the Rift



Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 3 Height: 16.1

Breed: Warlander
Gender: Stallion
Age: 3 Years
Eyes: Right eye is a combination of golden brown, silver and blue while his left eye is completely blue.
Mane and Tail: Long Silver and Gold Strands
Body: Silver Dapple Bay Rabicano
Hooves: Black
Markings: 4 white half socks that fade into a rather unusual array of black stripes(similar to tiger stripes). Three small painted patterns. The first being on his left hip, followed by one on his right shoulder and one on the right side of his abdomen (unusual shaped). A white blaze, along with two golden horns.

  • [X] Bloodstone Crystal Pendant Click
  • [X] Fire Stone Pendant - Fire swirls within the stone. Click
  • [X] 6' Dagger - made of steel with runes carved along its blade. Click
  • [X] Dragon Hide Dagger Sheath
  • [X] Leather bracelet with runes Click

    A More Detailed Look:

    Passive: Immortality
    Active: --------

    Companion: None Currently

  • Personality


    [X] Noble - Respectful of his actions and will take responsibility for his actions. [X] Humble - Despite having obvious good looks this boy doesn't flaunt himself around for the world to see.
    [X] Compassionate - Cares about others and how they are feeling.
    [X] Intelligent and Attentive
    [X] Blunt - Straight to the point about things. Can be problematic as this guy doesn't have a problem telling you what he thinks.
    [X] Sarcastic - Some comments really should be kept to himself but that filter doesn't always work in certain situations.
    [X] Flirty - Sometimes those damn hormones can just cloud one's mind.
    [X] Stubborn - If his mind is set it will be a great challenge to persuade him otherwise. This persistence can on occasion become problematic should the decision not be solely up to him.
    [X] Protective - Fiercely protective about those that he cares about and would gladly put himself in danger to protect another. Sometimes can lead to confrontations or arguments that can escalate quickly should he be pushed past his patience level.
    [X] Reserved - Can come across as cold or withdrawn at times. Does not open up easily to strangers about his life but it you're patient you just might be rewarded.


    [X] Challenges - Loves to push his boundaries and see what all can be accomplished.
    [X] Conversation - Inquisitive by nature this boy loves to meet others and strike up a conversation.
    [X] Mares - Hey, a boy will always enjoy all the pretty ladies.


    [X] Arrogance
    [X] Liars and Con Artists
    [X] Heights - While he can tolerate them he would much rather avoid having to deal with them all together.
    [X] Inactivity - Does not like waiting around and doing nothing. Prefers to be productive and doing something to pass his time.


    Coming Soon...


    Growing up in a small band consisting of only a couple mares life in the Rift was challenging for the young boy right from the get go. From the moment he slipped into the world the poor colt was already fighting for survival. His mother was never the kind, caring, nurturing type of mom that one would expect, rather she was the complete opposite. His memories of her were patchy at best for she was never around when she was needed. There were times when his mother would not come home for many hours leaving him alone to discover the world around him. Many times he would be literally starving to death by the time she would arrive home to allow him to fill his belly. His frame was thin and frail but despite the odds and lack of proper nutrition the young colt managed to get by.

    As he grew older and wiser he began to question why his mother was never around. Asking her would only make her angry and she had forbidden him to leave the others so there was not much that he could do. The other mares didn't really care what he did as long as he was quiet and not bothering them. Sometimes lone horses would wander by telling all sorts of interesting stories of their travels but they would never stay long which saddened the colt. There were never any others around his age to play with so his best friend became his shadow. It was the one thing that never seemed to leave him for long so it was the best thing he had. Things began to change the older he got leaving him with all these strange feelings he could not make sense of. Mother was still distant majority of the time but when she was there he felt as if he did not know her. She never spoke of his father but would get snappy and rude should a stallion show up on occasion. Each and every time he would get kicked and chased away by the stallion only confusing him more.

    By his second year he was no longer a scraggly thin creature but rather starting to grow into his body. Mother had completely vanished from his life by now but he found himself reluctant to leave the only family he had ever known. While the memories were not the greatest it was what felt safe and secure. Eventually a band of nomad stallions came along persuading him to come along with them. Things began to make sense for the first time in a long time. Perhaps this was where he belonged.

    Over the next year or so he learned much from the other stallion's but also much about himself as well. As time went on get found himself growing distant from the others and soon enough he set off alone to explore the Rift. Many strange lands drew his interest including one just bordering his home but for some reason it never really lasted all too long. He really had no idea what he was looking for but assumed that he would know when he found it.


    Trials and Tribulations:

    Water Magic Denials:

    [Magic: Spark x Water | Ability to make a small blast electrified water from body. :: Restrictions | Extends 10m from body and lasts 1 post in battle. :: DENIED
    The Shine On The Waves


    Played by

    OOC: Nickel
    Other Characters:
  • Brisa
  • Ciceron
  • Rhea
  • Aeolus

  • Assets
    :: [ Magic: Light (P) | Immortality. Does not age past mature stallion. ]
    :: [ Restrictions | Can be killed by ripping his heart from his body and burning it. ]
    :: [ Item: Bloodstone Crystal Pendant | Normal. ]
    :: [ Item: Firestone Pendant  | Fire swirls within stone. ]
    :: [ Item: Double Edged Dagger | Offensive. Small 6" steel dagger with runes carved into blade. ]
    :: [ Item: Dragonhide Dagger Sheath | Fits around upper leg. ]
    :: [ Item: Leather bracelet | Carved with runes. ]
    Battle Statistics
    STR:   7 SPD:   3 AGL:   8 END:   4
    OI:   1 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
    4 8.5 7.5 66
    Notable Accomplishments

    - August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant
    - August 2015 || Rift Character Plot Participant

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