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Species: Equine Gender: Colt Age: 3 years Height: 15hh


Alternative titles: Emyr, Rex, may even call himself Fiú Király
Build: smaller, thicker and more compact sport friesian with much more muscular hind quarters/thighs. Lacks feathering.
Species: equine
Coat: grey with a black head and legs -- minimal brindling similar to his mother's
Markings: ivory skull, skeletal "stocking" on left foreleg, blood splatter on breast (the skull hails from his sire's lines, while the blood splatter from his dam's)
Eyes: pink
Mane: black with white forelock -- short, full, thick
---- has golden crown comb in forelock, embedded with red rubies and crafted with extreme care. Can double as a brush
Tail: black -- full, thick
Hooves: grey -- left forehoof is cream
Scars: dense scarring across his back, ranging from deep gashes to shallow bites, they run all across his body and are signs of his mother's abuse.



|| Narcissist | Patient | Cunning | Cruel | Arrogant ||
|| Brash | Opinionated | Precise | Two-faced | Promiscuous | Childish ||

Kid is as narcissistic as they come, with a high and mighty attitude he is consumed by his ego. With just his mother to raise him her influences on him are immense. She would reinforce her orders with often harsh words and beatings if Kid didn't act the way he should, but immediately she brings him praise and gives him her utmost attention as if she regrets it. She raises him upon a pedestal, telling him he is "the greatest thing to happen to this god forsaken land" and feeding into his already expanding god complex. This brings him to have contradicting traits, in which he believes himself to be god sent, but will bring himself down to lowly levels when he doesn't perform as expected.

Kid wears a persona like a cloak, masquerading around as a precious innocent who has done nothing to harm the world. He hides his tricks and deceitful plans until his innocence gets under his victims' skin, leaving them to trust the lies he weaves. Kid uses this second personality to deceive and fool all that he runs across, forming this persona at a very early age under the guidance of his dam. Kid never gives away his name easily, not unless he trusts this person wholly. As a child, this was not a rule he lived by, but as he grew he began to hide his identity. While under this identity he's less likely to express any forms of anger or brashness, instead he remains collected and serious about whatever event occurs until the time is right for him to strike. He still maintains the same views, but is less likely to rub them in other's faces or act upon them, and will present himself as a more mature being rather than express his childish and arrogant mindset.

He is patient and precise, waiting in the shadows until there's a vulnerable moment. Precision is key to him, as his dam has told him many times before. A perfectionist mentality has been beaten into him, his aim is true and he feels his ego shrink with each imperfect shot. During his youth he struggles with perfection as he cannot see his target, his nearsightedness rendering him unable to make a completely perfect shot (as well as his lack of upgraded magic).

Kid is naturally well mannered, his etiquette perfect for a child raised to be a dictator, a demanding king with loyal subjects. He manages to hold is tongue when necessary, but if not he will not hesitate to say what needs to be said and do so in the least kind manner possible. As a child this is more of a struggle for him, as he has opinions on every little thing he sees, and he feels a great need to speak of them. This gets him into some arguments, but by the end of his youth Colt has properly whipped him into shape.

Kid is promiscuous and immodest. He's a constant tease, using body language to taunt whoever he pleases. Kid's vulgarity begins early, his fascination for this natural drive brings a need to fulfill such desires. He is very up front about his wants, especially when someone in particular catches his attention. He submits easily under others, especially if they're very dominant. But Kid is a true power bottom, and will always have the upper hand. Kid will not hesitate to tease and deceive to get what he wants, to make his target frustrated enough to approach him with the kind of aggressive and dominate attitude that Kid finds appealing.

As a result of Kid never truly having a grand childhood because of his mother's abusive tendencies and desperate need to make him stronger, his youthful innocence still clings to him. He's forced to live in an aged body but stuck in an immature mind. As clever and manipulative as he can be, Kid is still a child at heart, and it's an obvious fact. When he isn't hidden behind his mask, he's an impatient brat with a big helping of salt and sass, a loud mouthed imp who says what he pleases and despises following others.



Dam: Colt [missing]
Sire: Volterra
Full Siblings: ♛ Sabre [missing]
Half Siblings: Zhu (Volterra x Sikeax) & Kókkino thanátou (Volterra x Isopia) & Tyrath (Volterra x Aithniel) & Astarot (Volterra x Tiva) & Valdís (Volterra x Amara) & Vezér (Volterra x Airlia) & Victorina (Volterra x Vitani)

Extended Family

Dam's side
Grand-grand-grand Sire: Bacco x Jessi
Grand-grand Sire: Gunslinger the Unbroken
Grand sire: Ricochet the Incendiary

Grand-grand-grand Dam: Revolver x Glock
Grand grand Dam: Colt
Grand dam: Arya

Great Aunt: Aerwen (Gunslinger x Aysun) [presumed dead]
Great Aunt: Kimber (Gunslinger x Smoke the Wild Rose) [missing]

Second Cousin: Jackal the King of Thieves (Silverline x Aerwen) [missing]

Third Cousin: Argen (Jackal the King of Thieves x Lyanna the Fierce Mother) [onsite]

Sire's side
Grand grand-grand Sire: Indy x Gossamer
Grand grand Sire: Terrador the Earthmover x Soliel the Virtuous
Grand Sire: Tyradon

Grand grand-grand Dam: Unknown
Grand-grand Dam: Mortailis x Oblivion
Grand Dam: Confutatis the World Eater

Aunt: Nymeria (Tyradon x Confutatis), Merida (Tyradon x Sakura)
Great Aunts: Ophelia the Amaranthine (Paladin x Soliel) & Ktulu the Constrictor (Paladin x Soliel)
Uncle: Cowboy (Tyradon x Celia)
Great Uncles: Vadim (Paladin x Soliel) & Varath (Paladin x Soliel) & Soren (Paladin x Soliel)

Second Cousins: Murtagh (Ktulu x Lakota) & Hototo (Ktulu x Earth God) & Ranjiri (Ktulu x Midas) & Roskuld (Ophelia x Time God) & Erthë (Vadim x Shadow) & Odë (Belial x October)



hell spawn --, Sabre & Kid are born, aunt Nymeria attends
the faces of trouble --, meets a pretty ass boy
cataclysmic bones —, requests to become aunt Nym's apprentice
mother mother —, runs from Colt after she beats him, healed by Sikeax and officially decides that other races aren't that bad
the kids aren't alright, while making attempts to bond with Zhu, Volterra the cockblocker makes a surprise appearance
nobody does it like you do, Kid and Zhu end up getting to know each other very well



Kid was named after the famous gunslinger & outlaw, Billy the Kid,
His name is also a reference to Death the Kid from Soul Eater, but also bc his mom can't name for shit
A little part of Kid may be a nod to Yung Venuz/Y.V. from Gun Godz & Nuclear Throne


♔ Born in Orangemoon
♔ Aromantic homosexual
♔ Literally has a Kanye level god complex
♔ Weirdly hygienic, cleans himself regularly to maintain his appearance, brushes his hair with his pretty comb
♔ A-okay with polygamy, kind of sees it as a sign of power to have multiple mates (like Volterra, except stallions rather than mares and less of a harem and more of a fuck buddy squad)
A little incestuous (glances towards Zhu)
♔ The sorest of losers (does not take losing well, will probably throw a pissy fit)
♔ Is constantly moving, whether it be moving his tail or his hooves or just tensing his muscles, he will always be in motion (he's very bothered by stillness)
♔ can be a classy hoe as a human
♔ gay as hell

Played by


dark the salt king
please tag me in every post!

:: [ Magic: EarthxFire | Ability to kick dirt or rocks with the same force of a Colt Revolver (30% accuracy). ]
:: [ Restrictions | Must roll a 10 sided die for results of attack. May only use one post at a time in any thread and can only use a maximum of 4 times in normal threads. ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxWater | Contact with blood causes heightened sex drive. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Potency depends on quantity ingested, effects last 60 seconds. ]
:: [ Item: Golden Crown Comb | Small comb. ]
:: [ Kaos Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   4 AGL:   7 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   1 CP:   0
4 8.5 6.5 63
Notable Accomplishments

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