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x: Healing

The amulet is green, a lustrous forest green, with one or two veins of gold, tied around her neck with a strip of thin leather-rope. Gifted (briefly?) to Ophelia


World's Edge Nurse

Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 9 Height: 17.1

Tor is a mare of good proportions, if not a bit... super-sized. Her chest is broad and deep, barrel well-sprung. Her joints are of thicker appearance, but move well and smoothly like a well-oiled machine. Thick feathering begins at the knee on all four legs, which often stands square- these feathers fall heavy down and are often slightly matted or curled from mud and movement. Her back is of middling length, a touch on the longer side, with a free-flowing, long, mane and tail. Her hips are heavy and tail low-set, her shoulder movement correct with a long, relaxed, often almost lazy-looking stride. In coloration, she is predominantly of a pale cream, with a muzzle gray. Warm blue-stone gray is at odds with the white, in tobiano-positioning and therefore never reaching the back. By Tallsun, she will have likely completely finished her graying out process, and will finally be a pure gray, with very faint patches if at all. But her trademark is her eyes, the mare's large, soft warm chocolate eyes spun with lighter veins of ocher- a doorway to her soul and emotions.


Tor has changed greatly from arriving in Helovia. Due to her selflessness, she has been extremely indecisive and tends to flicker back and forth between groups. She struggles to come to terms with the injustices she has committed and the horses she has wronged, and is somewhat prickly. Every moment to her means something important, and she is hopeful she can one day fix her problems and overcome her insecurities. Very often she prays to the Earth God and asks for a better life for her family and dear friends.

One day, I, as the narrator, hope to see her gravitate to a loyal and steadfast character she once was.


Lineage //
Dam is Blackfoot the Beautiful, sire is Whitewood the Strong.
Old herd-members are Tirala, Lunalu, and Thalium. Daisy, Whisper, and Nirana. All loved and cherished only in her mind; do not exist in the game.
Lover // Destrier
Children // Luken, her first son, twin to Laila, her first daughter. Both born to Destrier!
Close Friends // Ophelia
Friends // Paladin the Valiant, Faelene, Crow, Cassiopeia, Midas
Allies, but not necessarily friends // Mauja the Frostheart, Rafe, Revanant, Ktulu, Avira (The Gray members)
No Opinions Formed // Bellatrix, Huyana
Confused // Lace
I do not like, but do not hate // Lucius, d'Artagan
Enemies // Psyche


Tor was raised in Li'Nal, an elegant country filled with snow sculptures and ice banks, oceans so cold they are filled with gray slush, and the only creatures the rare horse, the polar bear, the seal, and the caribou.

Tor's family was, truly, a kind one, bringing her up well, teaching her the ways of falling snow and the way to listen to the groan of the ice, how it would tell you if it was safe to trot or walk upon. They spoke of legends; the Wily Fox, the Brave Bear, the Lost Crow, the Laughing Seal, and the Great One. The Great One was a soaring dove, one who gave its blessing to those who listened to its warning. It did not require payment, simply one to be a kind heart.

But her family, for all their kindness and love, could not support another mouth, and asked for the their dear daughter, as well as a bachelor stallion, to leave. After quiet, melancholy good-byes, she parted ways with Nanook.

Nanook soon picked up a fine herd of his own, in a warmer area filled with a patchwork quilt of forests and plains. Tor was offered a home with him, for they had grown close in their time of travelling, but she refused, and continued on. For many days did she walk, run, and play, gaining experience and knowledge, before she arrived south of Helovia.

She was taught by an ancient shaman, a blind, mumbling mare who knew old remedies of healing. Tor, with a yearning to help others, took on a mentor. For another year, she learnt, until the shaman died. Although saddened greatly by the loss, Tor looked on ahead and arrived in Helovia, where she lurked unseen around the edges for many years.

Finally, she is ready to show herself. And that is where Tor's story begins.

{{ORANGEMOON, Year 1}}
Tor begins in the Threshold, finally ready to set out in the world. The first new person she meets is Paladin the Valiant, whom offers her a home. Although she turns down, she asks for his friendship and courage, and he responds in kind.

Tor begins a long, round-about travel, setting off to the Endless Blue. She finds Cassiopeoia, gravely injured by a cougar, and offers her help. But a soldier, Cassiopeoia's mate, arrives and takes the black pegasus away desperately. The tobiano femme continues into the Deep Forest, where she finds Psyche. After a brief converstation, the two argue and Tor flees, after finding her first sworn enemy, who Psyche swears with be the next equine tooth in her black mane. Tor proceeds to the Vein of the Gods, and pleas for the Moon Goddess and Earth God. Only the Earth God responds, and she asks for healing powers. The Earth God tell hers to find the healing mud in the Spectral Marsh, and so she sets out. Along the way, she has an encounter with Lace, Bellatrix, and Huyana. Spooked with seeing Huyana so soon after the fight with Psyche, she runs again, and arrives in the Spectral Marsh.

------Olympics Begin------

After finding the mud, she returns to the Veins of the Gods. Her powers are granted, and she receives EarthxLight healing powers. Uncertain of where to go, she travels to the Frostbreath Steppe. After being chased by a pack of wolves near the Frozen Arch, the clumsy mare trips into a clump of hallucination-inducing plants, and suffers severe mental pain and almost dies. Fortunately, her healing powers save her, and she runs from the Steppe.

In process;Then, she meets Sohalia and Lace again. After, she meets a mysterious half-blind mare named Wuthering Heights.

------Comes in 2nd place in Olympics------

{{FROSTFALL, Year 1}}
The mare finds Mauja the Frostheart in the Frozen Arch, as well as meeting Ophelia. After healing his wounds from the Qian's attack, she leaves to the Endless Blue, promising to return and heal the ex-Edge. At the Endless Blue, Ophelia speaks to her about joining the Grey. Tor agrees, and continues to heal the ex-Edge. After, she is stolen by Lace, although quickly released after Mirage speaks to her. From there, Tor travels to the Threshold, where she meets Balthazar Crow, a mute pegasus. After some quick thinking, attempted healings, and communication, she tells him of the Gray and guides him to the Deep Forest, where they participate in the Gray's first meeting with Rafe, Revanant, Ophelia, Ktulu and Avira.

{{BIRDSONG, Year 2}}
Meets with Destrier for the first time in the Endless Blue. She also heals Archibald in the Deep Forest, before turning to join the Edge. There she meets Rishima, Torasin, and Lace, and eventually joins. Later, she meets Ophelia, after not being able to find her for the whole of Frostfall, and tells her she's left the Gray, before dropping her amulet and running away. From there, she goes to the Aurora Basin in an act of foolishness, and is met by Deimos, Larkspur, and Descaro. Later gives birth to Luken and Laila.

{{TALLSUN, Year 2}}
Is caught by Hellena and returned to the Edge, where Mirages sets her with a 'quest' to advance through the ranks of the Qian. She is allowed to join once more, but must prove herself with all of the Tier 3 and above ranks. The white lady is reunited with Destrier, Luken, and Laila and is overjoyed- she later meets Thor the Gentle Heart.

Played by
played by [b]ELOPE[/b] who also plays Jasiri and Sno.

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
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OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
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