the Rift

Mortuus Nox

Aurora Basin Time Mender

Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: Immortal Height: 15.2
Age: 5 Years
Race: Unicorn
Horn: Two pitch black ram like horns with an emerald embedded in cuff on the left one.
Eyes:Pale Gray
Mane: Black
Body: Black
Hooves: Normal Black
Tail: Black

Nox has the personality of an old soul when he comes across a new face, but do not let that fool anyone. His mind has been twisted and warped into something that only a true psychopath like himself would understand. He acts as if he has no soul, like there is no light within his blackened heart and his unruly actions usually prove this point. He tries not to get close to anyone because his loved ones in the past have always been hurt, so he dedicated himself to a life of solitude. He prefers to stay by himself and mumble Latin as if he is talking to the dead spirits of hell. He has always been a fighter and never backs down no matter what his odds are, and the scars interlaced on his well muscled body prove that. He will find the enjoyment of having a lady around, and tries to sweep them off their feet with his thick Latin accent and smooth words. He does not usually plan on sticking with that one lady for long; instead he likes to claim her as one of his mistresses and only visits her when it is that time of the season again. Occasionally he likes to check in with her and the foal, but when he believes one of his colts are ready to be on their own he will try to take them from the mother. His heart has just been blackened and his mind is messed up; Nox might just be the next herd psychopath. He is by far very unpredictable, but just maybe there is someone out there that will bring some life back into his dead sole. Someone who will try to understand a misfit psychopath.

(Told By Mortuus Nox's View )

"It started when I was young... my mother was a mistress to my father and she had done wrong by him. Two months after I was born she was with another stallion.. and it was not my dad. She angered me deep down, she said to always be faithful. My older brother knew nothing of what was going on. So one night when the witch was sleeping I stood over her with small hooves still a young colt and tried to snap her neck. She awoke, so did my brother so she started screaming and attacked me, she tried to kill me when my brother ended it all.. He killed her and I was left bloody.When Dad returned to collect my brother to start his training and he saw my mom, we told him that a strange stag came and killed her.

That was the start. As I grew older my brother was the favorite and he always held that night over my head saying I was too weak. Well I proved him wrong when father was away he tried to attack me, well this time I got the best of him and wore his blood on my onyx pelt. It started mixing with my own fresh fresh blood as the taste of the metallic crimson substance got me addicted, but I went into a rage only to remember his dead body and I was covered in my and my brothers blood. When my father came back he saw the body and the bloody mess.. I told him it was the same stag that came back for revenge, then the voices started.They would tell me when I might have spoke about the incident, and even though i do not remember it, I knew I killed him.

My father hated me, he beat me every day lacing my pelt with scars, and the old wounds would never heal because they got broken open again every day. Then I turned two, the muscles from many fights he was training me in have already developed and I looked as if I were the age I am now at just a young two years. I ran away from my father, well I tried. When he found me I had enough, then the rage took over again we fought until there was a body on the ground, and it wasn't mine. I bathed in that bastards blood and loved it . When I snapped out of my rage he was dead, and his carcass was split wide open. The flies had found the feast and the vultures were starting to circle. I knew it was okay though the voices told me don't worry he is burning in hell... I was the weak child, but you know I am the only one living now.

Then I met my true love.. She was beautiful, her pelt was of honey and she only had a black crown with a single horn. She told me we would be together forever. She lied, the bitch did the same thing my mother did, but I caught her. She was with another stallion; My child was white, she told me because her mom was of the pearl like color. She lied, that stallion was white. She lied and cheated, the voices told me it was okay to take care of them, so i knew what i had to do. I broke her and the child's legs first, so they had to watch him die. Then I took him down; he put up a good fight, but I won. I severed his head in front of then then pulled then emerald from his forehead.That is where this beauty came from, I embezzled it in a cuff placing it on my horn. But anyways, I killed them all the colt first then the bitch.I bathed in their blood. Now you see Rex I have very little memory of this, only when the hisses of my voices are gone is when I can think about it, But it does not bother me.I am very happy with my self. Now I was looking for that stag that started it all; the one who made me want to kill, the one my mother cheated with and lied about. Then I ran across you, and you brought me to the basin. Now I'm here....

:: [ Magic: DarkxTime | The ability to age the body of another to the decaying process. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Requires immense concentration, lasts 1 post in battle. ]
:: [ Magic: Light (P) | Immortal, but retains scars that are visible in moonlight and fresh on cloudy nights. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can be killed by decapitation. ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Hide | Defensive. (SWP) Wolf God hide from Green Labyrinth that protects against dark magic [stolen from Mortuus Nox] [won from Gull] [gifted by Deimos] ]
:: [ Restrictions | Not always entirely effective. ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   3 AGL:   10 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   1 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
3.5 10 7 66.5
Notable Accomplishments

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