the Rift

the Mountain That Knows

Dragon's Throat Apostle

No longer pregnant

Species: Tribrid Gender: Mare Age: 3 - is now aging slowly Height: 18hh

Iso's name is the combination of two greek words. ισορροπία [isorropia] and σοφία [sophia], meaning balance and wisdom respectively. The pronunciation should be fairly standard (Iz-o pee-ah), but the stresses should be placed on the 's' and the 'p'.

Iso is a very regal creature. She stands exceptionally tall, but her long legs help to deceive just how large she truly is. Her draft heritage is obvious in her well muscled hindquarters and shoulders, as well as providing feather on her hooves.

Breed: [Thoroughbred x QH ] x [Draft mix]
Build: The best of all worlds. She is evenly built with the TB offering a slimmer profile to a draft height and strength. Though she is still tall, the QH helps by creating a slightly lower center of gravity and sloping hip that allows for slightly faster movement given her height. Poor endurance.
Markings: White markings under eyes, dark blaze extends up around her eyes, swirling on her jawline. Also has skull markings on either side of her face
Wings: non-identical wing colours. Left wing bears the same deep colour as the marking on her left shoulder with creamy feathers. Right wing is an ashen brown with creamy feathers. Horns: 4 horns, curving backwards. Gold to deep earthen brown.
Eyes: Deep golden
Hooves: Ashen, except for front left which is dark

Consequentialist :: Philosophical :: Determinist :: Borderline Sociopath :: Contemplative :: Never fearful

Born due to the sacrifice of her brother, Hototo, Iso's soul focus in life will be to keep Helovia in balance. She will not ultimately strive towards what is 'good', but only what will lead to the best outcomes. Her view is what is called 'world consequentialism'. Simply put, you can thin of it like this: if killing 1000 new born infants will (somehow) lead to an overall outcome for the world that is 'best', then 1) that is the action you are morally obligated to do and 2) it is the right action.
For Iso, 'right' and 'wrong', 'good' and 'bad' can be determined by complicated moral calculus. That is, by looking at all of the possible 'worlds' that we could inhabit (as dictated by our choices), what is the 'right' thing to do, is going to be the action that will keep us on a path towards the 'best' world.

Because of this, Iso's choices might seem down right bizarre or even horrific at times.

Iso is also a determinist. This means that she believes that every action can be explained by the action that directly proceeded it, and so on. Because you can only be responsible for actions that you have direct control over, because your actions are ultimately the result of things you had no control over (i.e., who your parents were, who you happened to meet during your life, etc), you are not responsible for who you are. Because of this, she will be far from judgmental, and will never take offense at the behaviors of others.
Iso will also remain distant and un-wanting of relationships with others. She has seen that it was the relationship between the Gods and the mortals that caused so much strife and unbalance in the world in the past, that she will actively distance herself from others to avoid this consequence. Even without this active decision on her part, Iso would still be distant. She doesn't experience empathy or sympathy, as she suffers from borderline sociopathy.


Will quest for a bronze royal dragon, and another companion of some type. Possible names: Hubris, Panacea, or Babel.

Isopia currently: Has learned her name from a whale! She is called Isopia! So far, those who know her real name are Zero (who was present when she learned it) and Zahra (because Zero shouted 'Iso' in her presence).

What others call her:

    Ampere: Raven
    Mesec: Little Earth
    Thranduil: Raven
    Karalius: Red
    Kaj: Naamloos (Nameless)
    Volterra: kis holló (Little Raven)

Sire: God of the Earth
Dam: Kahlua the Sunshower
Aunts & Uncles: God of the Moon, God of the Sun, God of the Spark, Nachtfang [offsite], Der Fuhrer [offsite], Umbriel
Siblings: ---
Half Siblings: Hototo the Earthsinger (God of the Earth x Ktulu)
Cousins: Mesec (God of the Moon x D'Art), Aithniel (God of the Sun x Ampere), Roskuld (God of the Spark x Ophelia), Israfel (God of the Sun x Smoke)
Offpsring: Kókkino thanátou ( x Volterra. Born still-born due to this fight (Foal Stats)


Played by
Played by Aud, who also plays Gaucho, Rhoa and Shida

:: [ Magic: EarthxWater (U) | Can create shapes out of the earth or water ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can only create 2 large shapes (large horse size or smaller) or 5 smaller shapes (dog size or smaller); lasts one post in battle. ]
:: [ Magic: Earth (U) | Can change into a large black raven or a dragon; both retain her skull markings. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Immobilized for 10 seconds. ]
:: [ Magic: Earth (P) | Demi-god ability: minor healing ability using earth ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can only heal minor injuries on themselves ]
:: [ Magic: Earth (P) | Her body will begin to meld into her environment the longer she remains in one place ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle; movement easily disrupts the magic ]
:: [ Item: Golden chains | Small golden chains. ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Pauldron and Cape | Defensive. Pauldron has feathers that change colour depending on the season. ]
:: [ Item: Metal acorn charm  | A bronze metal acorn charm that glows in the dark. ]
:: [ Item: Dagger ("Melos") | A small iron dagger with a black hilt which is enchanted with an ability which allows the viewer to see an ongoing event in a nearby land when invoked with the phrase "the watching shift goes ever on". ]
:: [ Restrictions | The event must be occurring in an active thread within a board adjacent to the board where the viewer writes as using the item. Due to the small viewing plane not all details of the event will be seen or understood. ]
:: [ Item: Vial of Crocodile God Blood | Blood from the Crocodile God of the Rift ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Horse Shoes | Offensive. Set of 4 magical crystal horse shoes that protect plant and animal life from being crushed by the wearer ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Able to bond to 2 companions. ]
:: [ Item: Rock Golem | Small rock Isopia-Doll (made by Volterra) covered in Tiger God blood. ]
:: [ Item: Small kerosene-soaked stick. | Ignites on command. ]
:: [ Item: Magical Compass | Glows white when the wearer's actions are morally “good" and black they aren't morally “good.” ]
:: [ Item: Piece of horn | Piece of ram's horn on a string. ]
:: [ Item: Light of the Turtle | Small glowing green orb charm. ]
:: [ Companion: Bronze Dragon | Mythical, royal | Shock Breath & Frost Breath | 5 yrs 11 mos ] :: [ Companion: Gold Dragon | Mythical, royal | Fire Breath | 4 yrs 8 mos ]
:: [ Sun Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   9 SPD:   6 AGL:   6 END:   4
OI:   2 DI:   1 MG:   3 CP:   3
6.5 10 8.0 90
Notable Accomplishments

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03-07-2016 by Mesec
:: The Giving Tree :: Thistle Meadow
Random Event, Volterra, Lena, Auriel, Mauja, Zèklè, Nyx, Johnny, Deimos, Agnodice, Erebos, Erthë, Frost Fyre, Badger, Mesec, Tembovu, Amara, Tandavi, Tingal, Isopia, Gaucho, Rexanna, Maren, Tae, Caneo, Alune, Cera, Enna, Colt, Eldala, Ciceron, Amaris, Grimalkin, Brisa, Ashamin, Ivezho, Aeolus, Ahvelyn, Cirrus, Murtagh, Resplendence, Draevo, Hera, Lothíriel, Aaron, Brendan, Kalona, Vitani, Shahrokh, Knox, Milo, Amani, Alysanne, Thranduil, Shida, Elsa, Serenity, Rhoa, Spice, Cloak, Ki'irha, Kid, Archibald, Essetia, Uriel, Iona, Caenan, Hotaru, Kaj, Ampere, Rei, Glacia, Rasta, Nymeria, Difyr, Zandora, Mortuus Nox, Torleik, Naerys, Sialia, Grusha, Misael, Laedere, Ilios, Ranjiri, Katerina, Jahzara, Evangeline, Parelia, Gull, Einarr, Areli, Sikeax, Tiamat, Nasreen, Rohan
12-25-2015 by Random Event
The Boys of Summer Riptide Isles
Isopia, Nymeria, Gull
12-29-2015 by Gull
Fighting the boss | Iso v Archi Battleground
01-08-2016 by Blu
when your heart's turned to gold Deep Forest
Volterra, Isopia, Ophelia, Erthë
12-28-2015 by Volterra
Applaud the oddities [Seers] Halcyon Flats
Maren, Alune, Erthë, Isopia, Ashamin
12-11-2015 by Isopia
eat your demons [joining] Hidden Falls
Nymeria, Isopia
12-13-2015 by Nymeria
just for a moment, let's be still Hidden Falls
Zèklè, Isopia
02-03-2016 by Isopia
I Saw You [Isopia] Ancient Rotunda
Ashamin, Isopia
12-14-2015 by Isopia
hello, my name is.... [Warriors] Hidden Falls
Ktulu, Ciceron, Ezital, Murtagh, Areli, Aaron, Isopia, Destrier, Soren, Kynareth, Vitani
12-15-2015 by Soren
Aquatic lessons Riptide Isles
Isopia, Aquila
11-17-2015 by Aquila
I did the thing [quest turn in - Earth] Veins of the Gods
Isopia, God of the Earth
11-28-2015 by God of the Earth
Changing but never changed [egg hatching] Riptide Isles
Volterra, Isopia
12-12-2015 by Isopia
Mama, wo bist du? Riptide Isles
Zèklè, Isopia, Gaucho, Ampere, Mesec
11-28-2015 by Ampere
Beyond Harm Riptide Isles
Knox, Archibald, Isopia, Milo
11-16-2015 by Knox
SWP :: Blunt Little Instruments (Conclusion) Riptide Isles
God of the Earth, Zèklè, Isopia, Dacianna, Dragomir, Mauja, Volterra, Ophelia, Aithniel, Nephele, Erthë, Maren, Tembovu, Morenth, Naerys, Badger, Aquila, Imonada, Galiel, Tiamat, Shida, Virgil, Gaucho, Gull, Archibald, Einarr, Abraham, Ampere
11-07-2015 by Ampere
Side Adventures Riptide Isles
Isopia, Roskuld
11-04-2015 by Isopia
How deep is your love? Heavenly Fields
Ampere, Isopia
12-19-2015 by Ampere
SWP :: Blunt Little Instruments (Part II) Riptide Isles
God of the Earth, Mauja, Aaron, Calypso, Mirabella, Vitani, Badger, Volterra, Maren, Ciceron, Morenth, Rhea, Resplendence, Aeolus, Kalona, Lena, Virgil, Deimos, Shida, Gaucho, Isopia, Nephele, Ki'irha, Zèklè, Imonada, Galiel, Tembovu, Snö, Aquila, Rexanna, Tiamat, Dacianna, Dragomir, Ghost, Ashamin, Ophelia, Erthë, Erebos, Rohan, Ahvelyn, Ktulu, Ranjiri, Ampere, Naerys, Zenobia, Nuray, Evaneska, Miykael, Parelia, Enna, Ilios, Mordecai, Vadim, Dovahkiin, Beest, Aithniel, Roskuld, Archibald, Rune, Abraham, Einarr, Cera, Knox, Gull, Milo, Kipling, Thantos, Panzram, Random Event
10-27-2015 by Random Event
I See You [Ashamin v. Isopia] Battleground
Ashamin, Isopia
12-01-2015 by Official
SWP :: Blunt Little Instruments (Part I) Riptide Isles
God of the Earth, Archibald, Nephele, Galiel, Ampere, Aaron, Ciceron, Random Event, Resplendence, Zenobia, Ghost, Dragomir, Ranjiri, Erthë, Isopia, Volterra, Mauja, Thantos, Aithniel, Shida, Virgil, Gaucho, Morenth, Aeolus, Rhea, Kalona, Imonada, Dacianna, Badger, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Tiamat, Rohan, Aquila, Tembovu, Evaneska, Nuray, Ophelia, Ilios, Parelia, Enna, Knox, Milo, Panzram, Einarr, Abraham, Ktulu, Mordecai, Snö, Vadim, Lena, Rexanna, Deimos, Tandavi, Vitani, Erebos, Zèklè, Calypso, Cera, Beest, Iona, Mesec, Ki'irha, Najya, Maren, Gull, Miykael, Dovahkiin, Naerys, Alysanne, Kipling, Mirabella
10-23-2015 by Random Event
Let Me Be Your Shelter Hidden Falls
Kaj, Archibald, Ciceron, Resplendence, Isopia, Ktulu, Imonada, Brisa, Miykael, Parelia, Murtagh, Knox, Rasta, Vitani, Macaria
10-24-2015 by Macaria
It's enough to make kings and vagabonds believe the very best Deep Forest
Lace, Nyx, Isopia, Tandavi, Kaj
10-27-2015 by Isopia
SWP :: A light shining through Riptide Isles
God of the Earth, Virgil, Ktulu, Evaneska, Isopia, Zenobia, Imonada, Aquila, Tembovu, Dacianna, Ghost, Dragomir, Ranjiri, Ophelia, Gashad, Volterra, Nyx, Aithniel, Resplendence, Aeolus, Archibald, Erebos, Ciceron, Rhea, Kipling, Kalona, Adria, Erthë, Vadim, Mauja, Ampere, Öde, Badger, Rexanna, Ashamin, Lena, Ahvelyn, Alysanne, Gull, Mesec, Ki'irha, Zailah, Aaron, Knox, Gaucho, Maren, Shida, Naerys, Rude, Thantos, Nephele, Deimos, Abraham, Random Event, Miykael, Einarr, Iona, Najya, Dovahkiin, Parelia, Ilios, Milo, Ulrik, Cera, Snö, Mordecai, Amani, Calypso, Vitani, Nuray, Mirabella, Thranduil, Zèklè, Morenth, Tiamat, Rohan
10-20-2015 by Rohan
I make dis Hidden Falls
Isopia, Imonada
10-25-2015 by Imonada
On 3. 1...2...| Iso v. Kaj Battleground
Isopia, Kaj
02-15-2016 by Official
SWP :: You thought it was over? So did I. (CONCLUSION) Halcyon Flats
God of the Sun, Gaucho, Shida, Shadow, Imonada, Isopia, Erthë, Naerys, Ghost, Mauja, Evaneska, Nuray, Ophelia, Maren, Ranjiri, Tembovu, Thranduil, Persephone, Rexanna, Lena, Archibald, Thantos, Einarr, Gull, Random Event, Aithniel, Ampere, Öde, Knox, Milo, Ahvelyn, Ashamin
10-14-2015 by Ashamin
SWP :: You thought it was over? So did I. (Part II) Halcyon Flats
Ophelia, God of the Sun, Mauja, Knox, Lena, Deimos, Ghost, Ampere, Gaucho, Tiamat, Ranjiri, Shadow, Ciceron, Nyx, Megaera, Aithniel, Badger, Erebos, Thranduil, Rikyn, Rhea, Shida, Einarr, Volterra, Isopia, Mordecai, Erthë, Rexanna, Ashamin, Tembovu, Rohan, Ahvelyn, Kalona, Evaneska, Milo, Nuray, Imonada, Öde, Random Event, Boy, Maren, Soren, Enna, Cera, Naerys, Torleik, Persephone, Najya, Destrier, Archibald, Panzram, Mesec, Thantos, Gull, Miykael, Morrigan, Ki'irha
10-07-2015 by Random Event
SWP :: You thought it was over? So did I. (Part I) Halcyon Flats
God of the Sun, Gaucho, Archibald, Rhea, Kalona, Isopia, Evaneska, Erthë, Mauja, Ampere, Öde, Gull, Ciceron, Cera, Tembovu, Rexanna, Nuray, Deimos, Ghost, Erebos, Sacre, Shida, Lena, Tiamat, Soren, Ki'irha, Cathun, Shadow, Enna, Najya, Knox, Milo, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Volterra, Rohan, Rikyn, Aithniel, Thantos, Ophelia, Panzram, Nyx, Maren, Badger, Persephone, Thranduil, Einarr, Mesec, Torleik, Ranjiri, Random Event, Naerys, Miykael, Boy, Destrier, Morrigan, Lace, Megaera, Imonada, Ultima
10-02-2015 by Random Event
When giants collide | Iso v Abraham Battleground
Isopia, Random Event, Abraham
11-06-2015 by Official
All I see is red. [OPEN!] Halcyon Flats
Isopia, Evaneska, Erthë
10-07-2015 by Isopia
SWP :: Through the Fire and Flames Halcyon Flats
God of the Sun, Destrier, Gaucho, Evaneska, Boy, Erthë, Rikyn, Soren, Tembovu, Mauja, Volterra, Einarr, Deimos, Lena, Megaera, Erebos, Rexanna, Persephone, Random Event, Ki'irha, Ranjiri, Rhea, Ophelia, Iscah, Ahvelyn, Ashamin, Kalona, Eden, Knox, Ampere, Milo, Öde, Ilios, Maren, Thantos, Ghost, Sacre, Archibald, Cera, Kaj, Naja, Najya, Aisling, Tiamat, Euphrates, Aithniel, Isopia, Mesec, Ultima, Torleik, Badger
10-02-2015 by Mauja
second chances, new beginnings [birth] Hidden Falls
Aylin, Isopia, Milo, Archibald, Maren, Random Event, Knox, Miykael
10-22-2015 by Milo
days that didn't happen [VOL!] Endless Blue
Isopia, Volterra, Random Event
11-01-2015 by Isopia
SWP :: What's mine is mine (Part II) Green Labyrinth
God of the Moon, Lace, Kalona, Volterra, Nyx, Nuray, Rikyn, Maren, Cera, Mortuus Nox, Eden, Shadow, Erthë, Badger, Elsa, Ophelia, Ulrik, Dvorak, Hotaru, Mesec, Isopia, Soren, Najya, Tiamat, Ilios, Rohan, Enna, Aviya, Lothíriel, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Archibald, Knox, Random Event, Resplendence, Ranjiri, Cathun, Ampere, Crystarius, Öde, Tatiana, Tembovu, Mauja, Aithniel, Thranduil, Torleik, Megaera, Gaucho, Rexanna, Thantos, Panzram
09-13-2015 by Random Event
SWP :: What's mine is mine (Part I) Green Labyrinth
Ktulu, God of the Moon, Random Event, Aaron, Aviya, Lace, Ampere, Soren, Shadow, Elsa, Badger, Rikyn, Panzram, Vitani, Volterra, Erthë, Cathun, Ashamin, Mortuus Nox, Ahvelyn, Thantos, Nuray, Öde, Archibald, Rexanna, Rohan, Ilios, Nyx, Eden, Ophelia, Knox, Hotaru, Lakota, Tembovu, Cera, Enna, Timothy, Kratos, Ranjiri, Mirabella, Ulrik, Mesec, Resplendence, Aithniel, Najya, Dvorak, Tandavi, Esk, Tiamat, Tatiana, Crystarius, Thranduil, Atheris, Mauja, Maren, Lothíriel, Megaera, Silas, Torleik, Isopia, Gaucho, Jaeger
09-07-2015 by Random Event
What do you even know. [WHATCH] Blood Falls
Isopia, Aisling, Ampere, Thranduil
10-04-2015 by Thranduil
SWP :: Not without consequences Green Labyrinth
Ophelia, Ulrik, Ktulu, God of the Moon, Mauja, Random Event, d'Artagnan, Archibald, Aaron, Knox, Mesec, Lace, Ampere, Gaucho, Hotaru, Sacre, Ranjiri, Shadow, Aurelia, Nyx, Megaera, Aithniel, Thranduil, Sialia, Rikyn, Volterra, Maren, Isopia, Najya, Erthë, Rexanna, Ashamin, Eden, Ahvelyn, Timothy, Thantos, Kratos, Tatiana, Crystarius, Dvorak, Nuray
09-01-2015 by God of the Moon
SWP :: Gods do die Part II Blood Falls
Random Event, Roskuld, Ophelia, Öde, Ranjiri, Crystarius, Crescencia, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Ilios, Rikyn, Volterra, Nyx, Erebos, Myrrine, Tembovu, Sialia, Mauja, Thantos, Erthë, Seren, Ragnarok, Aithniel, Badger, Rohan, Tiamat, Kaj, Tandavi, Torleik, Enna, Aurelia, Kalona, Rhea, Parelia, Knox, Maren, Amara, Isopia, Amani, Thranduil
08-28-2015 by Random Event
SWP :: Gods do die Blood Falls
Ophelia, Mauja, Random Event, Knox, God of the Spark, Kaj, Hotaru, Amara, Tiamat, Roskuld, Ranjiri, Tandavi, Torleik, Parelia, Aurelia, Öde, Nyx, Amani, Aithniel, Ilios, Badger, Erebos, Thranduil, Rikyn, Mirabella, Rhea, Caenan, Myrrine, Volterra, Maren, Isopia, Caleb, Erthë, Cathun, Ashamin, Tembovu, Rohan, Enna, Ahvelyn, Seren, Kalona, Ragnarok, Adonné, Ming Yue, Thantos, Crystarius, Aldoran, Crescencia, Artorias
08-24-2015 by Random Event
Shutup -- redux [DREAM] Deep Forest
Isopia, Knox
08-22-2015 by Isopia
Believe Veins of the Gods Archive
Isopia, Roskuld
08-11-2015 by Isopia
To catch a killer. Heart Caves
Gull, Isopia
09-01-2015 by Gull
Of course I know what I'm doing Archives
Isopia, Kaj
06-14-2015 by Kaj
Of Shadows and Shrubs Battleground
Isopia, Mesec
07-27-2015 by Blu
watered down whiskey and coke Archives
Isopia, Ranjiri
06-08-2015 by Ranjiri
Hot rocks and cool thoughts Hidden Falls
Isopia, Volterra
08-22-2015 by Isopia
Pounding sand, rolling rocks. Archives
Bellisma, Isopia
06-21-2015 by Isopia
Ash and Stone [Aith vs Iso] Battleground
05-26-2015 by Isopia
And this is how I shall start my life. Archives
Isopia, Karalius
08-11-2015 by Isopia
Morning Songs Archives
Ampere, Cirrus, God of the Earth, Isopia, Maren, Nyx, Thranduil, Volterra, Zèklè
06-07-2015 by Cirrus
I want one Archives
Isopia, Maren
06-10-2015 by Maren
The draper Deep Forest
Isopia, Zahra, Zèklè
08-23-2015 by Isopia
Old family Archives
Archibald, Isopia, Kaj, Ktulu, Ophelia
06-10-2015 by Kaj
Come and get it Thistle Meadow
Ampere, Ashamin, Badger, Isopia, Nasreen, Random Event
06-22-2015 by Ampere
Who will whatch the whatchmen ? Archives
Ampere, Isopia
05-31-2015 by Ampere
Shut up and look Archives
Isopia, Knox
07-13-2015 by Isopia
barbarian's prisoner Archives
Dröm, Ink, Isopia, Kaj
06-04-2015 by Kaj
Old Oaks and New Roots [Herd Meeting] Archives
Aaron, Archibald, Areli, Brisa, Ciceron, Daemyn, Destrier, Ink, Isopia, Kaj, Ktulu, Miykael, Parelia, Rasta, Resplendence, Syrena
05-22-2015 by Brisa
Radiance and Recoil [Questing!] Archives
Abraham, Isopia, Roskuld
06-16-2015 by Roskuld
you were used to wasting time Archives
Einarr, Isopia
05-14-2015 by Isopia
Cadence and Creation [Hut Building] Archives
Isopia, Kahlua
04-29-2015 by Isopia
Strings & ceiling wax & other fancy stuff Archives
Isopia, NPC, Zèklè
05-31-2015 by NPC
Trees and things [Closed] Archives
Camon, Isopia
06-08-2015 by Isopia
I don't see the problem. Archives
Archibald, Isopia
05-14-2015 by Isopia
[OPEN] Limbo Archives
Daemonia, Isopia
04-19-2015 by Isopia
playing priestess in the church ruins Veins of the Gods
Isopia, Verlaine
04-16-2015 by Isopia
Have Courage [rejoining] Archives
Aaron, Cheveyo, Isopia
04-07-2015 by Cheveyo
Find Your Mark Archives
Isopia, Thranduil
06-12-2015 by Thranduil
Stormy Harbours Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Isopia
04-27-2015 by Isopia
Last Sacrifice Archives
Aithniel, Isopia, Mesec, Random Event, Roskuld
06-05-2015 by Random Event
Eye-So-Pee-Ah Archives
Brigand, Isopia
05-16-2015 by Isopia
Puzzles in wonderland Archives
Erebos, Isopia
04-19-2015 by Erebos
Learn Archives
Isopia, NPC, Volterra
05-26-2015 by Isopia
Living on the highest shelf Archives
Isopia, Zèklè
04-19-2015 by Zèklè
Golden ;; Archives
Abraham, Brisa, Cerin, Einarr, Eurybe, Isopia, Nymeria, Random Event, Rue, Tandavi, Tingal, Volterra
03-26-2015 by Abraham
To fuel the song that's underneath Archives
Isopia, Kaj
04-24-2015 by Isopia
Chasing The Wind[Questing] Archives
Bucephalus, Isopia, Random Event
03-24-2015 by Isopia
Rose garden filled with thorns Archives
Isopia, Kahlua
04-01-2015 by Isopia
The risk that might break you Archives
Isopia, Mesec
05-29-2015 by Isopia
Aisling, Ampere, Arah, Bucephalus, Fig, Isopia, Megaera, Mesec, NPC, Reyna
05-16-2015 by Isopia
High ho, high ho! [Task 5] Archives
Aithniel, Ink, Isopia, Mesec, Mirage, Nyx, Rhea, Syrena, Varath
02-14-2015 by Mesec
!! Lock Me Up Archives
Aithniel, Alysanne, Archibald, Artorius, Destrier, Evangeline, Fig, Isopia, Laedere, Miykael, Quilyan, Resplendence, Thor
03-05-2015 by Quilyan
Preserve The Memory Archives
Aithniel, Atlas, Bucephalus, Isopia, Rhea, Syrena
02-11-2015 by Atlas
Ain't no rest for the wicked - Open! Archives
Alysanne, Far, Isopia
03-24-2015 by Isopia
rubies, apples, and other things that are red Archives
Aithniel, Apollo, Brisa, Bucephalus, Isopia, Kahlua, Mesec, Saffron
02-12-2015 by Mesec
Please Listen Archives
Aaron, Aithniel, Ampere, Arvakl, Isopia, Nymeria, Oxy, Ráeru, Shida, Thranduil, Zèklè
02-11-2015 by Aaron
The bear Archives
Daemyn, Isopia
03-01-2015 by Isopia
Balance for the Blind Archives
God of the Moon, Isopia, Keidajen, Oxy, Reginald, Thranduil, Torleik
02-22-2015 by God of the Moon
"Shipping" - Intro Thistle Meadow
Aaron, Abraham, Adelric, Aeolus, Africa, Aisling, Aithniel, Alija, Alleo, Alysanne, Amara, Ampere, Apollo, Arah, Archibald, Argen, Artorius, Arvakl, Arya, Astraea, Atlas, Auriel, Aviya, Ayelet, Bellona, Bolverik, Brigand, Brisa, Bucephalus, Cashmere, Cera, Cerin, Cheska, Ciceron, Crowley, December, Deimos, Déodat, Destrier, Destry, Dovahkiin, Einarr, Elsa, Erebos, Essetia, Evangeline, Fig, Finn, Gaucho, Hector, Hertz, Histe, Hotaru, Ink, Isara, Isopia, Jahzara, Kahlua, Kiara, Kvothe, Laedere, Lena, Macaria, Maitimo, Maren, Mauja, Megaera, Mesec, Midas, Mirage, Miykael, Morrigan, Myrrine, Naerys, Nayati, Nym, Nymeria, Nyx, Öde, Ophelia, Oxy, Panzram, Parelia, Phantom, Quilyan, Ráeru, Random Event, Rasta, Reginald, Rei, Resplendence, Rhea, Rhiannon, Rhoa, Roland, Romani, Roskuld, Rostislav, Saffron, Shadow, Shida, Sikeax, Sohalia, Spice, Syrena, Talion, Tandavi, Telesaan, Tempe, Thor, Thranduil, Torleik, Ulrik, Varath, Vincent, Vitani, Volterra, Zèklè, Zenobia
02-13-2015 by Varath
I live here? Archives
Isopia, Quilyan
04-07-2015 by Quilyan
WE ARE DESTROYER [egg hatching] Archives
Isopia, Volterra
03-07-2015 by Volterra
life and death Archives
Alysanne, Brisa, Isopia, Kahlua
02-22-2015 by Alysanne

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