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Species: Hybrid Gender: Stallion Age: 4yo :: Orangmoon Height: 17.1hh

Ebony satin pelt with a glossy sheen, marred somewhat by scars covering his body. Cream patterns engulf his face and legs. Large ebonite appendages grow from well muscled sides. Leonine tail that ends with the darkest feathers. A black banner grows from his rounded neck, covering the majority of his neck when straight. Behind white eyelashes live two steel blue eyes lacking pupils. Beige hooves are cloven and sharp, a sort of gift from his unicorn lineage. From his white brow grows on large horn that tilts upwards near the point.

Acting with cold intelligent, he attempts to be seen as a respectable stallion. He is a prideful being, nearly always refusing help from others. His mind is geared towards war and the fight. He never refuses a fight and always tries his utmost hardest. He mostly acts on gut instinct and his own needs, though many things can compel him to act a certain way (i.e. a mare). The beast is usually referred to as heartless due to the fact that he has seemingly no emotions, a frigid brute. His morals are slightly questionable to some, yet his word is often taken as fact. Caleb has a tendency to be manipulative and lie to certain horses to gain what he desires. (Note: Caleb is very much like real wild horses, and some of his mannerisms may be the same)

Headcannons and More

Caleb finds himself very attracted to paints, Appaloosas, and any other coat color with two contrasting colors (i.e black and white, brown and white, etc). He has a slight tendency to call others by self-created nicknames, mostly mares. He tells those he does not trust, that his name is Alexander.

Born of a painted bay mare with ivory wings and a black stallion. The pair created himself and his brother, a dark bay. It is unsure whether he has any siblings, he was an only child when he fled, but he has heard rumors of having a brother, a year younger than himself. Caleb understands that if his sibling has any odd features, he will be hunted the same as Caleb.

:: Quinn (x Enna)
:: Tiberius (x Zünden)


Italicized = Sexual Relations

Liked: name,

Acquaintances: Rei, Hearth, Spice (Spezia), Mauja, Johnny, Thranduil, Ilios, Zahra, d'Artagnan, Entia, Sikeax, Mortuus Nox, Rhea, Rohan, Najya, Öde, Tiamat, Ki'irha, Deimos, Carnassial (Sial), Katerina (bella), Sabriel, Zandora (Uccellino), Zünden, Enna, Rexanna (Tentatrice), Eden, Ashamin, Elsa, Sialia, Tembovu (Temb), Rikyn,

Disliked: name,

He is the progeny of a nomadic mated pair, one male and one female. This mated pair clashed in a dance of passion and created Caleb, who grew slowly, yet surely. Ivory bones grew hollow and feathered appendages sprouted from his sides. Though, one thing separated him from his parents. They were part equine, thus, they had equine tails. However, Caleb was born with a leonine tail, but instead of tresses grows a fan of black feathers. He was uniquely different, and hunted for it. True, his parents were nomadic. But the land they traversed was ruled by a great king, one who disposed of those that were diverse. At the age of one, the jet black yearling ran from the racist likes of his king. He grew quickly from there on out, learnt how to sustain himself in different biomes, fight off the predators, and he even taught himself to fly. Eventually, he came across Helovia.

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Caleb has bonded to Henrietta, a Weimaraner. She is solid black with piercing steel eyes that match her bonded's. Her teeth are well-kept and sharp, pristine ivory in color.


Caleb's first item is a leather satchel, which he carries by biting down on it's adjustable strap. The contents of this bag are safely secured by a buckle attached to the flap and the main part of the bag.

On the inside of this bag, one might find a large amount of jewels and amulets. For now, there are two gems.
- - The first gem is a pear cut, pink sapphire jewel, and perhaps his favorite of all. From any angle the gem sparkles and glitters, it's brilliance unmatched.
- - The second gem is in the shape of an oval and is widely known as opal. The gem is cloudy, as if made of fog, however, there are flecks of vivid color that make the otherwise dull gem intriguing and unique, two never identical.

As amulets go, Caleb has collected three, but one was stolen. The first he found was a green, vivid, and breathtaking Earth God amulet. The second amulet, he found by chance. It was a reddish-orange Sun God amulet. The third amulet has been stolen by Talion, but this amulet is the one he had searched for-- it was a Time God amulet. It was a bright blue, and if one tries hard enough, it's almost as if they can see the sparks shooting around it.

Spying and Stealing

Caleb's spark amulet has been stolen by Talion in Esurient Hounds! (3.24.15)

Roland attempted to steal Caleb's opal in Penance, but was thwarted by Caleb himself! (3.28.15)

Caleb has attempted a stealth riddle! (3.29.15)

Fighting and VP

:: vs Elsa Endless Blue, 3 attacks each, 0 VP (defaulted)
:: vs Kaj Thistle Meadow, 3 attacks each, 0 VP (defaulted)
:: vs Ashamin Aurora Basin, 3 attacks each, 1 EXP (defeated)
:: vs Ilios Endless Blue, 3 attacks each, 0 VP (undecided)


TotM :: One Red Thread :: Rexanna, Tembovu, Caleb ::

Played by
Baylee: Dröm, Aurelia, Alala, Tiberius

:: [ Item: Satchel | Leather satchel with adjustable straps and buckle to close ]
:: [ Item: Sapphire | Pear-cut, pink sapphire gem, about 3 inches in height. ]
:: [ Item: Opal | Oval-shaped, diameter of 24mm. ]
:: [ Item: Horseshoe | Offensive. One horseshoe ]
:: [ Item: Steel Dagger ('Espada') | Offensive. A medium-sized black-steel dagger with a black leather hilt. ]
:: [ Companion: Weimaraner | None | 4 yrs 1 mo ]
:: [ Sun Amulet ]  :: [ Earth Amulet ]  :: [ Spark Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   7.0 SPD:   5.0 AGL:   6.0 END:   4.0
OI:   2 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   1
5.5 8.5 6.5 69
Notable Accomplishments

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