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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 8 Height: 14.1
Nature's first hue is gold
her hardest hue to hold.
Petite, lovely, sculpted.

Bellisma has been gifted, or cursed, with incredible beauty. She is impossibly delicate, and her small legs look as if they might break if she were to run. And run she does, for where she lacks in mass she more than makes up for in speed and endurance, thanks to her Arabian heritage. Her coat is a light chestnut, almost honey colored. And her eyes are a vivid, striking green ringed in thick lashes. Her mane and tail are the same light chestnut as her coat, and her face is also void of markings. The only stain upon her are many small, thin white scars on her hind leg, stretching from her hoof to her hock.

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Her early leaf's a flower
if only for an hour
What was once a curious, bright filly is now a cautious, broken mare. Bellisma looks to be sweet and kind, but she is reactionary with a strong sense of self-preservation. She is a survivor, but with that title comes the burden of continually looking for threats- and avoiding them. She is quick to flee, and extremely quiet. Her quietness is not from being shy, it stems from her avoiding attention. Though she is most timid around males, she does not relax around females by any stretch of the imagination. Perhaps someday someone will breakthrough to her, but she has many demons to battle first.

Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief.

Bellisma comes from an ancient lineage of desert Arabians. Though her family is all deceased.

Sire: Badr al Din
Dam: Sariyah

So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay.
A sad, awful tale accompanies this lovely mare. The product of thousands of years of breeding in the hot desert resulted in the lovely gem that is Bellisma. However, as history is doomed to repeat itself, a lovely female is a lovely reason for war in a desert overripe with tension between hotheaded stallions. So the delicate creature saw her family, friends, and herd fall to their enemies. But her fate was far worse than death, for she was the ultimate spoils of war and became the trophy and plaything of a cruel and brutish stallion. The stud wished a foal from her, but her fragility in the face of such brutality yielded miscarriages and finally left her barren. Then, once the stud grew tired of her charms and outraged with her childless womb, he started to share her. She was a prize to his top generals, and entertainment piece for guests he wished to impress.

Perhaps a stronger mare would have fared better in the face of such torment, but Bellisma was not bred for strength. Her lineage gave her devastating beauty, endless speed, and a kind soul. But, after many years, in a rare display of strength, the little mare escaped the chain he kept her locked with (and hence the scars on her delicate leg) and fled.


Year 5
Year ?

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Battle Statistics
STR:   2 SPD:   4 AGL:   4 END:   10
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
7 10 3 60
Notable Accomplishments

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