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Wears his Band of the Tree around the upper part of his left foreleg.


Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 8 years Height: 17.0
official reference

Breed: Warlander
Gender: Stallion
Age: Eight years (ages in Orangemoon)
Race: Unicorn
Horn: A pair of large, pale antlers (similar to an elk’s, same color as hooves)
Hooves: Normal, pale cream (almost white)
Eyes: Both are a bright, earthy green
Body: Dunalino with white tiger-brindling
Markings: Dark brown leg barring and dorsal stripe
Mane: Dark cream, very long and unruly
Tail: Dark cream, very long and unruly
Rohan is a large and rugged stallion, having matured to a sturdy 17.0 hands. His body is proudly and powerfully built like his Iberian ancestors, although not quite as bulky. He is lean and tough, but still sturdy. Long, dark brown hair grows in a line beneath his stomach and down the back of his front legs, and along the front of his back legs; he also has a beard along his jawline. White tiger-like brindling laces the main part of his body, which is a variant of golds—primarily a lighter (nearly white) shade towards his underbelly, and a dark gold along his topline, although the shades mingle frequently. He has flashy movements, similar to a Friesian.
• Very flirtatious; loves the ladies
• Boisterous; prone to tease and jest with friends
• Arrogant, proud, opinionated, and tempermental
• Can be brooding and angry
• Reckless and brash with his decisions
• Confident in himself, doesn’t like to show weakness
• Vengeful; likely won’t forget offenses to himself or those close to him
     Arlo Kaerji x Giana
     Killian Kaerji (Arlo x Giana) (deceased)
     Anahita Kaerji (Arlo x Giana)

     no one
     Etziel (x Enna)

Paternal Grandparents
     Theo Kaerji (deceased) x Amelie (deceased)
Maternal Grandparents
     Vieto (deceased) x Mina

     Kaerji (care-jee / “j” is like “g” in “sabotage”)
Is a surname that any royal individual from
Etherim uses to distinguish themselves.
Essentially, it marks their heritage. Having
fled from his homeland and denouncing his
father, Rohan has personally forsaken the

Prior to Helovia
     Born in Etherim, a small land that is not well-known and far from Helovia, Rohan was the second son to the royal family. His family’s empire was established by his great-great-great-grandsire, and has since thrived through the generations. From an early age, Rohan, his older brother Killian, and his younger sister Anahita, were exposed to the many responsibilities of what it means to be royal. The duties one must perform, the mannerisms that are expected, among other things.
     As a colt, Rohan idolized his older brother, although the two spent very little time together, as Killian was expected to become King and had to be trained appropriately. Instead, when he was home, Rohan spent a great deal of time with his grandsire, Theo. Theo was a good person, who taught his grandchildren well, despite the cold nature of his son. Rohan learned many things from the wise old stallion, but of course, he was a “rebel kid.” More than a few times he would shirk his responsibilities to flirt with the fillies, both noble and commoners alike—a girl was a girl.
     Still, there was only one that managed to truly catch his eye. Iofiel was a delectable young thing, daughter of a Lord who governed beneath Rohan’s father. She was quiet, but not shy, and often listened while Rohan babbled on about something or other; they complimented each other well. For the first few years of his life, Rohan was happy. He had a girl, could do as he pleased, and had his brother and grandsire to look up to.
     However, just after his third birthday, darkness struck across Etherim in the form of an invasion. Warriors from across their borders attacked, bringing bloodshed and leaving heartache in their wake—Killian led a force of warriors out to meet them. Much to his displeasure, Rohan was kept by his father from fighting, for reasons that would soon come to light when the invasion was defeated, but only a handful returned home. Killian was not among them. Hurt and outraged, Rohan approached his father in his anger, but was coolly dismissed. Knowing his pain, Theo and Iofiel sought to console him, but Rohan nearly refused to be comforted—he created a mask to hide such dark things.
     This continued through the eventual death of his dear grandsire. He mourned, but didn’t linger in the pain as long as he did for the loss of his brother. Months passed, and by this time, Rohan appeared to have recovered completely. That is, until his father called him to him, revealing that Rohan would be made King within the next few years. Rohan couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t want to become King—the people certainly didn’t want him to become King—surely there had to be a nephew or cousin better fit for the role. He had seen what his father had done to Killian, and he refused to be subjected to the same treatment. For weeks he tried to persuade the frigid King otherwise, but he wouldn’t budge.
     Eventually seeing no other option and unwilling to look at his father’s vile face anymore, Rohan left—left his mother and sister, Etherim, and Iofiel. Half a year passed as Rohan wandered, seeming to leave all remnants of his royalty and past behind, despite the lingering wounds beneath his skewed smile. Eventually his travels led him to the Helovia’s Threshold.
spars & challenges
vs. Mauja, spar
vs. Nyx, spar

vs. Ilios, spar
by default

vs. Tembovu, spar
notable scars
Earth Amulet | A carved green stone attached to a thin, worn rope around his neck. Found somewhere near the Riptide Isles.
Band of the Tree | Styled similarly to an ancient Greek headband, the gold leaves are sprinkled with green stones. Worn around his left leg, a few inches above the knee. Found in the Thistle Meadow, on Quinn’s tree.

:: [ Magic: EarthxWind (U) | Able to create a tornado of sand and stones ]
:: [ Restrictions | Lasts 60 sec ]
:: [ Item: Band of the Tree | Bracelet of gold leaf and green stones ]
:: [ Item: Glass Spear | Offensive. Medium sized, double edged glass spear. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Breakable, limited uses. ]
:: [ Item: Stiletto Dagger (‘Misericordia’) | Offensive. Medium-sized stiletto dagger, made with stainless steel and a black leather hilt. ]
:: [ Item: Dagger Sheath | A medium-sized black dagger sheath; fits around upper leg. ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Armor | Defensive. Leather covers the face/neck/body/legs; is enchanted to be as strong as metal. ]
:: [ Item: Cloak | A dark green hooded cloak, made with a sturdy soft fabric, and clasps around the chest with leather ties. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Offers limited protection ]
:: [ Companion: White-tailed Eagle | Scream | 2 yrs 10 mos ]
:: [ Earth Amulet ]  :: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   7 SPD:   3 AGL:   8 END:   4
OI:   1 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
4 8.5 7.5 66
Notable Accomplishments

- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant

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