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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 11 (birdsong) Height: 16hh

Gender: Mare
Age: Nine (Birdsong)
Species: Thoroughbred Mix (3/4 Thoroughbred, 1/4 Warmblood)
Horn/Wings/etc: Large black wings with white tips
Eyes: Bright green
Mane: Black, long. One white streak. Often tangled/windblown.
Body: Minimum black tobiano (mostly black with a little white - more white on right side than left)
Hooves: Three light, striped. Right fore is dark gray.
Markings: Multiple scars around both wing joints -claw and teeth marks, also deep punctures where the bone broke skin. Deep claw marks on right side of neck. No hair or feathers grows over these scars.
Tail: Long, black, often tangled/windblown.
Items: Wears 3 feathers bound together in a braided leather cord around her right wing - the feathers are from her twin sons and their father.

Official Reference

Iona is the perfect contrast to her twin sister Alysanne. Where Aly is light, Iona is dark - quite literally. Iona is a touch more fine-boned than her sister due to her preference for flight and Alysanne's fondness of all things earth related. Iona's silhouette is a slightly leaner version of her twin's but aside from the coloring that's where the differences cease.

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Passionate - Protective - Fierce - Loyal - Brash - Guarded - Brave
Personality-wise, the two sisters could not be more different. Where Aly was more concerned with plants and the healing arts - Iona was drawn to the skies and all that lingered there. Where Alysanne is trusting and optimistic, Iona is wary and guarded. When Aly tended to be naive, Iona lived with a healthy dose of realism. However the sisters are similar in the sense that they will go to great lengths to protect those they love.



Tauron - Dark green and Brown - earth elemental magic*
Skye - Black Tobiano - no inherent magic*

- Romulus [x Mephistopheles] - m - pegasus/demon - silver black tobiano (twin to Remus)*
- Remus [x Mephistopheles] - m - pegasus/demon - silver black tobiano (twin to Romulus)*

Alysanne (twin sister) - f - pegasus - black tobiano
- Artorius [x Aleksandr] - m - pegasus/equine - black
- Elias [adopted] - m - pegasus/unicorn/elemental - blue roan*
- Vanity [adopted] - f - demon/thestral - white*
- Naerys [x Miykael] - f - pegasus - bay tobiano

* not present in Helovia


Iona and Alysanne were raised as outcasts in their homeland due to their mother's affair with a local earth-magician. The twins were raised as a mix of earth and sky - but each sister seemed to develop an affinity for each part of their heritage. Alysanne was called to the earth and Iona was called to the heavens. When they reached maturity, they knew they had to leave their homeland for they wouldn't ever truly be accepted into the fold. In their wanderings they stumbled across Nocturne - a twisted land of demons and elementals and so much more.

Alysanne seemed enamored with the place filled with magic and opportunity, but Iona was weary - unable to let her guard down fully in this strange new world. Alysanne seemed to flourish in this new world - making friends easily - while Iona kept her new relations at arms length. But that all changed when Iona found herself backed into a corner by a particularly nasty demon named Abaddon. The creature's magic was overwhelming and his physical strength far outmatched the two pegasi. He invaded their minds and preyed on their weaknesses. The creature saw Iona's desire to protect her sister - saw her love of the skies - so he came after her first - rending her useless after breaking her wings and leaving her paralyzed on the floor of the cave. He left them only after tearing a strip of flesh from Iona's neck and eating it.

After escaping Iona dragged her broken wings until she could walk no further and eventually collapsed on the banks of the lake that marked the edge of the resistance lands - the home of those who had pledged to fight the demons. It was on the shore of the lake that she was discovered by Mephistopheles - a demon himself that had pledged to fight against his kind. She had met him on a few occasion and forged a kinship with the stallion, but Mephistopheles healed her wounds, nursed her back to health, and vowed to help Iona find the revenge she craved. Eventually, she let Meph in and grew close to the stallion and fell pregnant with his twins. The little family lived happily as a vital part of the resistance. When Alysanne became separated Iona during the long winter - Iona worried herself to the point of physical illness, but busied herself in looking after Alysanne's family.

The resistance lived on and Iona filled a number of roles - warrior, spy, healer, protector - but things began to change as her children grew older and the magic in Nocturne began to evolve. Iona had no inherent magic - but her mate and her children did. That magic soon began to call them to battle in a realm where she could not follow them. She had been expecting this day to come, so while it hurt, she did not keep them from heeding the call.

She was being called away herself. Alysanne had found her way back to them and told them of the land she had discovered. When the twins were apart from eachother - they had both grown immeasurably. Alysanne was not the naive child that needed protecting anymore, and Iona was no longer the overprotective sister who was brash and moody and judgmental. But the two were a set and couldn't be apart for too long. And it had been far too long.

So Iona began her journey to the place where Alysanne had come into her own. It was time to find this Helovia.



Stealth Attempts
Mirage's Bracelet - Successful
Chernobyl's Amulet - Successful
Tingal's Horns - Successful
Thranduil's Cloak - Successful
Aurelia's Amulet - Successful

Played by

Played by Kiki.

Profile image by Sarah <3

:: [ Magic: Wind | Ability to form a lasso of wind to trap others. ]
:: [ Restrictions | 5m radius ]
:: [ Item: Invisibility Cloak | Defensive. Shapeless, the cloak wraps around the shoulders with a hood. (stolen from Thranduil) ]
:: [ Restrictions | Cannot be turned on and off ]
:: [ Item: Three feather charm | Three feathers on a rope around her wing ]
:: [ Item: Glass Shiv | Offensive. Small blade made of glass. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Breakable, limited uses. ]
:: [ Item: Snot | Vial filled with snot. ]
:: [ Item: Glass Wing Blades | Offensive. Glass blades concealable between flight feathers. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Breakable, limited uses. ]
:: [ Item: Glass Chainmail | Defensive. Lightweight glass chainmail that covers shoulders and wing joints. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Breakable, limited uses. ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Helmet | Defensive. Lightweight silver headpiece that protects against light magic. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Not always entirely effective; protection wears down with repeated attacks. ]
:: [ Item: Foreleg Bands | Defensive. Set of 2 silver leg bands secured with leather straps. ]
:: [ Item: Leather Breastplate | Defensive. Breastplate made of dyed silver leather. ]
:: [ Companion: Osprey | None | 2 yrs 11 mos ]
:: [ Spark Amulet ]  :: [ Kaos Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   3.0 SPD:   9.0 AGL:   4.0 END:   4.0
OI:   2 DI:   2 MG:   0 CP:   1
7.5 11 3.5 69
Notable Accomplishments

- October 2015 || World's Edge Sneak
- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant

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