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Species: Pegasus Gender: Filly Age: 2 Years Height: 15hh
Appearance & Confirmation
x Breed | Campolina x Andalusian
x Height | Mature 15hh
x Species | Pegasus
x Wings | Black feathers above and white underneath, and a dapple grey arm
x Eyes | Light, golden
x Mane | Dark grey, fading to white tips; split, falling equally left and right; no longer than half the width of her neck; fine and silky
x Tail | White, with golden tips; long, fine and silky
x Body | Black nose, white face; black ears, poll and neck; fading to dapple grey shoulders, wing joint and forelegs; gold spray around her belly and waist (masking where dapple grey fades to white); white hind legs and hindquarters
x Hooves | Black; hind-right is golden

x Genetic Mutation :: Ability to have third active magic
x Genetic Mutation :: Ability to bond with two companions
x Genetic Mutation :: Second companion magic

When mature, Zahra will sport the same large sculpted head carried by her mother and will portray the bright eyes and kind expression synonymous with her part-Andalusian heritage. Similarly, she will have a deep short-coupled body (a compact, well-muscled trunk), with a sloping topline.

He neck will be arched, muscular and well proportioned (a cross between both parents – lacking the bulk of the Andalusian but not quite as thin as the Campolina); the mane will split to drape halfway down either side of its length, and like the forelock will be fine and silky. Her tail will be low-set, long, fine, and also silky. Her legs will be fashioned with well-defined tendons and strong, thick joints; their action will not be springy.

She will have a smaller presence than her mother, and the characteristic smooth, ambling gait of her father’s Campolina bloodline. Zahra will be agile, swift on her feet, but not quite as nimble as her mother. Poor speed will be an issue, but her strength and endurance will be moderate.

Personality and Psychology
From birth, there was a natural innocence and naivety about Zahra. She lived in the moment, acting spontaneously, without concern for consequence, and was quite fearless when it came to going after what fascinated her. Because she was not yet restrained by the pressures and demands of Helovian life, she was able to see and experience the world from an entirely different perspective to that of her parents and many other adults. Exceptionally curious, Zahra’s perceptive eye was drawn to fine detail - especially the intricacies of an ever-shifting, exquisite natural world. She had the same vivid imagination which her mother possessed, and this presented a wonderful world, far greater still, than the one which surrounded her. It offered an escape that too often, can only found during sleep - in dreams. Her interest and desire to learn shaped a sociable child who was predominantly unafraid of others. Her mind held brilliantly a bank of memories that even from a very young age, she enjoyed weaving stories with; this was easily among her most curious and charming qualities.

At a meagre four months old, externally, Zahra still presented the same blissfully innocent facade - for only a short time had she walked the cursed path of the living. The impressionableness and genuine vulnerability of youth remained as steady as her uncannily mature resolve (a babe ripped from the ignorance of her childhood). She bore a sound temperament and light mood, manners deep-rooted, and burning, aching compassion; so too did her tongue and conduct reflect all of the qualities embedded by her parents during the small window of life they had shared together. She was a star, bold and shimmering, the perfect combination of Gallant and Starry-Eyed, but behind the spangle was hidden the most undeserved of pains - loneliness and grief. Her dreams, once filled with love and beauty, writhed as confusing nightmares, all tortured. Though the trauma was erased, visions of destruction, of torn flesh, gnashing teeth and splashing blood, stained the deepest recess of her soul; the cold, lifeless face of death would forevermore scar her conscience. Perhaps those lost memories might return some fateful day…

Family and Relationships

Father: Midas the Ascended
Mother: Africa the Starry-Eyed

Paternal Grandfather: Tharon
Paternal Grandmother: Belie

Maternal Grandfather: Veroldkel
Maternal Grandmother: Emelda

Half Sister: Ranjiri (x Ktulu the Constrictor)

The Story
Date of Birth: 18.02.2015 Tallsun five | Foal Stats

Tallsun five
× Little ray of sunlight :: Zarha is born during the middle of the second night in Tallsun five. There, nestled in the golden love-nest crafted by Midas the Ascended for her mother, they are a family at last.
× Into the jungle :: A very young filly is following her mother when she finds her attention drawn to movement near the cliffs. Curiosity leads her astray and she meets Tempe, daughter of Avarkl and Bucephalus - names that do not ring familiar. The pretty filly is months older, well spoken and keeps company with a small fox-creature, Haruki. They play together for a long while before drawing the interest of Kipling a clumsy herd mate, and Midas, her father.
× A new tale begins :: Zahra travels with her mother and her father through Helovia’s wild lands to the Veins of the Gods. Midas introduces his daughter to the patron of their land - Grandfather Earth.

Orangemoon five
× GTFO [invasion watching thread] :: Africa sends her daughter from Hidden Falls as the armies of World’s Edge and Aurora Basin descend on their home. War is imminent, and as the young, impressionable filly flees alone through undergrowth, she witnesses violence and suffers the grim hand of terror, for the very first time.
× Not quite alone :: Though her mother told her to find Deep Forest and hide there, Zahra cannot recall the way and finds refuge beneath the roots of an old tree in Thistle Meadow. Evening is falling quickly when she discovers a strange orb, an egg, and it hatches soon after. A small pale pup emerges, not unlike that which had followed her friend Tempe, and Zahra finds comfort in the helpless creature’s company. Soon though, another is upon them, a young, brave colt called Zèklè (though she she chooses the second name he offers - Zero).
× Never forget :: During a dream as she rests in Thistle Meadow, Midas visits his daughter for the last time. It is both a tragic and beautiful reunion.
× Headaches :: When light again spreads through Helovia, Zahra makes her way - she thinks - home. The young filly finds a tall coloured stallion also wandering and though he is unfamiliar, she hopes he might know where Hidden Falls lies. His name is Cavalli, and the most notable thing about him is the way his wings drag along the ground by his hooves.
× Graceless :: Zahra is impulsive and her childish manner sees her sprinting through the Threshold woodland in the direction she believes the Deep Forest (where her mother had intended her to go) lies. On the skirt of a shadowy, timbered region skirt, she meets Bellisma a pretty mare. Cavalli too catches up, and together the adults aim to help.
× Part One | Of death and demons :: After discovering the death of her lover, Africa leaves the Hidden Falls (under new rule) and seeks out her daughter in the forest. She brings a collection of Midas’ precious possessions and hides them for Zahra to find at a later date. Together mother and child press north - Africa is losing her mind.
× Part Two | Of death and demons :: In the freezing northern wilderness, Africa’s body is maimed and weakening, but she pushes forward with her delirious quest to see Midas one last time. Bacteria is spreading through her bloodstream, starving her organs of oxygen - will she make it through alive? As her mind loses touch with reality, she discovers a golden stallion, Thranduil and the Cendyr in his company Haldir.
× Inspired by adolescent dreams :: Zahra (now oblivious to any of the ordeal still staining her companion’s mind) and Bird leave the morbid scene – the death of the grey – and slip into the southern skirt of Frozen Arch. As evening draws near, the sisters search for cover and come across Sikeax sheltering with a Wyvern (or a Rougarou) in an ice-cave. After a brief and confusing conversation, it is decided that they should all venture into the depths of Helovia and search for the Deep Forest.
× Timber ‘n turbulence :: Long after Sikeax departed, Zahra and Bird are still lingering in the murky forest. The weather has taken a nasty turn and while the sisters struggle to move their new hoard to somewhere less vulnerable, they come across a young stallion, Camon and together they hide from the storm. In turn the filly gifts their new friend with a charm, once owned by her father (she keeps the pretty flowering one for herself, naturally) along with the dead mare’s old leather bag that for whatever reason came to be in their possession – in the bag remain two trinkets, an Earth Amulet and a Spark Amulet. Along the way a tiny spiderling has hatched, and she creates for herself a warm cocoon in Zahra’s mane, woven with web and hair.
× The draper :: Camon has vanished through the timber during a moment’s reprieve from the storm, and the three sisters (young Ilham the spiderling, now a week or two old) are basking in a rare shaft of sunlight. Zahra is fascinated by the puny arachnid’s ability to craft silk, and soon finds herself immersed in the art of weaving – a magic skill before now unknown. She creates a fine, silken ribbon and during play is discovered by another, bird-mare Isopia and so too her buddy from the meadow Zero.
× Bury me in these waters :: After a long journey west with Camon, the sisters find themselves traipsing through a muddy grove.

Frostfall six - Tallsun six
x No records (wandering)

Orangemoon six
Frostfall seven
When her father, Midas the Gallant was called home by the God of the Earth in Orangemoon five, the God’s companion Earth Turtle returned his possessions to Africa, and she in turn passed them to their daughter. In a similarly grim turn of events, she acquired also, the treasured possessions of her mother. Zahra received a magical collar that could be summoned into armour, a charm that glows green through the night, a magical spear that can fold during transport, a glowing, glass broken-heart charm, and a collection of feathers from Midas himself, from Neve the Arctic Zephyr and Fina the Phoenix Zephyr. During Frostfall seven, the yearling ventured south to the Veins of the Gods with Zero to return her father's collar, spear and the bag which belonged to her mother to the God of the Earth. Her intention was to free herself of baggage and begin life anew - without the constant presence of her parent's, and the grim world that they had known.

(P) Earth x Light | Blood is liquid gold. This is of no use in battle.

Water x Light | her blood is able to heal physical wounds. If a marking pass is used, the wound will scar with a golden tinge. Blood must touch the wounds. Larger wounds require more blood which will cause her to experience headaches and feel weak and/or dizzy.

(U) Water x Light | her blood is able to heal any physical trauma or ailment through contact or ingestion. If a marking pass is used, wounds will scar with a golden tinge, and any damaged tissue or bones internally are fused with gold. Personal injury heals at a swifter rate during periods of rest than normal.

Earth | can summon a swarm of insects. The swarm has a hive mind and will attack like one entity. Summoning insects requires great concentration, and can attack a 5m radius from her body.

(U) Earth | can summon a quantity of living insects and influence their direction, priority and natural behaviours. Can be used in and out of battle. Summoning insects ties great concentration and they can be controlled within a 10m radius from her body only. Insects can be killed and injured, and react naturally to environmental factors like weather.

Earth | can harvest the silk spun by her companion to create durable small to medium items (dolls, bags, rope, capes). Can only create 2 small items or 1 medium item per season.

(U) Earth | ability to harvest organic material produced by arachnids to make poisons, fluorescent dye, or any size spider-silk item (bags, armour, nets). Can add her own blood to stain thread or liquid, gold. Arachnids occur naturally in the environment and can be difficult to source. Fabric wears over one site year without repair. Can create 1 large, 2 medium, or 3 small per season. Poison and dyes are one use only and should be stored in containers.

Note about silk
Zahra’s unique companion, the Darwin’s Bark Spider (Caerostris darwini) has the toughest silk ever seen — more than twice as tough as any previously described silk, and more than 10 times stronger than Kevlar which is synthetic.


x Common Female Inari Kitsune
x Born 02.04.2015
x Quiet | Shy | Intelligent | Loyal

Fire | fire can manifest from the tails and be used as a whip like weapon
Dreams | can enter and alter another’s dreams causing them to wake feeling strange or believe in lies

Kitsune are fox-like creatures, often with multiple tails. They are known for intelligence and magical abilities, and are born as pups with little coloration. There are two types of kitsune: the Inari, benevolent foxes, and the Yako, malicious or mischievous foxes.

Hanna is a little larger in build than the common arctic fox and sports four luxuriant tails. Her coat is crisp white with golden points and markings. Her toes are golden with black claws. Each tail-tip is also golden, as is the fur (like eyeliner) around her eyes, cheeks and the tips of her triangle ears. She has long white whiskers to either side of her small black nose, and down the centre of her forehead is an golden diamond shape marking, widest along her brow line and ending no further down her nose than her bright green eyes.

x Darwin’s Bark Spider
x Born 15.05.2015
x Aloof | Creative | Reclusive | Enigmatic

Wind Whip | whips wind into a buffeting force that can disorient or make eyes shut

No larger than two centimetres across, this female, round orb-weaver looks at first glance like mere bark on a tree, a dead leaf or even dried lichen. Her hue is pasty, mottled with mahogany brown – bars of the same down each hairy leg. Darwin's Bark Spiders like to build their webs across bodies of water. Standing on one side of a river or lake, they release a thread of silk into the breeze and keep going until it catches onto a twig or leaf on the other side – sometimes three metres worth. These mighty bridge lines serve as the frame for the rest of the web, which is suspended beneath. The web proper is traditional with its spokes and spirals and the biggest habitually take up areas of thirty square feet, more than any other web in the world.

x ‘Enchanted Spider Silk Armour’ | Defensive item. Skin tight armour woven from the silk of a Darwin’s Bark Spider with a golden threaded underlay; covers her face (not nose, eyes or ears), neck and body (not legs). Resistant to physical penetration only; summoned from a gold spider stud-earring.

x ‘Golden Handled Dagger’ | A golden handled dagger with a sharp, sturdy glass blade, and a sheath made from spider-silk.
x ‘The Heart of Seele’ | Braided into the top of Zahra’s tail, the delicate broken heart of a stolen soul holds a pulsing, red, (bacteria-containing) liquid that naturally glows at night. The trinket was taken by Midas from Seele the Necromancer when her life was taken prematurely by evil spirits, shadows, the voices in her head.

x Spider Earring | A small gold, stud earring which is shaped like a spider. It is worn inconspicuously in her right ear. It will be enchanted, and from it Zahra will be able to summon magical silk armour.

x ‘Spider Silk Necklace’ | A fine, loose fitting necklace spun from Darwin’s Bark Spider Silk that hangs around the middle-area of her neck. Upon it are sown the following collection of beloved charms and feathers -
x A bronze branch charm that grows a flower every morning. Given to Africa after the great flood by the God of the Earth.
x A green leaf charm that glows green in the dark. Given to Midas after the great flood by the God of the Earth.
x Midas’s white feathers x 5
x Fina’s Flaming Phoenix feathers x 2
x Neve’s Frosty Arctic Zephyr feathers x 2
x Silas’ Starry Roc Zephyr feather
x African Grey parrot tail feather
x Windwalker’s feather (black on top, white underneath)

x Two feathers plucked by Africa and turned to gold by Midas as a symbol of hope and regeneration. Zahra wears them threaded into the top of her mane with spider-silk; a small handful of hair pulled to the left-side.

x Zahra wears loose fitting spider silk sling within which Hanna the kitsune, or lesser size items can be carried. Hangs high against her breast.

Quests & Drops

Played by
Other Characters
x Africa the Starry-Eyed (Deceased)
x Fig

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:: [ Magic: Earth | Can summon a swarm of insects ]
:: [ Restrictions | The swarm has a hive mind and will attack like one entity; summoning insects requires great concentration, and can attack a 5m radius from her body ]
:: [ Magic: LightxWater | Her blood is able to heal physical wounds; if a marking pass is used, the wound will scar with a golden tinge ]
:: [ Restrictions | Blood must touch the wounds, and larger wounds require more blood which will cause her to experience headaches and feel weak and/or dizzy ]
:: [ Magic: Earth | Can harvest the silk spun by her companion to create durable small to medium items (dolls, bags, rope, capes) ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can only create 2 small items or 1 medium item per season ]
:: [ Magic: Earth (P) | Blood is liquid gold ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [ Item: Midas' Amor | Defensive. Offers protection, worn as a metal collar that can be summoned into full armor; tanned leather sits beneath the metal when the armor is used. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Heavy when in full armor; can be removed with a button but needs assistance putting the collar back on; the leather helps soften the impact of the metal during fights and cushion blows ]
:: [ Item: Spear | Offensive. Spear that expands to full size at the press of a button and will collapse for travel ]
:: [ Restrictions | Must be attached to the user somehow for easy transit ]
:: [ Item: Spider Silk Necklace | A spider silk, platted, loose-fitting necklace; Contains: Midas' feathers x4, Phoenix Feather x2, Arctic Zephyr Feather x2, African Grey red feather, Roc Zephyr feather, Bronze Branch charm (grows a flower every morning), Green Leaf charm (glows green in the dark). ]
:: [ Companion: Kitsune | Mythical, common | Fire | 4 yrs 1 mo ] :: [ Companion: Bark Spider | None | 4 yrs 0 mos ]
:: [ Sun Amulet ]  :: [ Spark Amulet ]  :: [ Spark Amulet ]  :: [ Earth Amulet ]  :: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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