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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 3 (Frostfall) Height: 14.1hh

Breed: Caspian / Paso Fino / Arabian

Build: Medium

Color: Completely pitch black

Mane & Tail: Long, wavy

Wings: Corvidae | Left wing broken and poorly set, unable to fly

Features: Small half-moon crest of feathers at her jaw joints, more draped down her neck and breast, literally feathering the backs of her legs, and clustered at the base of her tail.

Items: None


Imonada has an incredible gift of memory and attention to detail, beyond typical capacity and quality. However, her mental instability and addiction blunts its magnificence.

Imonada was born in a faraway land to the lead pair of the small, royal clan named Sabbagh. She has since then shed her clan name and no longer associates herself with them both personally and literally. A paternal twin, her sister died young when a plague nearly wiped out the new crop of foals, leaving only two survivors (Imonada and another colt). Suffering survivor's guilt (and still recovering from the disease itself), Imonada became reckless and lonely with the loss of her peers. An early attempt at flying resulted in an accident, knocking her unconsciousness for a month and irrecoverably damaging her wing. During her coma, her herd began crumbling rapidly, having never fully recovered from the loss of so many young- many blamed the leads (irrationally suspicious that two higher ranking foals managed to be the only survivors), began speaking of a coup, and still others already gone. One night, early in the morning, just as light blue begun to seep into the horizon, her mother woke her and took her far to the edge of their lands, refusing to explain the odd journey. At this forbidden cusp of their territory, she told her daughter what was happening- their general had fought and killed the lead stallion, her mother's life-mate and Imonada's father, for a revolution. She was exiling Imonada. "You're a fool child, but you have a higher chance of life, even happiness, away from here." With that, she flew away, knowing Imonada could not follow so easily with her lack of flight. Stunned, hurt, and yet oddly relieved, she picked her way to Helovia, a lone wolf fighting to survive, but unsure of what she was surviving for.

*Picked up the Helovian accent, although she can easily switch back to her brogue.
* (OOC: Retroactive height increase, because previous was... awkwardly small)

:: [ Item: Gold Jewelry | A golden jewelry set with a thin chain connecting to a ring in her nostril and a stud in her ear. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   3 SPD:   4 AGL:   3 END:   8
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
6 8.5 3 58
Notable Accomplishments

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