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Absent Abyss

Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 10 Height: 17.0 hh

Name: Dvorak ( dVOR-ack) - Known as "Vory' only to a few. He hates that pet name and barely tolerates its use
Accent: He has a thick, strong Russian accent and speaks slowly so other can understand him
Breed: Warmblood x Andalusian, he is athletic, tall, muscular and a generally fit individual
Body: Seal flaxen bay with black stripes barely visible beneath the dark top of his blue-ish hued coat
Mane & Tail: Black faded to chestnut that is braided in places and long with a lion tail
Horns: Ram's horns
Eyes: Hawkish yellow
Hooves: Solid black except the left which is tan striped
Hooves: Body loses all white markings when very anger or during an episode, so he generally exists without white markings

|| Anti-social personality disorder manifesting in a hair trigger temper, brutal drive, and psychotic episodes
|| Does what he is told to avoid shame and humiliation (unless you are beneath him - then he laughs)
|| Does not appreciate his past being mentioned since his father was shamed and sent to prison and his mother was not an overly faithful individual
|| Quite intelligent and enjoys complex puzzles and diagrams along with soft music and quiet
|| Intolerant of noise, frivolity and backing down from fights
|| Loyal to those who prove their worth in his eyes
|| Does not play well with others
|| Witty

Sire || Illya, black warmblood - currently imprisoned assumed dead
Dam || Misha, chestnut brindle andalusian - deceased

OOC || tamme ;)

:: [ Item: Vial of Wolf God Blood | Blood from the Wolf God of the Rift ]
Battle Statistics
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OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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Tatiana, Dvorak
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