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Species: Other Gender: Mare Age: 22 Height: 5'7
:: Brown Hair
:: Grey Eyes
:: Chump-a-lump
:: Jeans, t-shirts, and cowboy boots
:: Resting Bitch Face

:: Mom.
:: Dad.
:: 3 brothers.
:: 2 sisters-in-law.

:: Evan -- Lab x Australian Cattle Dog

:: Married to: Ali

Played by

Archibald the Dauntless || Aviya || Abraham || Einarr || Argen || Roux

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   50 SPD:   50 AGL:   50 END:   50
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
50 50 50 5050
Notable Accomplishments

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64 threads
Subject Location Participants Last Post[ Order By ]
Lightning strikes every time she moves Battleground
Ampere, Archibald
12-24-2016 by Time
this time i'll be bulletproof Deep Forest
Archibald, Ktulu
03-10-2017 by Archibald
black and blue [vol vs ru] Battleground
Volterra, Ru
09-01-2016 by Time
phite meh [ciceron teaching spar] Battleground
Archibald, Ciceron
09-11-2016 by Time
One More Word and You Won't Survive [Rikyn Challenge] Battleground
Deimos, Rikyn
08-02-2016 by Time
gods and kings (vol vs kiuaji) Battleground
Volterra, Kiuaji
10-16-2016 by Official
Learning how to play [Open Spar] Battleground
Isopia, Seanan
05-26-2016 by Time
love draught Battleground
06-23-2016 by Time
soft hearts, electric souls Battleground
06-23-2016 by Time
I Formally Invite You To Kick My Butt [Nym x Ori] Battleground
06-23-2016 by Time
Forbes Battleground
Reginald, Einarr
06-23-2016 by Time
riiiight into the danger zone! Battleground
Rikyn, Abraham
06-23-2016 by Time
Seeking Better Hidden Falls
06-05-2016 by Time
For a Few Dollars More [Auri v. Caenan] Battleground
Auriel, Caenan
06-23-2016 by Time
Fangs and Tusks [Tembovu v Kiuaji] Battleground
Tembovu, Kiuaji
06-23-2016 by Time
Eye On What I'm After [Teaching Spar - Alysanne] Battleground
Erebos, Alysanne
06-23-2016 by Time
your dirty paws [OULTIK CHALLENGE] Battleground
Megaera, Oultik
02-26-2016 by Time
This is my Fight song Battleground
03-14-2016 by Time
I dream you're still here [Jen] Battleground
Aithniel, Ashamin
03-14-2016 by Time
Lit [Eldala v Ivezho Battleground
Eldala, Ivezho
06-23-2016 by Time
Gotcha bitch [HOTARU CHALLENGE] Battleground
Ampere, Hotaru
02-19-2016 by Time
Time to Practice. [Caenan VS Ashamin] Battleground
Caenan, Ashamin
02-16-2016 by Time
Fine in the Fire [Deimos vs. Tangere] Battleground
Deimos, Tangere
05-11-2016 by Time
hang hallowed halos [Gull Challenge] Battleground
Deimos, Gull
02-01-2016 by Blu
Taste of Poison [OPEN] Battleground
Aithniel, Archibald
08-28-2016 by Blu
Quiver [Archibald] Hidden Falls
Vincent, Archibald
02-23-2016 by Vincent
we dreamt in heist (volterra vs sialia) Battleground
Volterra, Sialia
02-20-2016 by Blu
I could write a symphony Thistle Meadow
Tilney, Cera
03-01-2016 by Tilney
we're destined to repeat this injury [Erebos vs. Ki'irha] Battleground
Erebos, Ki'irha
03-14-2016 by Time
!! Keep On Wanting Thistle Meadow
Resplendence, Archibald, Alysanne
02-07-2016 by Alysanne
Test a Rose's Thorns [Tembovu v. Orithia] Battleground
Tembovu, Orithia
05-19-2016 by Official
we were always meant to be shadow and sin Hidden Falls
Nymeria, Knox
04-05-2016 by Knox
Old Hats Helovia's Threshold
Evers, Darwin, Tilney, Riel, Macaria
04-07-2016 by Darwin
Got Your Name On A Matchbook [Auri v. Vol] Battleground
Auriel, Volterra
01-07-2016 by Time
Kung Fu fighting, on your roller skates Endless Blue
Ghost, Erthë
01-19-2016 by Erthë
Firecracker Battleground
Megaera, Mordecai
03-11-2016 by Time
Dreamcatcher Ancient Rotunda
Tilney, Arah
04-05-2016 by Arah
See you [Fire-watching] Dragon's Throat
Maren, Mesec, God of the Sun
03-25-2016 by God of the Sun
Please heal this child Veins of the Gods
Ophelia, Erthë, Tembovu
02-04-2016 by Tembovu
long way down Secret Grove
Libertad, Milo, Agnodice
01-20-2016 by Milo
ever to excel [welcoming] Hidden Falls
Imonada, Daemyn, Ktulu
01-23-2016 by Imonada
little bird [ rikyn vs. imonada spar ] Battleground
Rikyn, Imonada
11-27-2015 by Official
!! Roots Ancient Rotunda
Resplendence, Kalona
11-30-2015 by Resplendence
Digging The Trenches [Cic x Ezital] Battleground
Ciceron, Ezital
11-27-2015 by Official
!! The Kids Aren't Alright [Tiamat] Green Labyrinth
Laedere, Tiamat
12-29-2015 by Tiamat
A Place for Us World's Edge
Alysanne, Evangeline
11-23-2015 by Alysanne
Growing up. Deep Forest
Soren, Ktulu
12-01-2015 by Soren
you free tonight or will it cost me? Secret Grove
Dovahkiin, Mortuus Nox
10-28-2015 by Time
Farewell to Faith Deep Forest
Panzram, Dovahkiin, Random Event
10-28-2015 by Time
Flower waltz Deep Forest
Erthë, Knox
12-03-2015 by Erthë
Careful What You Wish For... Endless Blue
Rhea, Mortuus Nox
12-09-2015 by Rhea
Fear [Ashamin v. D'Artagnan][Fortify Lesson Seasonal Teaching Spar] Battleground
10-04-2015 by Time
why won't you come over here? Thistle Meadow
Abraham, Lothíriel
12-10-2015 by Abraham
what happened here? [ilios x caleb] Battleground
Caleb, Ilios
12-09-2015 by Time
slowly we evaporate Battleground
Nyx, Déodat
09-21-2015 by Time
Cold Star Thistle Meadow
Aisling, Johnny, Eden
11-05-2015 by Aisling
A Time to Relax Thistle Meadow
Entia, Dovahkiin
10-28-2015 by Time
White Flag [Tiamat] Aurora Basin
Ashamin, Tiamat
12-30-2015 by Tiamat
Unspent Potential Secret Grove
Karalius, Phantom
11-10-2015 by Phantom
Iced Coffee Secret Grove
Ktulu, Roskuld
03-26-2016 by Roskuld
A New Morning Heavenly Fields
Ki'irha, Misael
09-17-2015 by Time
Do you believe in love like I believe in pain? [Ophelia] Battleground
Archibald, Ophelia
06-21-2015 by Blu
It's So Cold In the D Battleground
Astrasza, Roskuld
05-26-2015 by Official
i'll take a hamburger; hold the lawsuit [Hotaru] Battleground
Hotaru, Oxy
04-13-2015 by Time

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