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Dark.Water .. Body is partially composed of ink substance, so that it runs in the blood, wells in the hoofprints, and coats the body. Able to draw out the ink through hair-tips, particularly the tail, and effectively draw and manipulate the ink at will. The strength of these creations is none, serving more as a visual effect than a physical.

Dark.Water .. Able to shift into animated ink drawing, usually preferring animals. Unable to cause or take physical harm.


Hidden Account


Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 6 years Height: 16.2 hh


Breed: Akhal-Teke - slender and long
Eyes: Black
Body: Black, very shiny - technically a bay, though his magic has always made him black
Markings: None
Mane: Black - wiry, thin, short
Tail: Black - long, full, drips ink
Hooves: Black
Other: Produces ink around hooves and tail when he's been standing still for a while.



Introverted. .. Artistic. .. Bitter. .. Pessimistic. .. Jaded. .. Lonely.

Ink is very much an introvert and reflective type. This is likely due to him being born mute, an effective disability that immediately isolates him from his fellows. His rather weak looking appearance and preference for peace and slower speeds hasn't further lent him favor, so Ink has adopted a rather lonely lifestyle, if only to avoid the disappointment and pity he found among herds and groups. He is very friendly however, and starves for the close kinship of one he can trust. With the aid of his magic, Ink is able to communicate by creating stories out of pictures he creates with his ink.



Sire: Striker [bay]
Dam: Lenore [dapple gray]

Surrogate Dam: Armada



.. Born in the spring (Helovia Birdsong -1 | Isilme spring 16 | May 2011 | 1.5 IC year time lapse from Apr 2011 - May 2011), just before the war that brought the blackness.
.LOST. .. Awakens in the Emerald Ruins, or what originally was the Equine Valley, his home. His parents are found dead and he hovers, alone, in the one place he knew. Armada finds him brings him under her wing.
A Scientist's Nightmare .. Residing in the Mystic Woodlands with Armada, goes exploring and comes across the frightening unicorn Sinn.
[L]oneliness .. Nostalgic goes to visit Eterna and meets Jerontope.
set with the sun .. A crusader meeting in the Seronia Dreamscape that offers him hope. He agrees to join the Crusaders, sticking with Armada. Are attacked by shades and flee.
drip drip . drop .. Moves to the Tides with the rest of the Crusaders. Reflects on the hopelessness of trying to defeat hatred when Roadsweeper joins him; he seems friendly enough. Tacten arrives as well.
Walk Softly .. Joins the meeting Armada calls in the Dreamscape, but is hurt and angry to see two foals at her side. Confused by Kei's abandonment of her. Leaves in a hurry.
make me golden .. Wanders back to the Emerald Ruins with nowhere else to go. Watches Onni interact with Liekhn, who is frightening looking.
Paper Canvas .. Encounters Roanne in the Mystic Woodlands as a stag. Is awed and joins the Mystic Woodlands under his rule.
.. Flees as the shades attack.


.. Wanders Helovia alone and confused. Ages to 2 years.


Signs of Change .. Encounters the gryphon Merakerr in the Frostbreath Steppe, during the Sun God's rage with increased temperatures and decreased magic not of his element. Confused by the feeling of weakness and the heat, enjoys the cold Merakerr puts off and her foreign accent. Joined by Cirrus and Poppy who prove friendly and nice.
Adventure In D Minor .. Comes across Rishima in the Thistle Meadow. Is clinging to the water to endure the Sun God's wrath. Is startled by her and her appaent anger. Starts a water fight with her as Onni joins in. Eventually learns of the Qian from Rishima.
Discover the unknown .. Run over by Olema, who copies him, in the Thistle Meadow. Is very confused and frightened, clings to the angry Surema, at least until the sutuation is understood, then runs away from them.

Soon it will be cold enough .. Wandering around the Endless Blue, watches Enki crash into the waters. Envisions him a mighty warrior, but he is a foreigner with a grumpy attitude and a gruesome body. Despite such, takes a liking to him, both being misfits.
Glory .. Seeks out Rihsima and the Qian in the Windtossed Foothills where they are staying. Comes across a herd meeting just as leadership is changing. Startled by the herd hostility and begins to question choices of leaving freedom as an outcast.
Steps Towards Future .. Follows Rishima to the Qian meeting in the Deep Forest. Takes his place alongside them.


Round 1 .. Fights Prometheus in the magic tournament, loses.
Moonrise .. Attends the Qian meeting int he World's Edge after the invasion victory. Is conflicted and not truly loyal, but pledges to Mirage as a sneak and sticks around.
Around the campfire .. Attends a small herd gathering by the camp fire in the World's Edge, hoping to learn more about his herd mates.
We will be young forever .. Encounters the two intruders Tribute and Griffindor. Though not well skilled, makes a fierce ink panther as a ruse to face the strangers. Backed up by Thor and Hellena as they drive the rude stallions out.


.. Ages to 3 years.
Failure .. Returns to the World's Edge with Kiara after stealing her back from the Plague. Promises her brother Aaron he will watch their youngest sibling while they try and get Solstice and Mirage back too.
You wanna teach me to dance? .. Taking a walk to clear his head, encounters Ahriman in the Spectral Marsh, a recently departed herd member. Respects the maturity and wisdom of him, deciding to befriend and protect him.
Prisoner of War .. Trying to gain intel on the ex-edge, discovers their new herd land and location of Mirage. Xanthos has treated her well, but d'Artagnan just arrived.
What are you doing? .. Exhausted from so much searching to gain information and intel on thier prisoners, collapses in the Thistle Meadow, right near Ghayth.
I don't want you .. Discreetly watches as Rishima comes to the World's Edge with her prisoner Deimos. Psyche soon arrives to talk of trading Mirage, while Dawn and Hellena show up to provide support for Rishima. Lace is also being hidden.
a dance with dragons .. Provides support to Rishima in the World's Edge as Jackal comes from the Windtossed Foothills to talk of alliances.
Brazen Beating of Strong Hearts .. Welcomes the newest herd member Kaj into the World's Edge. Tor sent him there and soon departs, and Aaron arrives to talk protector stuff with Kaj.
Help Is On the Way .. Welcomes Destrier into the World's Edge as a protector, leaving his care with Lace.
blood will have blood .. Watches in horror as Deimos tries to escape the World's Edge and Lace attempts to thwart him. Flies off to find Rishima.
Handy Dandy Lies .. Seeks out Lace in the World's Edge to create a fake amulet.
F is for friend and foe .. Begins his first spar for practice with Rishima in the World's Edge. Is very nervous. Loses.
No place like home .. Attends a herd meeting that Mirage calls as she returns from captivity, is promoted to the Spectre rank, head of sneaks in the World's Edge.
Be gone. .. Watches as Mirage releases Deimos, Lace providing security as well in the World's Edge.
Even If I Could .. Approaches a sad Xanthos in the World's Edge.
Home Sweet Home .. Wakes as a frantic Solstice bursts in on her daughetr Azale, helped by Mirage. He'd been watching the filly at Aaron's request in some caves at the World's Edge.
Goldmining, or something .. Digging for gemstones in Helovia's Heart so Lace can finish the fake amulet. Kaj comes to help, and Ree is discovered 'spying' on them, but she is quickly befriended when she is proven benevolent. Ink crushes on her slightly, and Kaj tries to play cupid.


A message on the wind. .. Approaches a meeting between Kri and Mirage in the World's Edge. Happy to see Cirrus again, though bothered by her sorrow and changes since last they met.
Time For A Chat Aaron and Romani come to the World's Edge as the Foothills are invaded by The Grey. Mirage comes to accept them and Ink decides to fly off to see the invasion for himself.
Shadows, Fires and a Wolf .. When watching the invasion Ink noticed Madyrn and Maskan had been taken by Rafe. Managed to steal Rafe and bring him back to the World's Edge, setting the brothers free. Mirage speaks with him briefly then he is released. Rafe suggests to Ink he'd be useful in The Grey.
What is my Destiny? .. Watches over Hellena speaking with Nyx who is hoping to join the World's Edge.
The Earth Says Hello .. Stumbles into Thor, Hellena and Sulwyn in the World's Edge while grazing.
The Keepers .. Mirage calls a herd meeting in the World's Edge and promotes Thor to her side as lead and Aaron to glazier. She tells of what her and Kri spoke of and all the threats facing them with Tio, the Assassins and the Plague. Ink steps forward to say he wishes to travel to the Dragon's Throat, to learn more of Tio and speak with their ex-plague. Kaj and Rishima voice they will join Ink.
61455 .. Before departing to the Throat Ink seeks out Aaron in the World's Edge, the new glazier, to finish his amulet. Aaron says he cannot however, as he must start building a wall, much to Ink's disappointment.


The Fellowship of the Throat .. Travels to the Dragon's Throat with Kaj and Rishima.
A Good Neighbor .. Listens to Ophelia speaking of the Assassins in the Dragon's Throat. Hides as a snake as she talks to Sumati, Midas, Aryel, Gaucho, Levi, and Circe.


Ages to 4 years.
Kidnapped. Tortured. Broken.


watercolour wishes .. Returns to Helovia within the Threshold during a rainstorm, miserable and forgetful of his past. Flees when Tandavi arrives.


Wandering, healing, lost. Ages to 5 years.


Pastel Promises .. Returns to Helovia within the Threshold, miserable and forgetful of his past, but better than before. Meets Rei and Ghost.


Ages to 6 years.
Rome .. Follows Ghost to the Hidden Falls to join.

"Shipping" - Intro .. Pairs with Mirage as everyone heads to the boats in Thistle Meadow.
Reflecting Pool .. With Mirage in the Secret Grove with Aisling, Finn, Nym, Cashmere, Maren, Rei, Kvothe.
SAVE OUR TREE .. With Mirage in the Dragon's Throat collecting plants alongside Gaucho and Sohalia.
birds of a feather .. With Mirage in the Deep Forest collecting animals alongside Elsa.
High ho, high ho! .. With Mirage in the Heart Caves collecting crystals.
Let's play hide and seek, down by the creek .. Searches for Rei in the Secret Grove. He wants to gift her the glowing acorn charm he stole from Cheska.
Killing Me Softly .. Encounters Nym in the Heart Caves.

GTFO .. Watches the Aurora Basin and the World's Edge invade the Hidden Falls.
fall in the water just like a stone .. Takes Lena prison in the Hidden Falls. Tries to make a friend of her.
The War is Won .. Observes the new leaders of the Hidden Falls after the invasion. Decides to stay.



Played by



:: [ Magic: DarkxWater | body produces ink that wells in hoofsteps and is drawn from the tail tip; able to manipulate and animate this ink ]
:: [ Restrictions | Capable of distracting an opponent with ink creations; cannot make creations larger than self in battle ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxWater | Able to shift into one of his ink drawings ]
:: [ Restrictions | Only lasts for one post in battle, gliding rules ]
:: [ Item: Metal acorn charm  | A bronze metal acorn charm that glows in the dark. ]
:: [ Earth Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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