the Rift

Guns - a black and white, long-haired Border Collie dog pet, not companion. There is no bond, no mental connection, and no ability for the dog.

Earth|Fire - ability to turn typical dust/dirt into gunpowder which begins to set off small explosions soon after its morph. He often prefers to create a dust cloud around his enemies, shifting it to gunpowder whilst it surrounds them.

(passive) Fire Hide is resistant to all types of flame, unable to burn.

the Incendiary


Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 5 years Height: 15.2 hands
Breed: Quarter Horse - muscled and stout
Eyes: Teal
Body: Dunskin - dark muzzle and legs below knees and hocks
Markings: White barbed wire strip down forehead, white snip on top lip, white left rear pastern sock - reddish dun dorsal stripe on back, reddish dun leg barring on knees and hocks
Mane: Black - short and wild, strands of copper from sun bleaching
Tail: Black - thin and tangled, strands of copper from sun bleaching
Hooves: Gray, pink where sock is
Other: Giant scarring across left side of face from dragon fire attack
before burn - during burn - after burn

-x Arrogant
-x Condescending
-x Stubborn
-x Violent
-x Reckless
-x Fearless
-x Rude
-x Loud
-x Temperamental

Ricochet is very reactionary and volatile, responding strongly in the heat of the moment and to his emotions. He tends to be rather abrasive, but he does have a sweet side, especially for his family and to anyone equine that hasn't proved themselves entirely incapable or moronic. Ultimately he directs his hatred towards other species or any who have betrayed him or his cause - he is not one to forgive lightly.

As he grows in age and with each failure, he will begin to understand politics and deceit a bit more. He will eventually mature and settle in to be more like his sire and grandsire, which understood the value of keeping quiet and thinking as much as shouting and acting.

He loathes dragons after being burned in the face by one, and though he appreciates the power they help deliver equines, he would rather not be close to them.

Grand Sire: Bacco (dun) x Jessi (black) [dead]
Sire: Gunslinger (grullo dun) [dead]

Grand Dam: Revolver (buckskin) x Glock (buckskin) [dead]
Dam: Colt (buckskin) [dead]

Foster Dam: Misery [presumed dead]

Half-Sister: Aërwen (Gunslinger x Aysun) [presumed dead]
Half-Sister: Kimber (Gunslinger x Smoke) [on site]

Daughter: Colt (Ricochet x Arya) [on site]
Nephew: Jackal (Silverline x Aërwen) [on site]

-x Born in the death of Colt, as she ripped her stomach open on a metal tree in Eterna, thinking herself doomed by a witch's curse that never was, and wanting to save him before her demise.
-x Raised by Misery in the Valley, while Gunslinger lorded the Tides.
-x Found strange hostility and competition with sister Aërwen.
-x Foster brotherhood with Terra.
-x At yearling, was taken solely under Gunslingers wing, since then he hardly leaves the stallion's side, though he can seem to do little right by his father.

-x Awakens alone not long after the war. The Valley, once beautiful and endless, has become a thing of the past. Before him now is the Ruins.
-x Assembles with other waking equines, discovering their new territory, the Lush Oasis.
-x Continues to stay in the Ruins however, waiting for Gunslinger to appear. He finally does, accompanied with Smoke. Reunites with his sire and tells them all he knows, taking them to the Oasis.
-x Aera greets them all within the Oasis.
-x Trains with Crane, victorious
-x Trains with Soleil, ?
-x Travels to the Gateway with Gunslinger, helps to save Omega from her daughter, Schism, about to kill her.
-x Practices his magic in the Pit, where Aërwen finds him and they battle, coming to terms afterwards.
-x Explores in the Mystic Woodlands, finding Evangeline and crushing on/pitying her.
-x Travels with Gunslinger to the Boar Caves to fetch the water on a quest for Aera, meets Evangeline there unexpectedly, even more attracted to her because she stands up to Gunslinger.
-x Travels with Gunslinger to answer an intruder, Silverline, on the borders. Aera is already there and Silverline asks to speak privately with her.
-x Goes the Tome Guardian to receive a Border Collie, is sent to the Boar Caves to retrieve his dog.
-x Goes to the Boar Cave and tries to yell at the dog to no avail. Retreats for now.
-x Challenges Gunslinger, victorious. Promoted to a Warrior rank in the Oasis.
-x Asks Smoke for a favor, in helping him with her dragon hunt so he can attract the dog from the Boar Caves with food. She agrees, and Kimber comes with.
-x Hunts with Smoke, Zaffre and Kimber.
-x Goes to the Boar Caves, leaving a trail of kills and luring the Tome Guardian's dog back home to the Manor. Rewarded with a Border Collie pup - owes Smoke a favor now.
-x Travels with Gunslinger to an intruder, Silverline, on the borders. Aerwen is already there. A shadow Aysun appears... Gunslinger is killed.
-x Runs from Gunslinger's body towards the Woodlands, searching for Evangeline's comfort.
-x Steels himself and steps up to challenge Terrador for leadership. Gets no reply and wins by forfeit.
-x Speaks with Aera about leadership ideals.
-x Chases down a glass foal born in the lands, finds it weak and wants to kill it. It is protected by Smoke, who mentions he owes her one. Decides not to kill the foal in retribution.
-x Challenged by Smoke for leadership, loses and is badly burned by her dragon Zaffre. In shame and agony, flees Isilme. Lives in wild outer lands for some time, terribly depressed and lost to himself.


-x Arrives in Helovia, confused and wandering. He stumbles across Evangeline and her child Aylin, horrified to find that the child is a unicorn. He does not shun her, not until she accuses him of leaving. Broken and enraged by the news of the shades overwhelming the land, he denounces Evangeline and runs away.
-x Comes across Kimber as he's fleeing. He is torn, wanting to stay, but needing to return home and see the wreckage himself. Kimber shocks him with the further news that Jackal, a son of Aerwen, is in Helovia. He is most shaken by the news Aerwen hasn't been seen. Leaves Helovia to go search for her.


Never Look Back - You Won't Like What You See -x- Finds only shades and darkness in Isilme. Finally retreats, wandering back to Helovia defeated. There he is found by Kimber and Smoke in the Threshold. Guns is attacked by the unidentified Histe, but goes unscathed. Learns that Jackal, Aerwen's son, is from a unicorn sire, and the the Foothills herd he's to join has mixed races.
Glory -x- Arrives in the Windtossed Foothills on the cusp of Paladin defeating Gossamer in battle for leadership. Quietly fumes that he is now being led by a unicorn, but stays under control until he hears of Smoke's position as lead is demoted to Head Warrior, and in her place the traitor mare Soleil takes reign. This ultimately causes Smoke to choose to leave the herd. Bursts out a challenge for Soleil, to offer the rank to Smoke should he win, as she was pregnant at the time. Is admonished by both Paladin and Smoke, but holds his ground to challenge Soleil to answer her crimes. Vows to Smoke he will protect Kimber and Jackal.
I'm not good at whispering -x- Speaks with Solstice and Aaron in the Windtossed Foothills after the meeting. They support his cause against Soleil, although they are not racist.
Red leaf -x- Comes across Jackal after the meeting in the Windtossed Foothills.

That sweet satanic kiss -x- Greets Wezen in the Threshold while searching for Histe. Is joined by a suspicious Paladin.
Rain, rain come and play -x- Finds and fights with Histe in the Thistle Meadow. He realizes she's insane, but incredibly good. He wishes to ally with her for his equine empire.
Phoenix -x- Is healed by Poppy in the Windtossed Foothills after his fight with Histe.
Sun Rising -x- Following Guns he finds Smoke has given birth to Israfel in the Thistle Meadow. She is a tri-breed freak implanted in Smoke by the Sun God. Quietly he rages, but cannot well act surrounded by Mirage, Madyrn Maskan, Lace and Kimber. Runs away angrily.
Round 1 -x- Fights against Deimos in the magic tournament of the Olympics (an OOC event so he has no knowledge or memory of it).
Bring me to Life - round 1 -x- round 2 -x-
round 3 -x- round 4 -x- Fights with the Windtossed Foothills as an ally in the Qian invasion against the unicorns of World's Edge. He mostly just wants to fight, feeling no loyality to any of the sides.
Not A Goodbye, Just A See You Around -x- Runs after Solstice as he sees her leaving the Windtossed Foothills. At first he is hurt by her abandonment, but then he sees she has a pegsus foal at her side and is enraged. Her spares it this once, letting her escape peacefully.
&&Baby, Even Fairytales will be Jealous -x- Meets Rumpelstiltskin and Shatter in Helovia's Threshold. Finds an ally in Rumpelstiltskin, and though Shatter is a weak mare, she is at least equine. It is interrupted by Histe's appearance.
CADAVER -x- Slips into a meeting between Insanity and Leander in the Threshold. Insanity decides to come with him, much to his pleasure, though it seems it made Leander an enemy of him.
Like causes without rebels -x- Walks the lovely Insanity home to the Windtossed Foothills after relieving her of Leander in the Threshold.
Ignore the Cold, It's Just a Feeling -x- Comes across Rowan and Sandman in the Endless Blue. Hopes to recruit both of them to his equine cause, but they seem preoccupied flirting so he departs for now.
A New Regime -x- Approached a herd meeting in the Windtossed Foothills, where is voted in as a lead.


what now? -x- A meeting with all the 3 new elected leads of the Windtossed Foothills herd, including Svetlana and Evers. Already there is tension and squabbling over authority and power. Ricochet is by title supposed to be the diplomat, and though he would be poor at it he'd rather not trade with the unicorn Evers.
Winter Fun -x- Recruits Scree in the Threshold.
the end and the beginning -x- Recruiting in threshold with Rilo, Tares, Ainle and Pherick.
Nebun. -x- Meets Cyrus, a likeable colt, unknowing that he is Evangeline's mixed breed get, in the Threshold as they watch the crazy mare Verenia Rinta. As more come, including Custodio, Svetlana and Pebble Eye, Ricochet deems it a lost cause and departs.
Snow Brooding -x- Recruits the lovely Bellatrix in the Deep Forest.
a reunion. -x- Attempts to chase out and fight the wolf monster Osiris and the unicorn hybrid Ophelia in the Windtossed Foothills. Histe appears, but she seems content to watch Ricochet struggle. In the end he is run out of the herd by Osiris, Ophelia, Archibald and The Grey.
-x- Departs Helovia to nurse his severe wounds back to health and reconsider his plans of equine domination.


No Wind to Carry Me Home -x- Takes his first steps in the lands of Helovia after regaining his health. Meets with Catillatio, who is planning a rebellion against the Dragon's Throat, and plots with him in the Threshold.
Where oh Where -x- Meets Argetlam.
Castle Under Siege -x- Goes to the Foothills seeking information of the Grey's Invasion, and is confronted by Archibald, Alleo, Osiris, and Ophelia.
Possible Potential -x- Meets Snowblind and tries to have her join his Empire. Also meets with Cosette, a bay unicorn, who interests him with talk of the 'Pirates' and her deadly personality.
Dullness, Danger, Delivery -x- Meets Kahlua and immediately argues with her.
Stupid Never Wins -x- Verbal fighting quickly turns into a physical battle between Ricochet and Kahlua.
-x- Departs Helovia yet again, disgusted at the lack of equines.


- x - Returns to Helovia.
Bullet to the Head -x- Attacks the unicorn mare Arah near the Threshold.
don't forget the violence -x- Meets Histe in the Secret Grove, where the equine mare slaughtered two unicorn lovers.
We'll Burn Together -x- Ends up fighting with Histe.
Are you blessed or bleeding? -x- Meets Dragomir in the Secret Grove while chasing after Guns. The situation quickly escalates when a pegasus mare named Shadow is caught eavesdropping.
Hotblack -x- Reunites with his daughter Colt whom he trained in the ashes of Isilme.
Bloodstains -x- Finds an interesting equine stallion in the Heavenly Meadows and begins to chat with him.
Every hour wounds. The last one kills. -x- Meets a stallion named Czernobog in the Threshold, who a unicorn named Artemis is trying to recruit. Tells him a bit about the Equine Empire and extends an invite.
Upon my Return -x- Again while in the Threshold, finds a lonely stallion.
wanderlust -x- Finds two equines in the Threshold, one of which belongs to the Windtossed Foothills.
the heart of a wanderer -x- Roams south towards the heart of Helovia, where he finds a pegasus mare. After being "antagonized" by her, he accidentally sets the ground on fire with his magic (losing control of his temper) and attempts to trample her.


when will the pain and guilt stop -x- Finds a young pegasus by the name of Amara in the Endless Blue.

Helovia Hard Mode
- Any attack, intentional or accidental, is rolled for damage.
- Burns heal slower than usual. Instead of a +1 HP per 12 hours, it becomes +1 HP per 24 hours.
- If HP is reduced to 0 he goes unconscious.
--- HP will not begin regenerating for 48 hours.
- If HP goes below -15 and he is unable to receive healing immediately after, Ricochet dies.

Played by

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Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   5 AGL:   9 END:   5
OI:   1 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
Notable Accomplishments

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