Parelia| Aakesh, Alija, Daemyn, Ilios, Parelia, Zunden

:: [ Item: Beads | Three glass beads with three blue-jay feathers hanging from her antler ]
:: [ Item: Necklace | Leather necklace with blue-jay feathers and beads ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   2 SPD:   6 AGL:   5 END:   7
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
6.5 10 3 60
Notable Accomplishments

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